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Book Review
Miss Darcy Falls in Love

Overall: 8
Sensuality: 6
Sub-Genre: 9

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This is an Official Review by an Eye On Romance Official Reviewer

Review for Miss Darcy Falls in Love
Author: Sharon Lathan
Date of Review: 10/09/11
Reviewed by: Official Reviewer for Eye On Romance

Reviewer Comments:

Sharon Lathan transports her readers to the world of Jane Austen in her latest book about the Darcy family. In this book, she focuses on Georgiana Darcy, a young woman traveling Europe with her family. Georgiana would like to find love, but hasn’t had much luck with that elusive element so far. She has finally overcome her shyness enough to enjoy the balls and dances she must attend which helps her to fit in a little better. Georgiana isn’t sure how to flirt and finds it a worthless talent until she meets the one man that she flirts with unconsciously.

Sebastian Butler loves music. Even though his father would like nothing more than for him to come home and take up the title, Sebastian sets out to Europe with his grandmother so that he can pursue his music. He wants to study with the greats including Beethoven. When he meets Georgiana again, he is captivated not only by her grace and beauty but also by her interest and understanding of music.

Like all good historical romances, this one sets some obstacles in the path of true love. Sebastian’s father already has his bride chosen and although Sebastian disagrees; his father continues to push his choice. Georgiana although delightful, has no dowry or title to lure a groom. She has to rely on true love for the man of her dreams. The story of how these two overcome the obstacles and misunderstandings make for an intriguing read.

Ms. Lathan does an excellent job of writing the style of the period. Her prose evokes the authors of Austen’s era and does so without being dry or inaccessible for the modern reader. I could see the historical detail that she put into the text and appreciate the effort that she made to make it accurate. I enjoyed reading about Europe during this time frame and thought that she makes it feel quite real for her readers.

I enjoyed the story of Georgiana and Sebastian as well as seeing the other characters that surround these two people and the glimpses into their personal lives as well. This story is multi-dimensional which makes the characters more compelling.

My one complaint about this story is that sometimes the descriptions became a bit overwhelming and tedious. It was more than I needed to know in order to follow the story. Although I understand that Ms. Lathan was adding the detail in order to better build a feel and sense of the time period for her readers, it was occasionally too much.

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