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Official Review This is an Official Review by a Paranormal Romance Writer Official Reviewer

Review for Bound by the Vampire Queen
Author: Joey W. Hill
Date of Review: 02/25/12
Reviewed by:

Reviewer Comments: To have this book be the first book I have ever read by Joey W. Hill was an interesting experience. Having no background knowledge of how Ms. Hill writes, I wasn’t sure what to expect. Yes, the book says it is about a vampire queen and her human servant and it is touted as being erotic, but that can mean so many things. What I found between the covers of this book was a story of two people who love each other unconditionally and will support and protect each other without question. It was a highly sexual, yet highly romantic story.

Lyssa has been Queen of the Vampires for hundreds of years. She has battled the Council over the last year, had a son, and learned that her Fae powers are increasing. Lyssa has Fae blood from her father. Now the Queen of the Fae commands her presence in the Fae world. Lyssa must leave her son behind to travel in to the world of the Fae. Although she knows that she has some power, this is a completely new adventure for her. Added to it is the concern that the Council has just found out that she transferred all of her vampire powers to her human servant and now has none of them. They are threatening her at home while unknown threats lay in Fae.

Jacob Green willing offered himself to become Lyssa’s human servant and despite the trials they have faced, he doesn’t regret it. He will do anything possible to protect her and now that he is a full vampire with all of her powers, he feels more than capable of handling whatever the Fae world throws at them. What Jacob doesn’t expect is the amount of political posturing and undercurrents that flow through the world of the Fae.

I liked this story mostly because of the dynamic between Lyssa and Jacob. Yes, she is his Mistress, but the love they feel for each other transcends the Mistress/Servant relationship. They are both comfortable in the relationship and recognize that they each have different strengths. Since it is a Mistress/Servant dynamic, the sex involves bondage, domination and submission. This leads to some very graphic and descriptive scenes between Jacob and Lyssa. This book is an erotic novel so be prepared when reading it.

I was concerned when I found out that most of the story would take place in the Fae world. This can either be very poorly done with a lot of time being spent describing or explaining the Fae or it can be done as Ms. Hill did with an adept hand. She describes the world through the eyes of Jacob and Lyssa, but doesn’t waste unnecessary time on the description. She keeps the story moving forward at a great speed. I was surprised that even though the book is almost 450 pages long, it didn’t feel like a long book. I wanted to know what would happen next with the characters and was willing to accept the fantasy of the Fae world in order to find out.

I think fans of Joey W. Hill will love this continuation of Jacob and Lyssa’s story. For new readers like me, you won’t be disappointed and may even find a new author to enjoy.

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