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Lisa Jackson

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Search for your favorite leading men...
Have you been looking for a certain hero? Remember the name but not the book title? Browse your favorite heros listed in order of hero's first name below!

Choose A Name - this will display heros by FIRST NAME:

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Heroes with first name starting with B

Click the hero's name to view the book and author.

Benjamin Swain - (Book: Admiral's Daughter, The)
Baxter St. Ives - (Book: Affair)
Brant MacQuaid - (Book: Alaskan Renegade)
Brader Wolf - (Book: All Things Beautiful)
Blake Hargrove - (Book: Allure)
Brandt - (Book: Almost A Lady)
Baptiste Lightbody - (Book: Almost Eden)
Bertrand Chamard - (Book: Always and Forever)
Bryce Princeton - (Book: Angel and The Prince, The)
Bradford Taylor, Captain - (Book: Angel of Passage)
Blake Renard
- (Book: Apache Legacy)
Branded Wolf - (Book: Apache Pride)
Bryce Edwards - (Book: Arizona Bride)
Brand Hamilton - (Book: Bachelor Trap, The)
Bo Chandler - (Book: Badlands Heart)
Bandit - (Book: Bandit's Embrace)
Basil Fotzpatrick - (Book: Banking On Temperance)
Brett Westmore - (Book: Bargain, The)
Brett Westmore - (Book: Bargain, The (reissue))
Benjamin Whitbury - (Book: Bartered Bridegroom, The)
Burt Burnett - (Book: Because You're Mine)
Burt Burnett - (Book: Because You're Mine (reissue))
Beckman Haddonfield - (Book: Beckman)
Brandon Seton - (Book: Beloved Embrace)
Byron Barclay - (Book: Beloved Legacy)
Byard Berkeley - (Book: Beloved Lord)
Ben Cantrell - (Book: Beloved Outcast)
Benjamin Hillary - (Book: Best of Both Rogues, The)
Bartholomew Cavanagh - (Book: Betrayed and Betrothed)
Black Eagle - (Book: Black Eagle)
Black Horse - (Book: Black Horse)
Baron Nicholas of Hawkwood
(Black Thorne)
- (Book: Black Thorne's Rose, The)
Blackjack Reid Sinclaire - (Book: Blackjack's Lady)
Blackstone - (Book: Blackstone's Bride)
Bryan Stede - (Book: Blue Heaven, Black Night)
Bodine - (Book: Bodine's Bounty)
Bold Wolf - (Book: Bold Wolf)
Blade - (Book: Born to Love)
Bennet Winfield
Captain Lord
- (Book: Bound by the Heart)
Beau Morgan - (Book: Bounty Hunter's Bride, The)
Balan - (Book: Brat, The (reprint))
Black Wolf - (Book: Brave Heart)
Ben Penrod - (Book: Brave Land, Brave Love)
Bernard MacCullough, - (Book: Bride and the Beast, The)
Barth Juston
Earl of Wickton
- (Book: Bride for Lord Wickton, A)
Breccan Campbell - (Book: Bride Says Maybe, The)
Blake Stephens - (Book: Bride Says No, The)
Bessett - (Book: Bride Wore Scarlet, The)
Brit Chance - (Book: Brit's Lady)
Brody Armstrong - (Book: Brody)
Buck Hobson - (Book: Buck)
Brendan - (Book: By Love Enslaved)
Bryce Forrester - (Book: Capital Match)
Brendan Jay Merrick - (Book: Captain Of My Heart)
Brendan Jay Merrick - (Book: Captain Of My Heart (ebook))
Brent Douglas - (Book: Captain's Caress, The)
Black Eagle - (Book: Capture)
Black Eagle - (Book: Capture (UK))
Boda - (Book: Captured)
Bastien de la Roche - (Book: Captured by the Warrior)
Bennett Wolfe, Captain - (Book: Care and Taming of a Rogue, The)
Blake Hastings - (Book: Caress)
Blake Carmichael - (Book: Catch a Wild Heart)
Bartram Stanwood,
- (Book: Charming Imposter, The)
