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Book Review

Overall: 8
Sensuality: 8
Sub-Genre: 8

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This is an Official Review by an Eye On Romance Official Reviewer

Review for Sawyer
Author: Lori Foster
Date of Review: 12/01/06
Reviewed by: MaryGrace Meloche

Reviewer Comments:

There is something about a Lori Foster story that always draws me in . . . her MEN! This author writes great male characters – the stuff of sheer whimsical fantasies. Whew - entertaining HOT men – what more could a reader want?

Buckhorn County, Kentucky — beautiful rural country, an out-of-the-way paradise, and home to "The Buckhorn Brothers" series. Here Lori Foster deliciously gives us SAWYER, book one in her yummy beefcake series.

Local doctor, Sawyer Hudson, is a single dad and definitely NOT looking for a wife any time soon! Years ago, wife "number one" did a real job on him and Sawyer does not want to repeat that painful experience. Still, he is a normal man with normal "tendencies" and currently lying in his bed is a very serene woman! A very luscious woman. A woman with severe bronchitis! And wouldn’t you know it; Doctor Sawyer Hudson is suddenly having trouble with his ever-present rising male "tendency!"

Honey Malone must get away from this house. These adorable men are smothering her with all their kindness and concern! Why given enough time, these men could spoil a girl! Besides that, someone is after her! Someone who wants to hurt her! And Honey would feel horrible if these husky men got hurt – in the process! The only trouble with Honey’s coveted plan of escape — the good "Doctor Desirable" and his brothers will not let her go!

Reviewer’s Comments:
Lori Foster’s SAWYER provides total escape. In these pages, there are no worries and no required thinking! No, in these pages, a reader will find only delightful fantasy! And good heavens, sometimes a reader simply needs that . . . and Lori Foster provides it big-time! Sigh, can I move to Buckhorn County?

Now onto the rest of this fun series. Two books savored — three more to hunt down . . . actively! Oh why, oh why didn’t I discover "The Buckhorn Brothers" when Harlequin Temptation first published this big, brawny series?
Grade: B+

MaryGrace Meloche.

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