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Nancy Bush

Meet Eye On Romance Featured  Author Nancy Bush
You Can't Escape
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Sandra Chastain
Pseudonym/s: Jenna Darcy, Allie Jordan.
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As a child I made up fantasy lives for my paper dolls, never knowing that I would use these same creative skills later as a writer. I only knew that I became those dolls and lived their lives. Later came amateur stage shows for the neighborhood children to perform, my first Nancy Drew mystery, a one-act play, and finally a musical performed by high school students on an auditorium stage. From the Indian tepee that Santa brought when I was a ten-year-old, to the living room I've recently converted into my office, I'm still stretching the boundaries of my imagination.

After twenty years of working together, my husband and I sold our small-animal veterinary practice. Now he consults and practices part-time while I write full-time. Our three daughters are married, and we have grandchildren who always want Gran to tell them a story. And Gran always complies.

I wouldn't change a thing about my life, for my family is a living expression of the love I write about. When I create a romance for you, I'm telling stories of love and commitment, and I can't tell you how much pleasure I get from writing about happily ever after.
- Sandra Chastain

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Book List
Hannah's Hunk (ebook) (12/13)

Imaginary Lover (ebook) (12/13)

On Grandma's Porch (Anthology) (06/07)

Blessings of Mossy Creek (Anthology) (06/04)

Look, But Don't Touch (04/03)

Mail Order Groom, The (07/02)

Bedroom Eyes (08/01)

Outlaw Bride, The (12/00)

Baring It All (01/00)

Runaway Bride, The (08/99)

Last Dance, The (01/99)

Shotgun Groom (04/98)

Scarlet Lady (10/97)

Surrender the Shadow (11/96)

Raven and the Cowboy (07/96)

Sinner and Saint (06/96)

Redhead and the Preacher, The (11/95)

Mac's Angels:
Midnight Fantasy

My Guardian Angel (Anthology) (03/95)

Imaginary Lover (11/94)

Scandal in Silver (11/94)

Rebel in Silk (04/94)

Gabriel's Outlaw (03/94)

Sunshine and Satin (11/93)

Morning After, The (09/93)

Hannah's Hunk (04/93)

Night Dreams (01/93)

Summer of the Soldiers (01/93)

Jasmine and Silk (01/93)

Scarlet Butterfly (10/92)

Lean Mean Loving Machine (06/92)

Southern Nights (Anthology) (05/92)

Love and a Blue-Eyed Cowboy (03/92)

Judge and the Gypsy, The (12/91)

Silver Bracelets (06/91)

Firebrand (03/91)

Danny's Girl (02/91)

Sweetwater (09/90)

Run Wild With Me (07/90)

Adam's Outlaw (04/90)

Penthouse Suite (01/90)

Joker's Wild (08/89)

Silver Bullet Affair, The (04/89)

Showdown at Lizard Rock (09/88)

For Love of Lacey (06/88)

Too Hot to Handle (02/88)


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