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Ann Major

Meet Eye On Romance Featured  Author Ann Major
Marriage at the Cowboy's Demand
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Hannah Howell
Pseudonym/s: Sarah Dustin, Anna Jennet
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Hannah Howell’s first book was published in 1988.
Maternal family has lived in MA since 1630s.

Stephen - aeroengineer
Met husband on a trip to England, married for 34 years

Two sons:
Samuel - graphic artist
Keir - mechanical engineer
One daughter-in-law - Beth, school teacher

One grandchild:
Benjamin - 6 months

5 cats:
Oliver Cromwell, Banshee, Spooky, Matilda, and Shadow

History, reading, crochet, piano and trying to get a garden to grow!

Member of Romance Writers of America and the local chapter - NEC

from author's web site.

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Website Links
Book Series
The Murray Clan
Book List
Highland Sinner (12/16)

Highland Chieftain (09/16)

Taste of Fire, A (reprint) (03/16)

Conqueror's Kiss (reissue) (10/15)

If He's Noble (07/15)

Highland Guard (02/15)

Beauty and the Beast (reprint) (01/15)

Highland Knight (reissue) (11/14)

If He's Daring (10/14)

Wild Roses (reprint) (08/14)

Highland Master (11/13)

Born to Bite (anthology reissue) (09/13)

Highland Hearts (reissue) (08/13)

If He's Tempted (04/13)

Highland Hero (anthology) (11/12)

Highland Hunger (anthology reprint) (09/12)

Born to Bite (anthology) (08/12)

My Valiant Knight (reissue) (08/12)

His Bonnie Bride (reprint) (06/12)

Highland Avenger (03/12)

Unconquered (reprint) (01/12)

Reckless (11/11)

Highland Bride (mass market--reissue) (08/11)

If He's Dangerous (06/11)

Stolen Ecstasy (05/11)

Highland Promise (mass market reissue) (03/11)

Highland Groom (mass market reissue) (01/11)

Highland Protector (12/10)

Beauty and the Beast (reissue) (12/10)

Compromised Hearts (11/10)

Highland Warrior (mass market--reissue) (07/10)

If He's Wild (06/10)

Kentucky Bride (04/10)

Highland Honor (reissue) (03/10)

Highland Angel (reissue) (01/10)

If He's Sinful (12/09)

Wild Conquest (reissue) (11/09)

Highland Beast (Anthology) (09/09)

Nature of the Beast (Anthology) (09/09)

If He's Wicked (06/09)

My Lady Captor (05/09)

Highland Sinner (11/08)

Highland Captive (11/08)

Nature of the Beast (Anthology) (09/08)

Highland Fire (06/08)

Eternal Lover (Anthology) (04/08)

Highland Wolf (01/08)

Highland Wedding (11/07)

My Immortal Highlander (Anthology) (09/07)

Highland Thirst (Anthology) (08/07)

Only For You (reissue) (07/07)

Highland Savage (05/07)

Beauty and the Beast (reissue) (04/07)

Unconquered (reissue) (01/07)

Highland Barbarian (12/06)

Highland Bride (reissue) (08/06)

Highland Lover (06/06)

Highland Promise (reissue) (05/06)

Highland Champion (12/05)

Highland Conqueror (03/05)

Reckless (09/04)

Eternal Highlander, The (09/04)

Highland Warrior (05/04)

Highland Groom (11/03)

His Immortal Embrace (Anthology) (09/03)

Highland Angel (05/03)

Highland Bride (11/02)

Highland Hearts (02/02)

Highland Knight (06/01)

Stockingful Of Joy, A (Anthology- reissue) (10/00)

Highland Vow (06/00)

Stockingful Of Joy, A (Anthology) (11/99)

Castle Magic (Anthology) (08/99)

Highland Promise (07/99)

Highland Honor (01/99)

Wild Roses (07/98)

Highland Destiny (07/98)

Unconquered (07/98)

My Valiant Knight (07/98)

Only For You (07/98)

Scottish Magic (Anthology) (04/98)

Taste of Fire, A (12/97)

Kentucky Bride (03/94)

Elfking's Lady (07/93)

Wild Conquest (05/93)

Amber Flame (03/93)

Silver Flame (09/92)

Beauty And The Beast (09/92)

Conqueror's Kiss (11/91)

Stolen Ecstasy (06/91)

Compromised Hearts (10/89)

Promised Passion (12/88)


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