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Book Review
Coming Undone

Overall: 8
Sensuality: 7
Sub-Genre: 8

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This is an Official Review by an Eye On Romance Official Reviewer

Review for Coming Undone
Author: Susan Andersen
Date of Review: 07/18/07
Reviewed by: Lettetia

Reviewer Comments:

Priscilla Jayne Morgan’s life is a wreck. She has just fired her poor excuse for a mother as her manager and now the tabloids are having a field day, raking her over the coals. Of course, they only get her mother’s side of the story but that is par for the course. It has never been any different; 15 years ago, PJ was living on the streets of Denver because her mother had tossed her out like so much garbage. A scared and too thin 13 year old with a street savvy no kid should have. About to begin a whirlwind concert tour that will launch her career like a rocket, her record company thinks she’s unreliable; thank you Mama, and has sent a babysitter to make sure she doesn’t skip out on her obligations. Of all people, it has to be Jared Hamilton, the kid she spend a few weeks on the streets of Denver with; a kid whom she idolized and has never forgotten. Only now he is all grown up and he is still unforgettable.

Jared Hamilton, trust fund baby, works for Semper Fi Investigations, owned by his brother in law John Miglionni (Hot and Bothered). He is one of the top bodyguards, only now he wishes he were anything but. Sent to baby-sit PJ Morgan, his head is full of memories of the young girl who taught him everything he needed to know to live on the streets of Denver when he was accused of killing his father. Jared has never forgotten her; she was his closest friend in those days. Now the memories are rushing back and it will be a challenge to be with her for the next five or six weeks straight.

Sexy, wise-cracking fun sets the tone for Jared and PJ’s relationship. Though off to a rocky start, neither can forget what they once shared, no matter how hard they try. Jared is the stoic bodyguard out to prove how professional he is while PJ leads him on a merry chase over and over again. They are an explosive pairing when together and not quite whole when they are apart. Passionate, romantic, emotional at times and always fun; COMING UNDONE is a book that is sure to garner Susan Andersen accolades. Brilliant characterization; from Jared and the irrepressible PJ to her villainous mother; the entire cast of characters added realism and depth to the story. Once again, Susan Andersen has stepped up to the mark and written a story that this reader is proud to recommend.

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