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Halfbreed Warrior (reprint)
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Overall: 10
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Paranormal Element: 10

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Official Review This is an Official Review by a Paranormal Romance Writer Official Reviewer

Review for Dark Curse
Author: Christine Feehan
Date of Review: 12/22/08
Reviewed by: Heather

Reviewer Comments: Lara is part mage and part Dragonseeker. Her early life was one of the most unsettling and horrific experiences a young girl, or indeed any Carpathian, can go through. She was able to escape her situation and learns to be inconspicuous within society. She falls back into the Carpathian fold and has a one skill that can assist the women and also to help fight Xavier.

Nicolas De La Cruz arrives on the scene and utters the ancient words that bind Lara to him as his lifemate, and he doesn’t even know her name. Lara thinks he is crazy but wonders after she is able to read his thoughts, and he hers. Nicolas has set ideas about how women should be treated and what they should be able to do. Nicolas mind-melds with Lara during one of her nightmares and is able to experience what she went through as a child.

The characters are well written and given their backgrounds you can feel sympathy and empathy for these characters as they expose their flaws to each other through mind-melding. Lara’s young life is horrific and the reader certainly feels the horror that Nicolas feels as he experiences her young life. The reader can also sense the desperation Nicolas feels as he realizes that women are actually unpredictable, as he tries to mould Lara to his expectations, and fails miserably. Of course, Nicolas has the revelation that he can only do what he can after finding his lifemate.

This was a great read that had me absorbed as I read, turning page after page. There are also has many characters from the previous books as Lara has a skill they need so we can see what stage they are at in their lives.

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