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Book Review
Hearts Divided (Anthology)

Overall: 10
Sensuality: 6
Sub-Genre: 10

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This is an Official Review by an Eye On Romance Official Reviewer

Review for Hearts Divided (Anthology)
Author: Debbie Macomber ,
Katherine Stone,
Lois Faye Dyer.

Date of Review: 01/06/06
Reviewed by: Marilyn

Reviewer Comments:

Take three bestselling authors of women’s fiction; put them all together, and you’ve got three charming novellas that will warm your heart and chase away some winter doldrums. They’ve focused on three grandmothers who wed soldiers and have remained close friends throughout the years. Through remembrances and revelations of the great loves they each had they try to steer their granddaughters in the right direction to discover soul-mates for themselves. All three novellas are equally outstanding I highly recommend.

5-B Poppy Lane by Debbie Macomber – Returning to Cedar Grove, Washington, Ruth Shelton an anti-war advocate shares with her grandmother her apprehension’s in continuing a relationship with a committed Marine she’d come to care deeply about. Surprisingly, her very sage grandmother decides it was time to share with her some secrets from her own past that help Ruth in making a decision over romance and a future with her soldier.

Liberty Hall by Lois Faye Dyer – In a chance meeting along with her grandmother Professor Chloe Abbot meets a man she is finally attracted that is not one of her ‘nerdy’ colleagues. Demolition expert and ex-marine Jake Morrissey is one very nice hot package but by becoming involved, Chloe becomes a target of a madman bent on revenge against Jake. Her grandmother Winifred’s expertise as a WWII code-breaker comes in handy when the madman slips code into an anti-government essay that finds its way into Ruth’s hands.

The Apple Orchard by Katherine Stone - Discovering that the man she was to marry was carrying on affair with an old lover, Elizabeth arrives in tears at her dear grandmothers door. Clara offers comfort to Elizabeth and introduces her to Nick, a handyman who ‘fixes things’. As a child himself, Nick had once saved two-year old Elizabeth and now as adults - even though she doesn’t recognize him - Elizabeth’s hero has returned to save her again.

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