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by : Jo Beverley

In this continuation of the Malloren saga, Jo Beverley concocts a spicy recipe with two characters who have sworn never to marry. Diana Westmount, Countess of Arradale, refuses to take a meddling husband and lose control of her fortune, her lands, and her life. Bey Malloren, the Marquess of Rothgar, carries a terrible family secret, one that prevents him from ever producing an heir. Thrown together when the king demands Rothgar escort Diana to court, however, the explosive chemistry between them melts their resolve to remain uninvolved. Unable to resist temptation, Bey and Diana's passion threatens their freedom, their very sanity. Coupled with the intricate machinations of George III's court, Bey and Diana must protect each other from themselves and their burgeoning obsession. The New York Times bestselling author Jo Beverley creates a fascinating tale of vivid historical detail and stunning sensuality. Readers cannot help but feel the lovers' internal struggles between freedom and happiness. A sure-fire hit! --Alison Trinkle

Subversion In Devilish, the final book in her series about the powerful Malloren family, Jo Beverley fulfills a promise she made to her readers Rothgars story. She also accomplishes the nearly impossible: Devilish fulfills the romantic fantasies of readers old and new... The Georgian setting of the novel provides a sophisticated, adult setting for the intrigues and puzzles of the story. But while plots are afoot, the characters of Rothgar and Diana occupy center stage. Clever, funny dialogue fills the pages even as Beverley offers a plot filled with danger. Characters from previous books in the series make guest appearances as Rothgars siblings engage in the delight of helping orchestrate their brothers downfall. Jo Beverley gives her readers everything they wanted and more as she delivers one of the most satisfyingly romantic stories in years.

Book Description At last--the book Jo Beverley fans have been waiting for! Here is the untold story of the most mysterious and seductive character in her bestselling series--the Marquess of Rothgar....

Praise for the Malloren novels...

"Wickedly, wonderfully sensual and gloriously romantic."--Mary Balogh

"[A] delicious...sensual delight."--Teresa Medeiros

"A poignant tale of forbidden love."--Romantic Times

"Hooks readers from start to finish."--Harriet Klausner

"Superb....Truly enjoyable."--Old Book Barn Gazette

"Electrifying...filled with humor, suspense, love, passion, and much more."--Gothic Journal

"Intrigue, suspense, and passion fill the pages of this high powered, explosive drama."--Rendezvous

The author, Jo Beverley , January 14, 2000 The book everyone's been waiting for! If you're one of the many readers who've written to me to say you're waiting for the book featuring the Marquess of Rothgar, this is it.

The inner cover of Devilish says "Feared by men, desired by women, the Dark Marquess has vowed never to marry. But what will happen when he meets his match?"

His match is Diana, Countess of Arradale, a peeress in her own right. Diana is as drawn to the enigmatic marquess as everyone else, but she too has vowed never to marry. After all, if she does so she will lose most of her power and independence.

A Devilish situation! Two of the strongest wills in England resolve to part and never meet again, but then a king interferes, and enemies attack, and self-control shatters....

Series: The Malloren Series
My Lady Notorious (reissue) - Book 1
My Lady Notorious - Book 1
Tempting Fortune (reissue) - Book 2
Tempting Fortune (reissue) - Book 2
Tempting Fortune - Book 2
Something Wicked - Book 3
Secrets Of The Night - Book 4
Devilish - Book 5
Winter Fire - Book 6
Winter Fire (reissue) - Book 6
Most Unsuitable Man, A - Book 7
Unlikely Countess, An - Book 11
Scandalous Countess, A - Book 12
Seduction in Silk - Book 13


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Publish Date:
April 2000
Historical: England - (1714-1810) Georgian

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