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Marriage at the Cowboy's Demand
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Marriage at the Cowboy's Demand
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Overall: 7
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Official Review This is an Official Review by a Romantic Suspense Romance Writer Official Reviewer

Review for Virtually His
Author: Gennita Low
Date of Review: 05/25/07
Reviewed by: Tracy

Reviewer Comments: Every law enforcement agency in the government from the CIA to GEM even black ops groups have submitted candidates to be selected as the new super-agent. This super agent will be given new experimental drugs to enhance their already extraordinary talents. The surprise is that this new fighting machine is not a man, it is a woman. GEM agent Elana Rostova, aka Helen Rosten, aka Hell has been selected from among some of the toughest group of operatives now she must prove herself.

Her only ally in this experiment is her remote viewing guide that comes to her in a virtual reality world. A man who she doesn’t know, but he knows her intimately—getting in her head and pushing her and conditioning her to follow his every command. He is Hades to her Hell and could be one of about seven choices. From the fun Flyboy, Big Swimming Guy, to a Denim Clad alpha male Hell must figure out how to deal with the new experimental drugs and get through her mission.

Virtually His is a complex suspense thriller with romance and intrigue This book kept me reading in one sitting as I moved from page to page—mostly to find out the identity of Hell’s illusive and fiery monitor. Low brings readers a cast of characters and leave it up to them to figure out if it is Alex, Big Swimming Guy, Flyboy, Jack, Armando, Heath or Jed. All of these hunky heroes fit the bill—only one of them has the super strong element required to “handle” Hell.

One of the things I like the very best about Virtually His was the sense of suspense the Low brings to the storyline. Low takes great pains to give readers enough clues to figure out the identity of the monitor, but only by the end of the book. (Hint: make sure you read about all attributes of each guy, including eye color.) When Hell and her monitor do finally come together in reality, while he still keeps his identity secret, the reader knows the man and how he really feels about his charge. As a reader I don’t like to be strung along without some payoff and Virtually His doesn’t have a lot of payoff for the heroine, Hell. But fantastic characters, fast action and compelling science fiction brought me through. Readers may feel a little disappointed with the ending. This book will be best when it can be read with the upcoming Virtually Hers, as I wanted to pick up the sequel as soon as possible!

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