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Lisa Jackson

Meet Eye On Romance Featured  Author Lisa Jackson
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Catherine Coulter
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Catherine Coulter’s first novel came out at the end of 1978 when she had just reached puberty. It was a Regency romance because, as any published author will tell you, it’s best to limit the number of unknowns in a first book, and not only had she grown up reading Georgette Heyer, but she earned her M.A. degree in early 19th century European history. Following The Autumn Countess (a Gothic masquerading as a Regency, she says), she wrote six more Regency romances. Her first long historical appeared in 1982, her "baby", Devil’s Embrace. She has continued to write long historicals, interspersing them with contemporary novels, beginning with False Pretenses in 1988. These days she writes one contemporary suspense novel a year and one historical romance a year. She pioneered the trilogy/character-linked series in historical romance. They include: Song, Star, Magic, Night, Bride, Viking, and Legacy. She enjoys series because she doesn’t have to say good-bye to the characters and neither do the readers. In 1988, she first appeared on the New York Times Bestseller List with Moonspun Magic, the third novel of the Magic trilogy. She has continued to hit the New York Times Bestseller List 42 times in a row, as well as USA Today, Publishers Weekly, Washington Post, LA Times, etc. She has 40 million copies in print worldwide.

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Photo: Catherine Coulter
Website Links
Book Series
Baron Series
Bride Series
Brit in the FBI
Devil's Series
FBI Suspense Thriller Series
Legacy Trilogy
Magic Trilogy
Medieval Song Series
Night Trilogy
Star Quartet
Viking Series
Book List
End Game, The (hardcover) (09/15)

Nemesis (hardcover) (07/15)

Power Play (paperback) (07/15)

Night Shadow (reissue) (10/14)

Lost Key, The (hardcover) (09/14)

Final Cut, The (09/14)

Power Play (hardcover) (07/14)

Bombshell (paperback) (06/14)

Night Fire (reissue) (04/14)

Backfire (paperback) (07/13)

Bombshell (hardcover) (07/13)

Ambassador's Daughter, The (02/13)

Prince of Ravenscar, The (paperback) (11/12)

Backfire (hardcover) (07/12)

Split Second (paperback) (07/12)

Prince of Ravenscar (hardcover) (11/11)

Valcourt Heiress, The (paperback) (11/11)

Man Law (07/11)

Whiplash (paperback) (07/11)

Split Second (hardcover) (07/11)

Valcourt Heiress, The (hardcover) (10/10)

Knock Out (paperback) (06/10)

Knock Out (Hardcover) (06/09)

Tailspin (06/08)

Devil's Embrace, The (reissue) (01/08)

Wizard's Daughter, The (12/07)

Double Take (06/07)

Point Blank (paperback) (01/07)

Born To Be Wild (07/06)

Point Blank (Hardcover) (09/05)

Lyon's Gate (08/05)

Blow Out (06/04)

Moonspun Magic (reissue) (04/04)

Sherbrooke Twins (02/04)

Calypso Magic (reissue) (01/04)

Blindside (07/03)

Midsummer Magic (reissue) (07/03)

Fire Song (reissue) (03/03)

Penwyth Curse, The (01/03)

Night Fire (reissue)
(Box Set)

Night Storm (reissue)
(Box Set)

Night Shadow (reissue)
(Box Set)

Eleventh Hour (07/02)

Hemlock Bay (07/02)

Season of the Sun (07/02)

Jade Star (06/02)

Wild Star (03/02)

Pendragon (01/02)

Impulse (10/01)

Riptide (07/01)

Evening Star (05/01)

Warrior's Song (03/01)

Scottish Bride, The (01/01)

Beyond Eden (10/00)

Edge, The (08/00)

Afterglow (reissue) (08/00)

Devil's Embrace (05/00)

False Pretenses (03/00)

Courtship, The (01/00)

Heir, The (11/99)

Countess, The (10/99)

Target, The (09/99)

Aristocrat, The (reissue) (06/99)

Duke, The (05/99)

Mad Jack (01/99)

Deception, The (10/98)

Aftershocks (reissue) (04/98)

Maze, The (04/98)

Offer, The (10/97)

Rosehaven (06/97)

Secret Song (04/97)

Wild Baron, The (04/97)

Midnight Star (10/96)

Valentine Legacy, The (09/96)

Lord of Hawkfell Island (07/96)

Lord Of Raven's Peak (07/96)

Heiress Bride, The (07/96)

Cove, The (04/96)

Nightingale Legacy, The (09/95)

Devil's Daughter (reissue) (07/95)

Lord of Falcon Ridge (04/95)

Rebel Bride, The (reissue) (01/95)

Lord Harry (01/95)

Wyndham Legacy, The (09/94)

Hellion Bride, The (11/92)

Sherbrooke Bride, The (04/92)

Earth Song (09/90)

Night Storm (02/90)

Night Shadow (08/89)

Night Fire (02/89)

Moonspun Magic (08/88)

Calypso Magic (04/88)

Midsummer Magic (12/87)

Fire Song (12/85)

Devil's Daughter (05/85)

Chandra (01/84)

Intimate Deception, An (04/83)

Honorable Offer, An (12/81)

Generous Earl, The (07/81)

Lord Harry's Folly (12/80)

Lord Deverill's Heir (05/80)

Rebel Bride, The (12/79)

Autumn Countess, The (01/79)


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