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Book Review
Meant to Be (ebook)

Overall: 10
Sensuality: 6
Sub-Genre: 8

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This is an Official Review by an Eye On Romance Official Reviewer

Review for Meant to Be (ebook)
Author: Maggie McGinnis
Date of Review: 01/28/17
Reviewed by: Official Reviewer for Eye On Romance

Reviewer Comments:

Maggie McGinnis gives us the fifth book in her Whisper Creek. I haven’t read the other books in this series, but after reading this one, I need to. The Whisper Creek ranch seems like an idyllic place where people can go to heal from the past and to find hope for the future. Not only is the setting of the book amazing, but the characters are wonderful. Shelby Quinn has just suffered the worst thing she could ever imagine—her beloved father is gone. Her father may have been a famous country singer, but to her, he was her rock and best friend. She is devastated by his loss. Grieving in public is not the image that her record company wants for the pop singer they hope will make a comeback so they send her to Whisper Creek to spend a month. What no one expected was that Shelby would not only grieve, she would start to figure out how to move forward and who she wants to move forward with. Cooper Davis loved being a cop in Boston until it took his reputation and made him the most hated man in the city. Cooper did what he thought was right, not realizing that he would be framed and destroyed in the fallout. Now he works on the Whisper Creek ranch and trying to find a way to recover. He doesn’t know what to do when he is asked to babysit a celebrity who is coming to the ranch for some R&R. He doesn’t think that he will meet someone who touches his heart and makes him think beyond himself. Although Cooper and Shelby are becoming closer and closer, the traumas of their past are not far behind. They cannot escape or avoid the challenges that will impact their relationship. They have to help each other through in order to be together. I loved the feeling that Ms. McGinnis has evoked through this book. She understands how devastating losing a loved one can be and the impact that the media can have on the lives of people. She holds no punches when describing the media and reporters. It makes you wonder whether she has had her own experience with the media.

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