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Nancy Bush

Meet Eye On Romance Featured  Author Nancy Bush
You Can't Escape
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Annette Broadrick
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Annette Broadrick was an only child until the middle of her 16th year when her sister was born. Her mother read to her until she read to herself. From that time on, books became her closest companions and teachers.

She married immediately after high school graduation in the middle of her 18th year. Twelve months later she had her first son. She ended up having four sons in seven years. People with children do not need to explain what their life was like for the next 20 years. Those people without children do not want to hear about it.

Early on, she became a secretary to supplement the family income. Eventually she became a legal secretary and for 25 years she worked for attorneys in Arizona, Texas, Illinois, and Oregon.

Her love of books followed her throughout her career as a mother and a secretary. By the time her youngest son graduated from high school she decided to write a book of her own.

After writing in a spiral notebook for six months, she rented a typewriter and rewrote the book, showed it to a creative writing teacher, who was also a friend, listened to her critique and rewrote her story. Next she showed it to another avid romance reader and carefully listened to her critique. She rewrote her story once again.

Next she mailed the manuscript to the Silhouette office in New York. Two months later she received a phone call asking if she'd be willing to do extensive revisions, including cutting one hundred pages. She said yes. This was in January 1984. By the time the book, Circumstantial Evidence, came out in November of that year, she had sold a total of six books.

Since October 1984 Annette has supported herself with her writing. Her career as a published author has also supported her reading habit and in the past five years she has managed to establish a quiet life in the Hill Country of central Texas that soothes as well as stimulates her.

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Book Series
Daughters of Texas
Secret Sisters
Sons of Texas
The Crenshaws of Texas
Book List
Man From Stallion Country (01/19)

President's Daughter, The (reissue) (09/10)

Married or Not? (12/07)

Man Means Business/ Devlin and the Deep Blue Sea, The (02/07)

Man Means Business, The (01/06)

Danger Becomes You (10/05)

Help Wanted - Angel (06/05)

Double Identity (04/05)

Daddy's Angel (10/04)

Caught in the Crossfire (10/04)

Branded (09/04)

MacGowan Meets His Match (01/04)

Too Tough To Tame (12/03)

Man In The Mist (11/03)

Snowy Nights (11/03)

Getaway (Anthology) (09/03)

But Not for Me (06/02)

Secret Agent Grooms (01/02)

Hard to Forget (08/01)

Marriage Prey (11/00)

Maximum Marriage: Men on a Mission (10/00)

Sons of Texas: Callaway Country (05/00)

Love Child (04/00)

Daughters of Texas (02/00)

Tall Dark & Texan (01/00)

Lean, Mean and Lonesome (11/99)

President's Daughter, The (02/99)

Sons of Texas: Cowboys and Wedding Bells (02/99)

Sound of Summer (10/98)

Sons of Texas: Love and Courtship! (08/98)

Unforgettable Bride (05/98)

Irresistible (07/97)

Mysterious Mountain Man (02/97)

Married? (10/96)

Sons of Texas: Rogues and Ranchers (09/96)

Instant Mommy (03/96)

Groom, I Presume?, The (03/96)

Megan's Marriage (01/96)

Return to Yesterday (reissue) (11/95)

Temptation Texas Style! (10/94)

Impromptu Bride (06/94)

Summer Sizzlers (06/94)

Mystery Wife (03/94)

Zeke (07/93)

Spring Fancy (03/93)

Marriage Texas Style! (11/92)

Courtship Texas Style! (10/92)

Love Texas Style! (09/92)

Where There Is Love (05/92)

Lone Wolf (09/91)

Gemini Man, The (06/91)

Candlelight for Two (07/90)

Loving Spirit, A (02/90)

Love Remembered, A (10/89)

With All My Heart (07/89)

Touch of Spring, A (12/88)

Come Be My Love (10/88)

Momentary Marriage (02/88)

That's What Friends Are For (12/87)

Mystery Lover (10/87)

Adam's Story (08/87)

Strange Enchantment (04/87)

Made in Heaven (02/87)

Heat of the Night (11/86)

Unheavenly Angel (07/86)

Choices (06/86)

Deceptions (04/86)

Sound of Summer (02/86)

Hawk's Flight (10/85)

Bachelor Father (07/85)

Provocative Peril (05/85)

Hunter's Prey (12/84)

Circumstantial Evidence (11/84)


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