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Book Review
Overall: 10
Sensuality: 7
Romantic Suspense Element: 9

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Official Review This is an Official Review by a Romantic Suspense Romance Writer Official Reviewer

Review for Perfect Paige
Author: Ines Saint
Date of Review: 11/13/16
Reviewed by:

Reviewer Comments: I really love the way that Ms. Saint writes her characters and tells her stories. They are always full of heart and the characters are relatable. This new book starts off a series about three sisters and is just as delightful as her other series. Paige Galloway thought she had the perfect life. She married a man who was older than she and now they have two children. Paige has perfected the appearance of being perfect and runs the house the way her husband demands. She knows that things haven’t been great between she and Glenn lately, but she hopes that things will improve. All of that is shattered when FBI agents storm into her house, arrest her husband and turn her life upside down. Paige has now moved home to the small town of Spinning Hills where she was raised and is trying to figure out what is next. Alex Hooke is an FBI agent. He loves his job and the way he can help take down white collar criminals. He left a job in SWAT to join the agency and now uses his brains more than his muscles to find the criminals. Hunting down Glenn Galloway seemed like a slam dunk until they learned that he hid a scientific journal in the small town his wife was from. Alex has to move to Spinning Hills and try to locate the journal. To be successful, he needs the help of Paige who isn’t too happy with him after the raid on her house. Paige and Alex have to work together to find the final piece of evidence. Paige hopes that it will keep her soon to be ex out of jail for the sake of their children. Alex hopes that it will prevent the information in the journal from falling into the wrong hands. Paige knows what Alex thinks of her and resents the assumptions that he has made about her and her family. Unfortunately for Alex, he finds that he is becoming more and more drawn toward Paige. Ms. Saint has blended together the story of three sisters and their hardships growing up with the delights and pitfalls of small town living. Add in the hunt for the journal and three overly involved senior citizens and we have all the makings for wonderful story. For those who read Ms. Saint’s other series, we again meet up with the Amador brothers and their wives. I am excited to see what Ms. Saint brings to the rest of the series. This book hints at secrets in Paige’s sisters’ backgrounds, but we don’t know what happened to Hope and Gracie.

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