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Overall: 9
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Review for Summoning the Night
Author: Jenn Bennett
Date of Review: 07/01/12
Reviewed by:

Reviewer Comments: What would life be like if you could see the auras of demons and otherworldly beings all around you? Would you wonder about your own place in the world or just accept it as part of who you are? What if magicians and demons really existed as well as other planes of existence? How would you cope?

Arcadia Bell has had quite a crazy last few months. Learning that her parents were going to sacrifice her in order to gain the Moonchild powers that they had given her when she was born, dating a demon who is older than she is, learning how to use her new powers and adjusting to life with her boyfriend’s teenage son who is also half-demon has all given her quite a lot to adjust to. She is working on keeping her bar running and her life as normal as possible. She uses her unique abilities as a magician to keep those around her safe. To add more complications and stress to her life, she is commanded by the head of the Hellfire Club to look into the kidnappings of demon children with the help of her boyfriend.

Lon is an Earthbound demon and Arcadia’s boyfriend. He is also her connection to the Hellfire Club. He doesn’t want to drag her into the kidnapping case, but since he also has a son who is at risk, he has to find the kidnapper at all costs. The case is eerily reminiscent of a case thirty years ago when seven children were taken in the days before Halloween and never found again. Lon and Arcadia must do whatever they can to stop this tragedy from happening again.

I really enjoyed this story. Arcadia might be a magician with all types of powers, but underneath it all, she is just a woman trying to make a life with her boyfriend. She has the same concerns and fears that all women have in a relationship especially with a man who is older than she is. Arcadia wonders if she is enough for Lon and if their relationship can go anywhere.

Jupe, Lon’s son, adds some comic relief to the story. He has a quirky sense of humor and just loves being a teenager. When the kidnappings start, he wants to be part of the investigation, never believing that he is in any danger. His relationship with Arcadia is one of mutual respect.

The connection between the past kidnappings and the present kidnappings helped to move the story forward. As Arcadia and Lon go searching for answers, we learn more about these two characters and their relationship with each other. We can see how they interact with each other and the great couple that they are.

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