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Overall: 8
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Review for Spells and Stitches
Author: Barbara Bretton
Date of Review: 12/28/11
Reviewed by:

Reviewer Comments: Barbara Bretton returns to Sugar Maple, Vermont in her fourth book in the series. Once again, we get to see how Chloe Hobbs, Luke MacKenzie and all of the otherworldly beings of Sugar Maple are getting along in their quest to maintain their secret. And of course, with this crew, things are bound to get a little sticky.

Chloe Hobbs is happily pregnant—well sort of. She loves that she will be a mother in just a few short weeks and that she will get to raise her daughter in a loving community with a man who adores her. What she doesn’t love is the way the pregnancy is making her magick act wonky and unpredictable or the troll that her ancestor made promise to look out for her. Chloe is trying to adjust to all of this as well as the changes in her own life. And then Luke’s mother shows up at the knitting shop.

Luke MacKenzie is not only the police chief in Sugar Maple, he is also the father of Chloe’s baby. Despite the deep love he has for Chloe and she for him, they are not married. Luke lost his first child in an accident and has been reluctant to tell his family about the impending birth of his daughter. He doesn’t want to jinx anything and knows just how his family will react. They will come rushing into town and want to be a part of his life and the baby’s life. Luke shudders at the thought of what will happen when all of those humans descend on Sugar Maple.

Lurking in the background of this story is the constant threat to the safety of Sugar Maple not only from humans who might discover the secret, but also otherworldly beings like the Fae who wish the residents of Sugar Maple harm. One threat might be Meghan’s new boyfriend. Meghan is Luke’s favorite sister and the man she is seeing seems to have taken over her senses completely. It goes so far that Meghan ends up in a cabin with this man and no recollection of how she arrived there.

I enjoyed this story. It is a good way to spend the afternoon and it is certainly entertaining, but it isn’t anything special. I haven’t read the other books in the series and that may had contributed to my ho-hum attitude about this book. I know that readers who are invested in this series will love the birth of Chloe’s daughter and the magick that the baby brings. They will wait in suspense to find out what was happening, but for me, I felt as though I had been dropped in the midst of characters that I didn’t have time to get to know well before drama began. I needed more time to understand and care about the characters.

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