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Overall: 9
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Official Review This is an Official Review by a Paranormal Romance Writer Official Reviewer

Review for Dark Sins & Desert Sands
Author: Stephanie Draven
Date of Review: 09/25/11
Reviewed by: Heather

Reviewer Comments: Gods are known for the benevolence and some are known for their malice. The gods have risen and are fighting for dominance is today’s world. These are gods from the ancients.

Seth is a member of the Scorpion Group and is the Scorpion King, god of Egypt and Layla’s creator. He is a powerful god who causes destructive trouble. He is a god of war. He is a desert god and holds the key to Layla’s memories. He recognizes Isabel as a goddess but assumes she is not as powerful as he is and often derides her for this. He has the power to make people do things then forget as he does with Layla and Ray. He loves to manipulate others so they will be destructive and does not take pleasure in others out-manoeuvring him. He will use anyone and anything to gain his way. Isabel and Seth are in competition for souls. Seth likes to use people like chess pieces and it is this attitude that may either make or break his hold on the world.

Dr Layla Bahset is a therapist in her human life. In her supernatural life, she is a sphinx. She has no memory of events before two years ago. She is concerned about not knowing her background but when Ray appears in her life she begins to remember and all the memories come flooding back. Layla is able to get into Ray’s head when he was a prisoner and she uses it to her advantage when she needs to find out her past. Layla knows that she can become human and is willing to do so for Ray.

Rayhan Stavrakis is American and a Muslim. He is also a minotaur created by Seth and does not yet to understand the full ramifications of this. He has been held for questioning about his treasonous acts as a soldier in Afghanistan. He has no idea why he was being held but knows that Layla betrayed him and holds the key to finding the answers. He can get into the minds of others and does so with Layla to try and understand. Ray is trying to prove his innocence and he needs Layla to help him and get back to his family. He doesn’t know that he will find love.

This story has an interesting intersection of gods from Ancient Egypt and the Aztecs. It is a battle between the two gods as each drives each other to the brink. Layla and Ray are pawns in the game of brinkmanship. Seth, being the male, is certain he is correct as he is after all the god of war. The machinations of the god and the goddess provide interesting reading.

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