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Overall: 9
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Review for Embrace the Highland Warrior
Author: Anita Clenney
Date of Review: 10/28/11
Reviewed by: Heather

Reviewer Comments: Rules are rules and everyone in the clan should take care not to break them. But Shay is not part of the clan and is being guided by forces she cannot yet comprehend. The warriors are driven by the rules but when the unexpected happens are forced to break them.

Shay Logan has been angry with Cody for nine years. She feels that she has been betrayed by him as he hadn’t told her about her background especially that all that she knew is not what it appeared to be. The problem is that Shay was also in love with him. Shay clings to Cody as her life seemingly falls apart around her with the deaths of her best friend and some other acquaintances. It is not until later that she realizes the danger around her and to her life. She is being targeted by both the demons and vampires (who they thought were long dead). Eventually she discovers it is all over a book. Shay is then forced to face a nine hundred year old demon and Cody wants to be the one to fight demons for her.

Cody McBain is a warrior. He fights the demons as they appear or is directed to by the Council. There are times when he has disobeyed the Council especially when it comes to Shay. He wants to protect Shay but she is unwilling to listen to him and he becomes very frustrated by what he seems to feel is her stubbornness. Shay becomes his central focus as he tries to get her to forgive him. He also finds out the reasons behind her silence for the nine years.

There were also times when I really didn’t like Shay as a heroine, then just when she seemed to be consistent and likeable, she goes back to her old ways and I did find this a little frustrating. Cody had all the patience and tolerance of a man in love as, although he didn’t like what she was doing and how she was doing it, he protected her and also stood by her.

This story is book two in the series. As I hadn’t read book one, I did find aspects to be a little confusing in the beginning especially all the different characters but more particularly where the story was located. Once the threads became clearer, I was able to move with the story and find who was who and what was happening and enjoy the battles. The first book contains the story of Faelan and Bree who also make a significant appearance in this story.

There are many interesting ideas in this series with warriors fighting the demons then finding that the vampires are still around and having to fight them. There are also some interesting secondary characters who currently have mysterious backgrounds which, I'm sure, will be revealed in future stories.

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