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by Tara Sue Me

Series: The Submissive Series (Book 4)
Paperback: 320 pages
Publisher: NAL (March 4, 2014)
ISBN-10: 045146625X
ISBN-13: 978-04514662595


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Day One - Monday, May 23, 2016


This week's Romance Preview is SEDUCED BY FIRE by Tara Sue Me. Each day this week you'll receive a sneak peek inside this new release.

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Let's set the stage for today's excerpt:

Julie’s floral company is providing flowers for the benefit Daniel’s bank is throwing. Daniel has asked Julie to attend as his date. This scene shows her arrival.

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RT Book Reviews nominee for Best Erotic Romance of 2014!

Julie Masterson craves a taste of danger.

Despite being familiar with the different games people play in the bedroom, she’s never given into her curiosity about putting her body in someone else’s power—until a chance meeting with Daniel Covington, the seductive Senior VP of Weston Bank, draws her into a titillating new world of sexual experience, one that she never knew she desperately needed.

Daniel is highly respected within his community, but he hasn’t had an exclusive relationship for over two years. Yet Julie’s eager innocence is driving him to the brink of ecstasy, making him rethink his feelings about commitment.

As their sizzling connection heats up, Daniel is ready to take Julie fully under his command. But when the dangerous side of their play rears its ugly head, Julie will have to decide if she trusts him enough to surrender completely—or if she should escape before she gets burned...

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Excerpt - Day One

He arrived back at the hotel, dressed, two hours and forty-five minutes later. Though he always tried to be punctual, he had another reason for not being late that night: he wanted to watch Julie make her entrance.

When he reached the hotel, he saw a few early guests had arrived. They lingered in the lobby, making small talk before wandering to the ballroom. Daniel waved at a few people, but his gaze kept returning to the elevator doors. They finally opened and she stepped out.

His breath caught.

Ninety-nine percent of the women attending the fund-raiser would dress in black. Julie Masterson was not ninety- nine percent of women.

Gone was the harried and stained florist from earlier in the day. In her place was a siren. Her gown was white and fit close to her skin, showing off the curves he imagined buried beneath her standard pink polo. Sheer beading draped itself over one shoulder, allowing just a peek of skin. Her hair was twisted up, leaving her neck long and bare. She looked even better than his fantasy.

She looked around the lobby for him and once her gaze settled on his, her mouth formed an O of recognition. She walked toward him, her hips swaying ever so slightly. Every step she took gained her more and more attention from the lobby crowd.

“Let me assure you,” he said when she finally stood before him, “that no one is looking at your fingers. You are stunning.”

“Thank you. My sister’s a buyer up in New York. She got this for me and tonight’s the first chance I’ve had to wear it.”

“You’ll have to give me her address.”

“You’re into clothes?”

“No. I want to send her a thank-you note.”

Her laugh was low, throaty, and the most seductive sound he’d heard in years. Once again, he was sure the intense sexuality he sensed in her was there.

He held out his arm. “Shall we?”


(excerpt continued on Tuesday)

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