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Review for Dark Celebration
Author: Christine Feehan
Date of Review: 08/16/06
Reviewed by: Tracy

Reviewer Comments: In her new novel, Dark Celebration, Christine Feehan invites readers to a reunion with all their favorite characters from her previous Carpathian series. Readers will enjoy the reunion elements combined with a new paranormal plot and characters old and new that Feehan will use in stories for years to come.

The Prince of the Carpathians, Mikhail Dubrinsky, has invited his people back for a Christmas celebration in the Carpathian Mountains. While trying to decide who will play the part of Santa Clause and cooking a traditional Christmas meal that go beyond the woman’s ability, the Prince, Mikhail, meets his people. A strange presence is present reading his peoples darkest fears and bringing them to life. As the Prince visits all his people they slowly uncover the threat. A grave fear is weighing upon his mind regarding the extinction of their race and what exactly has brought on the loss of so many children for the Carpathians. As the busy event unfolds, the Prince soon discovers the secret to sustaining their race but also uncovers a new evil mage that will stop at nothing to destroy their lifemates, and the children they hold so dear.

With Dark Celebration Christine Feehan offers a fun holiday reunion book full of rich characters, humor, and dark secrets for readers to enjoy. Feehan doesn’t just stop at a nice sugar coated Christmas story, but adds elements of suspense and introduces new characters that pull readers in and add a delight that will bring new Carpathian novels in the future. Feehan adds a great comic element by having the Prince tell everyone that he will be asking Gregori, one of her most dark and tortured Carpathians, to pose as Santa Clause.

Dark Celebration is written for those familiar with Feehan’s series and, while it does incorporate enough information for those new to the series, draws heavily on her previous novels. Feehan doesn’t just stop at giving readers an update on their favorites like Mikhail and Raven, Shea and Jacques, Aidan and Alexandria, Jaxon and Lucian, Darius and Tempest, Dayan and Corrine, Desari and Julian, Barack and Syndil, and many more. Feehan continues by melding these reunion elements together with a solid suspense story filled with action and mystery that readers have come to expect in her books.

Dark Celebration also introduces us to Skyler, who appeared in Dark Legend as Francesca and Gabriel’s adopted daughter. Now a teen, Skyler comes face to face with Dimitri, a tormented Russian Carpathian. Also setting the stage for another installment in the series are the De La Cruz brothers from Dark Secret and the novella “Dark Hunger.” Fans of the series should not wait to get their copy of Dark Celebration and laugh and sigh as they delve into the pages of this enjoyable paranormal romantic suspense. Certainly the most fun for readers of the Carpathian series is getting a chance to celebrate as we see the happily-ever-after unfold.

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