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Book Review
Overall: 6
Sensuality: 7
Paranormal Element: 6

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Official Review This is an Official Review by a Paranormal Romance Writer Official Reviewer

Review for Hot Blooded (Anthology)
Author: Christine Feehan ,
Christine Feehan,
Emma Holly,
Angela Knight (Bk 1 Mageverse series),
Maggie Shayne.

Date of Review: 07/21/04
Reviewed by: MaryGrace Meloche

Reviewer Comments: This anthology reaches into the erotic land of the unknown dark world . . .

  1. Christine Feehan’s DARK HUNGER. Rating: 3 Sensuality: 3
    Juliette, an animal activist, has broken into a secret jungle laboratory. Her mission – to save abused animals, instead she frees the life of a tortured Carpathian. What is a Carpathian (besides being a Christine Feehan specialty)? A Carpathian is a race of quasi-vampire creatures. Who, while sustaining on human blood, never actual kill their prey. They are simply benign creatures trying to blend into the human race.

    Now according to the Feehan theory of “vampiring” – a vampire is a Carpathian gone insane, a creature that enjoys killing his prey -- which is a very bad thing. A love-starved Carpathian can turn into a wicked vampire if he doesn’t find his soul mate.

    Fortunately, Juliette came along to free HER Carpathian – lucky indeed -- for she is his predestined soul-mate! Detour around this entry!

  2. Emma Holly’s THE NIGHT OWL. Rating: 7 Sensuality: 7
    Bastien, a centuries-old vampire (otherwise known as an Upyr), is searching looking for his mate. He arrives in a sleepy little town somewhere in Vermont and begins the seduction of an unsuspecting Mariann -- Mariann may be unsuspecting but she is willing.

    Emma Holly’s writing may be smooth and erotic, but I found the story too abrupt -- there wasn’t enough substance to rock my world.

  3. Angela Knight’s SEDUCTION’S GIFT. Rating: 6 Sensuality: 7
    Grace Morgan is a dynamite lady cop -- sexy and good looking. Unhappily, Grace Morgan also has the equipment to belong in the dark world. To cross over into the darkness, Grace must engage in the intimate act three times -- with a vampire. Lancelot, of the Vampire High Court, has the vital device to unlock her desire, and he generously wants to use his virile key.

    Although Knight’s story is interesting, I found there were too many characters thrown into the mix.

  4. Maggie Shayne’s AWAITING MOONRISE. Rating: 9 Sensuality: 9
    Maggie Shayne writes the best of the lot.

    Professor Jennifer Rose travels to the Louisiana bayou in search of a folklore mystery -- a werewolf. Nevertheless, it is the local doctor, Samuel La Roque, who electrifies her senses. The local physician not only offers love and comfort, but he also understands the mystery of the bayou.

    This is a well-written and very tantalizing story. Shayne manages to pull her reader into the depths of the unknown with a dramatic flare. Now here an author that has intrigued me -- enough to make me search for more of her material.

  • Overall Rating: C
  • Overall Sensuality: Oh there is sex

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