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Book Review
Black Lyon, The

Overall: 10
Sensuality: 8
Sub-Genre: 8

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This is a romance community member review

Review for Black Lyon, The
Author: Jude Deveraux
Date of Review: 01/26/03
Reviewed by: Linerva

Reviewer Comments:

This book is fantastic and completely amazing the plot is very interesting. This was my first romance novel that i ever touched and i ahve already influenced a friend who's never read romance novels b4 with this book.

Whoever i summarise this book to they fidnt he story captivating. And naturally it is on it's own.

It has an excellent plot and the characters are lovely. Ranulf whos is naturally dark and handsome but has a problem trusting his wife Lyonene because of a past that hurt him causing him to not have faith in his wife, until she goes to the extremes to show that she really does love him.

Lyonene is really beautiful physically and spiritually. She faces so much and all because of a past time which nearly brought their fast love towards each other to a halt. She's innocent and so wants to beleive that is meant to be between her and Ranulf.

When they finally do work things out, along comes a slutty flirtatious girl that is part of a plan to help kidnap Lyonene so as to be held ransom by one of Ranulf's men who had wished to be part of his knights but didn't make the cut. Lyonene who has yet to trust her husband completely and with her naivete is brought out to Ireland with her unborn babe to be held captive.

And also you just can't ignore Ranulf's Black Knights. They are simply adorable and charming to the bone. They are the comendy relief in this book.. which one wouldn't expect but they make it much more joyful to read.

All in all the book is once again as i said fantastic and did i forget to mention fabulous. Although towards the end it kinda slowed down but it doesn't matter the readers got most of what was wanted. There wasn't as much love scenes as one would like to imagine but it's enough for a beginner reader. You would enjoy the book!

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