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Book Review
Overall: 8
Sensuality: 9
Regency Element: 7

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Official Review This is an Official Review by a Regency Romance Writer Official Reviewer

Review for One Night of Passion
Author: Elizabeth Boyle
Date of Review: 09/01/02
Reviewed by: Tara Green

Reviewer Comments: Georgiana Escott has one night to find a man to ruin her in order to avoid marriage to the old and despicable Lord Harris her Uncle Phinas has arranged a marriage with for her. Knowing she will be subjected to a test to confirm her virginity Georgiana doesn't have much time. She decides to attend the Cyprian's ball where England's most notable rogues are sure to attend. Here Georgie meets the dashing Lord Colin Danvers, who has just been dishonorly charged from his station. Though resistant at first Colin, eventually succumbs to Georgie's aggressive advances. The next morning Colin finds Georgiana goneā€¦

Finding out that her guardian and Lord Danvers is one and the same, makes the reunion of the stormy lovers filled with animosity and suspicion. Finding themselves on the same ship with Georginna's baby in tow, their reunion is stormy. Colin suspects Georgiana of being a French spy. Georgina resents Colin for being the mastermind behind her marriage betrothal to Lord Phineas. Their wonderful night of passion remains in their minds however and they find themselves drawn to each other. The book actually has two parts to it, the first being quite light and erotic as the seduction comes to play and the second being more serious once they meet again. The change in Georgina from seductress in the first part to angry and resentful woman in the second part is a hard switch to accept as a reader. I would have enjoyed one or the other, as I had quickly grown quite attached to Georgina in the first section.

Overall, this story is a wonderful read, and Elizabeth Boyle introduces feisty characters and an interesting plot.

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