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Official Review This is an Official Review by a Paranormal Romance Writer Official Reviewer

Review for Babe in Ghostland, A
Author: Lisa Cach
Date of Review: 04/03/07
Reviewed by: Tracy

Reviewer Comments: When a gorgeous guy enters Megan Barrows antique shop she knows he has an ulterior motive for seeking her out and when he asks her to help him with a ghost problem the answer is NO. She’s given up communicating with ghosts after an accident a few years ago that nearly killed her. But he’s charming and most persuasive and soon she finds herself, not only helping him, but moving in to his house to get rid of the ghost.

Case Lambert’s love is restoring houses and when he saw the Queen Anne house in the Seattle neighborhood with the same name he knew that this was the house he could settle down in. The only problem is that it is haunted by more than one ghost and he can barely stand to live there he so scared. When a local paranormal expert tells him to enlist the help of Megan knows he is a little uncomfortable, he expects all psychics are charlatans. What he doesn’t expect is a woman as beautiful and enchanting as Megan. And when the ghost start to become aggressive he only has one goal in mind. Protect her at all costs.

A Babe in Ghostland is a fun ghost story with a unique cast of characters and a savvy plot that readers will enjoy. Cach writes a quick read that draws the reader in from the first page and with two main characters, Case and Megan, to add depth readers will find this an enjoyable escape. Cach also adds some comedy to her book with fun dialog between Megan and Case that will keep readers laughing. The paranormal element of ghosts also creates just the right amount of creepy paranormal and moves the story along with it’s intriguing mystery.

Cach creates a wonderful relationship between Case and Megan by giving Case just a little bit of wariness and Megan and endearing heart. Readers will cheer for them to get together and find their easy banter savvy and bright. A Babe in Ghostland is a fantastic romance with a little paranormal mystery that is an enjoyable read. A fun mystery with a sexy romance and bright characters that you won’t forget.

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