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Eye On Romance
Featured Author
Ann Major

Meet Eye On Romance Featured  Author Ann Major
Marriage at the Cowboy's Demand
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Anthology- Suspense
Chicklit: Caper- Escapade
Chicklit: Detective-Mystery- Who Dun It?
Contemporary OR Suspense: Archeology
Contemporary OR Suspense: Family Saga
Contemporary OR Suspense: Journalism- Photography
Contemporary OR Suspense: Medical
Contemporary OR Suspense: Military
Electronic: Suspense
Inspirational: Suspense
Multicultural: African-American - Suspense
Multicultural: Asian - Suspense
Multicultural: Latino - Suspense
Multicultural: Native American - Suspense
Paranormal OR Suspense: Psychic- Clairvoyant
Regency: Blackmail- Criminal Plot- or Murder
Regency: Danger- Fear- Suspense
Regency: Detective- Sleuth- Mystery
Suspense OR Contemporary: - Romantic Suspense
Suspense OR Contemporary: Amnesia
Suspense OR Contemporary: Bodyguards- Protection
Suspense OR Contemporary: Legal- Lawyer- Attorney
Suspense OR Contemporary: Politics or Political Intrigue
Suspense: Arson
Suspense: Assassin
Suspense: Athletic Competitions
Suspense: Betrayal- Revenge- Manipulation
Suspense: Blackmail
Suspense: Blue-collar
Suspense: Burglary- Thief- Stolen property
Suspense: Caper
Suspense: Corporate
Suspense: Detective-Sleuth - Historically Set
Suspense: Detective-Sleuth - Modern Day Set
Suspense: Drugs - Drug Trafficking
Suspense: Espionage
Suspense: Flashbacks- Memories- Dreams
Suspense: Forensics
Suspense: Fugitive- On-the-Run- Runaway
Suspense: Futuristic setting
Suspense: Gothic
Suspense: Hostage- Negotiators
Suspense: International Intrigue
Suspense: Kidnapping or Missing Person
Suspense: Lawmen- US Marshal- Texas Ranger
Suspense: Mafia- Mob- Mobster
Suspense: Murder or Murder Investigation
Suspense: PI- Private Investigation
Suspense: Prison- Prisoners- Convicts
Suspense: Psychiatrist or Psychologist
Suspense: Psychological Suspense- Thriller
Suspense: Secrets or Hidden Past
Suspense: Serial Crimes committed
Suspense: Serial Killer or Murderer
Suspense: Small- Sleepy Town
Suspense: Social Worker
Suspense: Special Forces- CIA- FBI
Suspense: Stalker
Suspense: Supernatural
Suspense: Terrorists- Militants
Suspense: Treasure Hunt- Mysterious Adventure
Suspense: Undercover- cop- government agent
Suspense: Wealthy Family Intrigue
Suspense: Wilderness
Suspense: Witness or Witness Protection Program
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