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Nancy Bush

Meet Eye On Romance Featured  Author Nancy Bush
You Can't Escape
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Heather Graham
Pseudonym/s: Shannon Drake, Heather Graham Pozzessere
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Writing as Heather Graham, Heather Graham Pozzessere and Shannon Drake, Heather has over 20 million books in print. A New York Times best selling author, Heather has written approximately one hundred books, many of which have been featured by the Doubleday Book Club and the Literary Guild, and published in more than fifteen languages. Heather lives with her husband and five children in Miami, Florida. She recently became a certified diver and lists Grand Cayman as a favorite dive spot.

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Photo: Heather Graham
Website Links
Book Series
Alliance Vampires
Bone Island Trilogy
Cafferty and Quinn
Cameron Family
Flynn Brothers Trilogy
Graham Clan
Krewe of Hunters
MacDonald Sisters series
MacKenzies-Old Florida
Slater Brothers
The Keepers: LA
The Prophecy
Viking Trilogy
Book List
Seize the Dawn (reissue) (02/16)

Knight Triumphant (reprint) (08/15)

Conquer the Night (reissue) (06/15)

Suspicious (reprint) (05/15)

Come the Morning (reissue) (01/15)

Hexed, The (08/14)

Dead by Dusk (reprint) (07/14)

Cursed, The (06/14)

In The Dark (reissue) (01/14)

Blood Red (reissue) (11/13)

Christmas in Salem (11/13)

Let the Dead Sleep (paperback) (09/13)

Realm of Shadows (reissue) (09/13)

Night is Forever, The (09/13)

Keeper of the Dawn (07/13)

Night is Alive, The (07/13)

Deep Midnight (reprint) (07/13)

Night is Watching, The (05/13)

When Darkness Falls (reprint) (04/13)

Let the Dead Sleep (hardcover) (03/13)

Vision, The (reprint) (02/13)

Keeper of the Night (01/13)

Magical Christmas, A (reprint) (11/12)

Angel for Christmas, An (paperback) (10/12)

Beneath a Blood Red Moon (reprint) (09/12)

Uninvited, The (08/12)

Unspoken, The (08/12)

Unholy, The (06/12)

Queen of Hearts (reprint) (04/12)

Unseen, The (hardcover) (03/12)

Phantom Evil (reprint) (03/12)

Ghost Walk (reissue) (12/11)

Bride of the Night (11/11)

Angel for Christmas, An (09/11)

Sacred Evil (08/11)

Evil Inside, The (08/11)

Heart of Evil (07/11)

In The Dark (reissue) (05/11)

Killing Edge, The (mass market) (03/11)

Phantom Evil (03/11)

Presence, The (01/11)

Keepers, The (10/10)

Ghost Moon (09/10)

Ghost Night (08/10)

Ghost Shadow (07/10)

Forever My Love (06/10)

Killing Edge, The (Hardcover) (04/10)

Night of the Wolves (12/09)

Home in Time For Christmas (Hardcover) (11/09)

Unhallowed Ground (10/09)

There Be Dragons (Hardcover illustrated) (09/09)

Dust to Dust (07/09)

More Than Words, Volume 5 (04/09)

Nightwalker (04/09)

Deadly Gift (12/08)

Deadly Harvest (11/08)

Bride by Christmas, A (Anthology) (10/08)

Deadly Night (10/08)

Wedding Bell Blues (05/08)

Death Dealer, The (04/08)

Viking's Woman, The (reissue) (01/08)

Last Noel, The (Hardcover) (11/07)

Seance, The (10/07)

Blood Red (07/07)

Dead Room, The (03/07)

Kiss Of Darkness (09/06)

Last Cavalier, The (09/06)

Vision, The (07/06)

Killing Kelly (03/06)

Island, The (03/06)

Ghost Walk (10/05)

Suspicious (08/05)

Eyes Of Fire (01/05)

Never Sleep With Strangers (01/05)

If Looks Could Kill (01/05)

Presence, The (09/04)

In The Dark (08/04)

Dead On The Dance Floor (03/04)

Haunted (09/03)

Take 5: Volume 3 (Anthology) (08/03)

On the Edge (Anthology) (07/03)

Forbidden Stranger (Anthology) (06/03)

Picture Me Dead (03/03)

Apache Summer (reissue) (01/03)

Season Of Miracles, A (10/02)

Dark Stranger (08/02)

Hurricane Bay (04/02)

Rides A Hero (02/02)

Lucia In Love (10/01)

Night of the Blackbird (10/01)

Slow Burn (reprint) (08/01)

Lonesome Rider
The Heart's Desire

Summer Fires (05/01)

Night Heat (01/01)

Queen of Hearts (01/01)

Long, Lean and Lethal (06/00)

Triumph (01/00)

Tall, Dark and Deadly (07/99)

Glory (02/99)

Drop Dead Gorgeous (08/98)

Surrender (02/98)

Rebel (03/97)

Magical Christmas, A (11/96)

Captive (08/96)

Runaway (09/95)

Lord of the Wolves (10/93)

And One Rode West (11/92)

And One Wore Gray (04/92)

One Wore Blue (07/91)

Devil's Mistress (07/91)

Dying to Have Her (03/91)

Viking's Woman, The (07/90)

Love Not a Rebel (10/89)

Pirate's Pleasure, A (07/89)

Sweet Savage Eden (03/89)

Every Time I Love You (06/88)

Siren from the Sea (06/87)

Lair's Moon (02/87)

Eden's Spell (12/86)

Maverick and the Lady, The (08/86)

Handful of Dreams (06/86)

Dante's Daughter (01/86)

Angel's Share, An (10/85)

Sensuous Angel (08/85)

Hold Close the Memory (05/85)

Golden Surrender (05/85)

Serena's Magic (09/84)

Arabian Nights (08/84)

Hours to Cherish (05/84)

Red Midnight (03/84)

Tender Deception (02/84)

Night, Sea, and Stars (01/84)

Quiet Walks the Tiger (09/83)

Tempestuous Eden (08/83)

Season for Love, A (07/83)

Tender Taming (03/83)

When Next We Love (02/83)


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