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Review for Slade
Author: Sarah McCarty
Date of Review: 05/04/12
Reviewed by:

Reviewer Comments: Once again the vampires of Sanctuary and the Renegades are after the same thing. This time they both want the research that Jane Frederickson has been doing on DNA. She has found out some interesting information on what causes people to eat the way they do and how to help make adjustments in their DNA so that they can access nutrition from more sources. Jane hopes to use her research to end world hunger, but there are people who would use it to cause mass extermination. She is just realizing how dangerous her research is and taking steps to protect it when Slade appears in her lab.

Slade has been following her research and knows the implications. He would like to use it to help his nephew who is slowly wasting away. Slade knows that Sanctuary will do whatever it takes to obtain Jane’s research and so he steals into the lab and kidnaps her. He knows it is for her own good, but Jane will take some convincing especially when he has to tell her that he is a vampire and that werewolves are real.

Jane has a lot of adjusting to do as she recognizes how much danger she is in and finds herself drawn to help a small child who will die without her knowledge. As she works with Slade, she finds herself drawn more and more to him. She has to decide how far she is willing to let the relationship go and what she will do about it.

I really enjoyed this story. Anyone can pick it up even without knowing all of the back-story of the conflict between Sanctuary and the Renegades and be able to follow what is happening. Slade does a great job of explaining the past to Jane without giving her a lot of unnecessary details which would complicate the story.

This story is focused on Jane and Slade and their relationship. We do see the characters from the other books and learn where they are in their lives, but the primary focus is on the developing feelings between Jane and Slade. Their relationship is one of intense feelings from the beginning. We get to watch them evolve and learn what they can and cannot accept and compromise on. Each of these individuals has baggage. Some of it they share like being the nerdy scientist, but the rest they each have to cope with in some way.

Sarah McCarthy does an excellent job of writing a story that has heart while commenting on the social issue of starving children. She offers one solution, but implies that her readers need to find their own ways to help. The story moves along quickly and doesn’t get bogged down by the heaviness of the issue at the center of Jane’s work.

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