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Overall: 7
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Review for Black Magic Lover
Author: Cynthia Cooke
Date of Review: 08/12/10
Reviewed by: Heather

Reviewer Comments: Do you believe in magic? Do you believe in the dark arts? Are you superstitious? Voodoo, gris-gris dolls and other mystical features appear throughout this story and the reader is taken through some aspects and how they affect and touch one particular couple.

Laura Larame is going home. She has had a mysterious message and she hopes to find her mother, the woman who abandoned her twenty years ago. She doesn’t believe in all that superstitious nonsense and only wants to find out the truth about her mother and her own llife. She finds out more than she ever wanted to know and at each turn she doesn’t know who to trust.

Drew Michel has returned home for his birthday but it is later that he finds out that he is the center of an awakening ceremony. One he really doesn’t want to participate in but is given no option. He sees spirits and becomes the reluctant spiritual guide for those ghosts who have a message, especially Paul, Laura’s step-father. He doesn’t want his role but the evil Kafu does take over and Drew begins to lose the sense of himself and those around him.

This story is more about the developing relationship between Laura and Drew than a growth in the characters. There is much talk of voodoo and black magic and healthy scepticism from Laura as she tries to break open the secrets from her past. There was only a bare description of the voodoo aspects so the reader will not obtain any depth of knowledge which for those of us who don’t know as much it might have been nice to see a little more about these rituals.

I did find it difficult to follow the first half of the story but then things and events seemed to fall into place in the last third of the story which was a little disappointing for this reader. There were many loose ends in this story so it wasn’t nicely tied together. At times, I felt that some of the facts were thrown at me and I had to think about why it might be there. The ending provided a mostly satisfactory ending with Drew and Laura together but as previously said there seemed to be some loose ends.

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