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Book Review
What a Rogue Desires

Overall: 8
Sensuality: 8
Sub-Genre: 8

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This is an Official Review by an Eye On Romance Official Reviewer

Review for What a Rogue Desires
Author: Caroline Linden
Date of Review: 08/07/07
Reviewed by: Lettetia

Reviewer Comments:

The much anticipated story of rascally brother, David Reece, is here and a joy to read. Author, Caroline Linden does not disappoint with a tale of thievery, intrigue and newfound love.

David Reece is scandalous in the extreme; his name is known throughout England for his exploits. It is hard living up to his brother, the Duke of Exeter’s (What a Gentleman Wants) standards but David is bound and determined to prove he has changed. When entrusted with the care of the family estate and signet ring of the Duke, David believes this is the circumstance that will prove to his brother once and for all that he can be trusted. When accosted by highwaymen, he loses the ring and soon is on the trail of the thieves.

Vivian Beecham is a beautiful woman, but a life of thievery has landed her in trouble with David Reece, the younger brother of a peer. When he kidnaps her and holds her prisoner she swears to enact revenge on the knave, only to find herself falling under his seductive spell. But all is not smooth for the young lovers; there is danger in the air, danger that could tear their worlds apart.

An action packed, fun romp through and through, What a Rogue Desires is another example of talented author, Caroline Linden’s ability to suck the reader right into the midst of things. David is a scoundrel with the best intentions; he wants to change for the good and he wants it badly. Trying to prove his trustworthiness is more of a challenge than he originally thought, and when he comes across Vivian, it is a reward to see the young man felled by love and desire. The love scenes are red hot, the action is full of twists and turns and the conclusion is dramatic. All in all, a fabulous way to stay up late at night; one wonders what the author has in store for readers next.

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