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Book Review
Mastering the Marquess

Overall: 9
Sensuality: 8
Sub-Genre: 9

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This is an Official Review by an Eye On Romance Official Reviewer

Review for Mastering the Marquess
Author: Vanessa Kelly
Date of Review: 04/13/09
Reviewed by: Heather

Reviewer Comments:

This is the debut book for Ms Kelly. The story is set in the Regency period and is of a young woman from the wrong side of the class divide and a Marquess.

Meredith Burnley is determined that her sister will not be put in an asylum by their uncle and her sister's guardian. Nor will Meredith marry her cousin, Jacob. The girls escape to London and to Annabel’s family, Meredith is Annabel’s half sister, so Annabel can be protected. Meredith is a very independent sort of woman but is not the accomplished gentlewoman usually required in the ton, and while Annabel has her Season, Meredith manages to create some embarrassment.

Stephen Malloy, Lord Silverton, is bored. He is thirty-five and knows he should look for a wife and settle down he doesn’t like the current crop of young women available to him. When Meredith bursts into the rooms and challenges his uncle, the General, Stephen realizes he has found the woman he has been looking for to start his family.

As the story progresses there is the usual kidnap attempts, poisonings and other methods the bad uncle uses to gain control of his nieces’ fortunes, the focus is on the Meredith and Stephen. It is interesting that Meredith continues to call him “my Lord” even after they have been intimate. Meredith believes she could never be Lady Silverton as she is too common but of course Stephen has other ideas. There are no major twists and turns in this story but nevertheless it is a very good Regency story of deception, collusion and skulduggery.

The chemistry between the couple is evident from the beginning and this carries through to the end. The attempts of Stephen to persuade Meredith she is his one and only are in keeping with his character. He is not always the cold Lord everyone presumes as he has his family persona and this is the one he shows to Meredith as he attempts to woo her. He does not let anything stand in his way, including his mother. Meredith is initially caught in the whirlwind and excitement that is the Season but when she has her first taste of gossip she wants no more to do with the ton, and that means Stephen. Naturally he is able to woo her and make her his. The ending provides that natural feel good for the reader.

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