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Book Review
Beneath the Thirteen Moons

Overall: 8
Sensuality: 8
Sub-Genre: 10

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This is an Official Review by an Eye On Romance Official Reviewer

Review for Beneath the Thirteen Moons
Author: Kathryne Kennedy
Date of Review: 03/06/04
Reviewed by: Nathalie

Reviewer Comments:

There’s nothing quite like the pleasure of discovering a romance novel that’s different from anything you’ve read. Beneath the Thirteen Moons, Kathryne Kennedy’s first novel, is such a book.

Marhi Zin is a boat-smuggler who lives in the fantastical world of Sea Forest, a world without land where people live in trees that grow directly in the ocean. Marhi lost her husband and child to a terrible virus that is also killing the people in her small village. To save them, she needs to find a Healer, but no one will come to her secluded village. She’s forced to kidnap one, only to realize that she’s kidnapped Korl, the Prince of Sea Forest!

Korl has been sheltered most of his life and is very much the snobbish prince that he was raised to be. To him, Marhi is nothing but a water-rat, yet he can’t help being attracted by her strength and wildness. As they work together to save the village, the attraction turns to something much more serious. But can they overcome their different origins and Marhi’s vital need for freedom?

In Beneath the Thirteen Moons, Kennedy has created a very original plot, nothing like I have ever read. This is very much a romance novel set in a wonderful fantastical world. And while not as sexually explicit as Dara Joy’s novels, this novel did remind me of some of the fantasy worlds created by Joy, and that’s quite a compliment.

Yet Kennedy has her own unique voice and has created two wonderful characters. Marhi is the perfect strong-willed, wild, generous heroine who is afraid to love, yet will learn to give her heart to the man she loves while still keeping her freedom. And I couldn’t get enough of Korl! The Prince is a wonderful mixture of alpha and gentleness that is very hard to resist, and the way he gives Mahri back her freedom just took my breath away. Beneath the Thirteen Moons is an incredibly romantic novel and Kennedy has written touching and powerful scenes.

I did find it a bit difficult to get into the book at first. There are many descriptions (which sometimes tend towards purple prose) and the attraction between Marhi and Korl seemed too sudden to be realistic. But as soon I as got into it I was hooked, and this book has found a place on my keeper’s shelf.

Beneath the Thirteen Moons is an amazing debut, and Kathryne Kennedy promises to be a top fantasy romance writer.

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