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Book Review
Overall: 8
Sensuality: 9
Romantic Suspense Element: 9

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Official Review This is an Official Review by a Romantic Suspense Romance Writer Official Reviewer

Review for Atone (ebook)
Author: Beth Yarnall
Date of Review: 02/09/16
Reviewed by:

Reviewer Comments: As a warning to readers, I have to start off by saying this book is hard to read in places. It talks about the realities of what can happen to young girls in the foster system. This book is not for readers who are sensitive to this type of information. Vera Swain is searching for her half-sister. She knows what can happen to a girl who is wowed by promises of love and a better life. She wants to help her sister avoid those predators and to move onto a better life. At least a life better that Vera had. She goes to Nash Security and Investigation because she knows that they are the best. Vera doesn’t expect to find Beau or to feel the way she does in his presence. Can she trust him enough to find her sister? Beau Hollis is at loose ends since he was released from prison. His sister worked tirelessly to prove his innocence and get him released. He wants to make her proud, but he just doesn’t know what to do next with his life. When his sister asks him to help out at Nash Security and Investigation, he agrees because it gives him something to do and repays a portion of his debt. He never expected to find Vera or to be so drawn to her story and the mystery of her past. Vera and Beau have trouble trusting others given their pasts, but they instinctively trust each other. They are kindred spirits. They work together while searching for Vera’s sister. Vera has to decide how much of her past to share with Beau without making him leave her or putting him in danger. She knows how to flee and doesn’t want him to have to fear for his life. As I said, this book has some really raw moments that make the story more real and horrifying. I do like the message of survival that Ms. Yarnall blends into the story. This is not the story of a victim, but of a survivor which helps make the harsh realities easier to read about. The heat between Beau and Vera is apparent from their first meeting. They spark off each other and we wonder how long it will take his sister to notice or for them to act on the sparks. As readers, we don’t have to wait long, but the relationship is not an easy one. Secrets abound and guilt hovers on both sides.

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