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Official Review This is an Official Review by a Paranormal Romance Writer Official Reviewer

Review for Raven Calls
Author: C.E. Murphy
Date of Review: 03/18/12
Reviewed by:

Reviewer Comments: Joanne Walker travels to Ireland in order to fix the wrongs of her life. She is a shaman who has been bit by a werewolf. Traveling to Ireland seems like the only way she can get rid of the taint in her blood and regain her equilibrium. What Joanne doesn’t expect is to become steeped in the lore and traditions of Ireland.

Upon her arrival, she is pulled toward Tara, one of the oldest magical places, where she quickly travels to another time. Her journey on the Green Isle is not what she expected and she learns more about her magic, her heritage and her past. Joanne is on a journey of discovery and may not survive the search.

I haven’t read any of the other books in this series and found myself lost for much of the book. Joanne refers to events and people from previous books that I have no reference to. I also wasn’t sure what all the magical powers that she referred to were since I hadn’t been part of the discovery and creation of these powers in the former books. I got into the flow after a while, but it was slow going.

I was also waiting for the romance to happen, but other than allusions to an incident with her former boss, Michael Morrison, nothing happened romantically in this story. This was not a book about romance, but one about self-discovery on a journey to save the world from evil. Michael Morrison only appears in a few phone calls that Joanne makes to him for help and support.

Over all, I was disappointed in this book. I think in large part because I hadn’t read any of the other books and wasn’t invested in the character. The fans of this series will appreciate learning about Joanne’s backstory and seeing her grow within her magic. I just didn’t care enough about her to value all information that was given in this book and to care about the things that Joanne learned.

The one good thing about the book is that I read it over St. Patrick’s Day so being steeped in the legends and gods of Ireland was an interesting experience. I learned more about the old Irish ways and the magic of the Fae than I ever thought I would learn. It probably wouldn’t have been as interesting if it hadn’t coincided with this holiday. I appreciated her descriptions of the Irish culture and countryside. I was able to picture the places that Joanne was going and to see the country through her eyes.

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