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Book Review
Give Me a Texas Outlaw (anthology)

Overall: 10
Sensuality: 8
Sub-Genre: 10

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This is an Official Review by an Eye On Romance Official Reviewer

Review for Give Me a Texas Outlaw (anthology)
Author: Jodi Thomas ,Linda Broday, Phyliss Miranda, and DeWanna Pace
Date of Review: 04/03/11
Reviewed by: Official Reviewer for Eye On Romance

Reviewer Comments:

Four amazing authors have come together to create a collection of stories about the outlaw. We all know who the outlaw is, that man who lives just outside the law and yet somehow manages to do the right thing to protect those around him. These four women have built stories around this man. They show us everything we love about the outlaw while maintaining the spirit of the West.

In “The Outlaw” by Jodi Thomas, we meet Michael Hughes, an ex-con whose bumbling uncles are thieves. When Michael goes along to help protect his uncles on their latest heist, he never expects to encounter an amazing woman or for her to offer him a way out. Cozette Camanez has never had an easy life, but she knows that if her father finds out she is lying to him about being married, her life will become even harder. Michael offers the perfect solution.

In “Trouble in Petticoats” by Linda Broday, we meet Larissa Patrick. She has raised her younger sister from infancy and when she learns that her sister has been kidnapped, Larissa knows that she must do whatever she can to find her. Even if that means tagging along with Johnny Bravo, the man her father hires. Johnny admires Larissa’s spunk, but wonders if she will be more of help or a hindrance.

In “Texas Flame” by Phyliss Miranda, we meet Ethan Kimble. He left home years ago to become a lawyer and a Texas Ranger. When he finally returns home, he learns that the woman he cared for has now been accused of robbing the family bank and is on the run. Ethan vows to find Savannah Parker before anyone else and to help her. He just can’t believe that she would participate in a gang of bank robbers.

In “Most Wanted” by DeWanna Pace, we meet Odessa Kilmore. Odessa’s face is on a wanted poster hung throughout Texas. She just wants to go home and clear her name. Odessa hopes that Shadow Rivers, a hired gun, will be just the man to help her get home. Odessa just needs to convince him that she is innocent and that she can pay him more than the reward money for turning her in.

I am amazed at how well each of these authors not only tells their own story about a Texan outlaw, but how well they blend these stories into a collective whole. These four stories don’t read like separate entities but as though they belong together. They each capture the spirit of the West at a time when life was hard and heroes were welcome. Each story depicts an outlaw, but an outlaw that we want to get to know. A man or woman forced by circumstances to become a fugitive and yet, able to retain their internal sense of justice. The heart and drive of the men and women who went West to seek their fortunes as well as the dangers they faced are all part of these stories. Each story is one to be savored. Despite being short stories, they feel as fulfilling as full length novels and leave the reader satiated.

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