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Book Review
Someone to Love

Overall: 10
Sensuality: 8
Sub-Genre: 9

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This is an Official Review by an Eye On Romance Official Reviewer

Review for Someone to Love
Author: Donna Alward
Date of Review: 03/05/17
Reviewed by: Official Reviewer for Eye On Romance

Reviewer Comments:

Donna Alward continues her series set in Darling, Vermont in this story. We revisit the Kissing bridge and all of the Gallagher family. Those fans of the first book will catch up with Aidan and Laurel. Readers new to the series will not need to have read the first book to appreciate this one. Willow Dunaway owns The Purple Pig, an organic café. She has come back to Darling to move on with her life. Willow has done a lot of work on herself and learned how to find a more peaceful and connected existence. She does yoga and keeps a schedule. Willow is very busy, but finds herself drawn toward Ethan Gallagher’s two young sons. Ethan Gallagher is a firefighter and a single father. He relies on his family to watch his two sons while he works at the firehouse. Ethan also feels a lot of guilt at not being there all the time for his sons and he is still grieving the loss of his wife. Ethan isn’t sure what to think of Willow when he runs into her, but the more time they spend together, the more he finds himself thinking about her. Ethan and Willow both have a lot of baggage. Ethan doesn’t know how to move on from the loss of his wife or if he even wants to. Willow is coping with a lot from her childhood with a mother who thought of her as a burden. They are drawn together despite their differences. I really enjoyed these two characters. They are not fake people, but are coping with a lot and figuring out how to be better. They both have very different ways to cope. As the readers, we can see the big hearts they both have and the difficulties that they are coping with. We root for them from the beginning of the book. I also like seeing the Gallagher family. They are a loving bunch of people who obviously want the best for all members of their family. I can’t wait to see what romances are in store for the rest of the family.

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