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Book Review
Silk is for Seduction

Overall: 10
Sensuality: 9
Sub-Genre: 10

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This is an Official Review by an Eye On Romance Official Reviewer

Review for Silk is for Seduction
Author: Loretta Chase
Date of Review: 05/11/11
Reviewed by: Joyce Greenfield

Reviewer Comments:

The sound of silk rustling against skin, against another fabric, against anything is evocative of a certain sensuality, a certain tactile feeling that no other fabric brings. Silk is for Seduction by Loretta Chase is aptly named, as the story seduces the reader from the very first pages, drawing you in to the story of Marcelline Noirot, proprietress of a high-end dress making and millinery shop aptly named Maison Noirot. Marcelline and her sisters Sophie and Leonie work together to design, promote and sell fashion to London’s elite, and their quest has brought them to Paris, the heart of the fashion world.

Marcelline has set her sights on the 7th Duke of Clevedon, Gervase Angier, with the hope of convincing him that fashions by Maison Noirot will be perfect for the Duke’s intended bride. Clevedon has spent the past three years on the Continent, taking a Grand Tour and sowing his wild oats before returning to England and a life of marriage and duty. When he spots Marcelline across the expanse of the opera hall, everything else around him fades and his heart races, and his single minded intention becomes to meet Marcelline.

Clevedon has made assumptions about Marcelline, but he begins to realize how inaccurate they are as he visits her shop and sees her in her own environment. Instead of stepping away from Marcelline, Clevedon becomes more and more attracted, and that attraction is like a moth to a flame. He knows that he runs a huge risk of harming Marcelline, her family and her livelihood, but he can’t turn away from the beautiful and captivating seamstress.

When events occur that threaten to expose the level of his affection for Marcelline, Clevedon must make a decision regarding his future. Either of his options can lead him in a direction he may not find satisfying, and he struggles to make the right choices without hurting those he holds dear. Marcelline is a strong-willed woman with many secrets of her own, and there’s no guarantee that she will agree to any of Clevedon’s plans, regardless of their impact on her.

Loretta Chase is a fantastically talented author who paints a picture with her words, whether it’s a ballroom, a workroom or a storm-tossed ship at sea. Like an artist with brush and paint, she sets the mood, leaving nothing out: sights, sounds, scents, yet she balances this so perfectly that the reader’s imagination is free to complete the images as the story progresses. Dressmaking details are woven effortlessly (seamlessly!) into the story, evidence that Chase has done a great deal of research regarding fashion, garment construction and the life of a couture seamstress during this period. These details provide a rich background to a breathtakingly beautiful and captivating love story, one truly not to be missed.

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