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Review for All That Falls
Author: Kimberly Frost
Date of Review: 08/19/12
Reviewed by:

Reviewer Comments: Once again Kimberly Frost invites us into the world of the Etherlin. The Etherlin is the compound where the current muses live and work. They leave only rarely to meet with their aspirants as they inspire the creative juices of the world. They are protected against the ventala who are vampires that seek muse blood. Inside their compound they are safe and when they must travel outside, they are protected by Etherlin Security. A few weeks ago, their world was rocked when one of their own chose to be with a ventala enforcer.

This is the story of Cerise who is a muse to musicians. Cerise has spent her life trying to be the wonderful muse that she knows she can be. She made a mistake and fell in love with one of her aspirants, Griffin. They had an affair that ended abruptly a year ago when Griffin was found dead at the bottom of a cliff. Cerise knows she was with him that night, but has no recollection of what really happened. Added to that is the fact that her magic hasn’t been the same. Cerise is finding it harder and harder to access her muse magic. She will do anything to recover her magic and she is sure that Griffin’s songbook is the key—if she can just find it.

Lysander, a fallen archangel, stands in her way. The last time Cerise saw the notebook, Lysander took it with him. This was not the first time that Cerise has seen the beautiful and compelling archangel. She has been drawn to him from their first meeting, but his aloof nature makes it hard to be close to him. Now Cerise needs him if she is ever going to figure out what happened the night that Griffin died and to recover her magic. Lysander, on the other hand, wants to flee his attraction to Cerise and her connection to the prophecy about his redemption.

I greatly enjoyed this story. I had read the first book in the series and I definitely think that helped me to understand the background in this story. The specifics of the ventala and the muses and how they all relate together as well as why they are enemies is spelled out more clearly in the first book. That being said, I think that the power of this story would help new readers to understand the world in which this book is set. I think you could read this book on its own.

I love the supernatural elements of the story. This one delves more into the fallen angels and those that are damned. We hear more about their rebellion against heaven and the consequences of that rebellion. Ms. Frost really brings in a number of mythological concepts into this book, but it is seamless and blends into a compelling story. The elements aren’t muddied or convoluted which helps readers follow what is happening in the story. I look forward to seeing what Ms. Frost has in store for her next book.

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