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Overall: 10
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Romantic Suspense Element: 9

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Official Review This is an Official Review by a Romantic Suspense Romance Writer Official Reviewer

Review for Seduction in Session
Author: Shayla Black
Date of Review: 04/15/16
Reviewed by:

Reviewer Comments: Shayla Black and Lexi Blake are back with the second novel in their series The Perfect Gentlemen. The story takes up where book 1 left off and continues the compelling story of six men who are the closest of friends and in some powerful positions in the country. The five men who are left are searching for the truth behind the death of the sixth. Each book in the series tells the romantic story of one of the men while at the same time adding clues to the mystery of who is after this group. This story centers on Connor Sparks, a CIA agent, who will do whatever he needs to in order to keep his remaining friends safe. He has seen and done some awful things in the name of our country and those things haunt him. Connor never saw himself as a person who connected easily with others. He has a hard personality and only has a few close friends. He is determined to bring down the D.C. blogger who threatens his friends. He volunteers to go undercover as her bodyguard in order to find out all that she knows and shut her down. He doesn’t expect to be so attracted to her or to find that he likes her so much once he gets to know her. Lara Armstrong is proud of her convictions. She may be the daughter of a senator, but she will protest any government action that she sees as contrary to her beliefs. She runs a secret blog that uses tabloid type journalism to get people to read about the more serious issues happening in D.C. Lara doesn’t think that she needs a bodyguard, but the threats that she is receiving against her life make her nervous. Lara is working on a few stories about the President that she wants to keep secret. She tends to trust easily. Connor is recommended by a man she met on the Internet, but she thinks that she can trust him. Lara doesn’t know quite what to do with the attraction she feels whenever she is near Connor. He isn’t at all her type. Lara and Connor are opposites in so many ways, but the chemistry between them sizzles off the page. Ms. Black and Ms. Blake have really built a story about compromise and how two different people can make a relationship work if they are willing to compromise. Watching Lara and Connor figure things out is a delight. Added to the romance of the story is the danger element. Not only is Lara looking into some dangerous and possibly devastating things that will impact the President, but she is also being threatened. Trying to figure out who is threatening her and what the truth is keep you guessing until the end. I thought I knew who was sending the threats, but wasn’t correct. It is nice to have the clues there and to have everything come together in a way that makes sense. This is the second story in a series, but it can be read alone if you are willing to have some elements remain unresolved. The overarching mystery of what happened to their friend and who is connected to this will continue throughout the series. The mystery of who is threatening Lara is answered. Ms. Black and Ms. Blake do a nice job of explaining the important elements of the first book without rehashing everything. We are given the background in small doses throughout the text and as the “Perfect Gentlemen” arrive in this story, we are told what we need to in order to understand Connor and his relationship with these men.

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