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Book Review
My Lady Ghost

Overall: 9
Sensuality: 6
Sub-Genre: 6

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This is an Official Review by an Eye On Romance Official Reviewer

Review for My Lady Ghost
Author: June Calvin
Date of Review: 07/15/03
Reviewed by: Marilyn

Reviewer Comments:

Allison Weatherby was a beautiful widow, left near destitute by her husband’s demise but surviving under the kind care of Thorne D’Aumont, the dashing Marquess of Silverthorne and her childhood friend. Hearing the catty whispers at function that she was the mistress of Thorne, she thought that it was time that their friendship be taken to the next level ?for her that would be marriage. Unfortunately, Thorne vowed never to marry for love and what he proposed to Allison under the throes of a passionate encounter was carte blanche which so angered Allison that she removed her mother and herself vowing to never spend another night under one of Thorne’s roofs. The attraction and love was there for both of them but Thorne could not commit to a marriage with someone he could love and become slave to her whims like his father before him.

Eventually, for the sake of the comfort of her mother, Allison agreed to stay at one of the lesser cottages bordering the Silverthorne castle in the hope of encountering the Silver Lady ?a ghostly spectral vision she had seen a few times as a child. She knew herself to be one of the heirs to the treasure rumored to be buried in the castle. If she could find the treasure, she would be financially independent and able to live away from Thorne, the man she loved but knew she could not have.

This was a very romantic and intelligent love story. ?It took being trapped together for them to realize that they could learn to be partners and not try to dominate one another. This was a fast paced and exciting romance, filled with sexual tension, ghostly encounters, and good secondary supporting characters. Just enough excitement, thrills and chills in the escape sequence and really an intelligent romance that didn’t have any of the silliness that so often is found in these lighter regency type romances. I really loved the Silver Lady ghost and the ‘guard geese?that I thought was an unusual but effective plot in the story. The imprisonment and the escape were also extremely well written and will keep you on the edge of your seat. This was a fully satisfying read that I highly recommend!

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