Bannor the Bold
Lord of Elsinore
- (Book: Charming the Prince)
Ben Clare - (Book: Chase the Dawn)
Blake Sherwell - (Book: Chase, The)
Blake Sherwell - (Book: Chase, The (reprint))
Buddy Pierce - (Book: Chasing Charity)
Blade Roberts, Captain - (Book: Cherish the Dream)
Boone Kitteridge - (Book: Christmas Waltz, A)
Braden MacAllister - (Book: Claiming The Highlander)
Brougham Longwood
Earl of Abingdon
- (Book: Clarissa)
Barry Thompson, Marshal - (Book: Colorado Moonfire)
Benjamin Colter - (Book: Colter's Wife)
Ben Colter - (Book: Colter's Wife [Large Print])
Bronson Kane - (Book: Comanche )
Buck Scott - (Book: Come Spring)
Brandon St. John - (Book: Confessions of a Scoundrel)
Bernard Fitzgibbons - (Book: Conqueror, The)
Baron Varin de Montaigu - (Book: Conquest Bride`)
Brampton Beauford
Duke of Heste
- (Book: Counterfeit Coachman, The)
Benedict Radlett - (Book: Cousins of a Kind (reissue))
Benedict Radlett - (Book: Cousins of a Kind (UK))
Braedan de Cantor - (Book: Crimson Lady, The)
Barrett Gray - (Book: Daring Alliance, A)
Bernard Delacroix - (Book: Dark Masquerade)
Bartholomew - (Book: Dark Viscount, The)
Benedict Bradbourne - (Book: Dark Whispers)
Billy - (Book: Darkness and the Dawn, The)
Brett Curtis - (Book: Daughter of an Earl, The)
Brock, Lord Darleigh - (Book: Daughter of Destiny)
Brock - (Book: Daughter of Destiny (reprint))
Brenton Sinclair - (Book: Dazzled)
Brand - (Book: Defiant Captive)
Brian McCord - (Book: Defy the Storm)
Benedict Hadley
Viscount Fitzhugh
- (Book: Delightful Folly, A)
Bentley Frome - (Book: Denville Diamond, The)
Ben Potter - (Book: Desire's Moon)
Benjamin Frake
Bow Street Runner
- (Book: Desperate Gamble, A)
Berg - (Book: Destiny)
Burke O'Brien - (Book: Destiny's Magic)
Blane Stevens - (Book: Destiny's Temptress)
Bentlley Rutledge - (Book: Devil You Know, The)
Beau Vane - (Book: Devil's Kin (UK edition))
Bertrand D'Aubigny
- (Book: Devil's Mark, The)
Bertrand D'Aubigny
- (Book: Devil's Mark, The (UK))
Bey Malloren - (Book: Devilish)
Blake Montague - (Book: Devilish Montague, The)
Belami - (Book: Devious Duchess, The)
Benedict Tremayne - (Book: Devlyn Tremayne)
Benedict Costigan - (Book: Diamond Rain)
Benedict Radlett - (Book: Diamond Waterfall, The)
Byron Sully - (Book: Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman: Growing Pains)
Byron Sully - (Book: Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman: The Bounty)
Braden Sheffield
Duke of Sherburgh
- (Book: Dream Castle)
Brandon Fitzgerald - (Book: Dream Tide)
Bay McKenzie - (Book: Drifter's Moon)
Bray Drakestone - (Book: Duke in My Bed, The)
Brian Ranson, Earl of Wright - (Book: Earl Claims His Wife, The)
Brand Stockton - (Book: Eden)
Braden Granville - (Book: Educating Caroline)
Braden Granville - (Book: Educating Caroline (reprint))
Brand - (Book: Embers)
Brett McCallum - (Book: Emerald Dreams)
Brett McCallum - (Book: Emerald Dreams (Hardcover))
Bruce Creeghan - (Book: Emerald Embrace)
Bruce Creeghan
- (Book: Emerald Embrace (reissue))
Beorn - (Book: Enchanted)
Basil Trevelyan - (Book: English Witch, The)
Benedict Harper - (Book: Escape, The)
Bryce of Ashforde - (Book: Falcon's Heart)
Bellamy Townsend - (Book: Falling Stars)
Baxter Duncan - (Book: Fire of Home, The)
Bruno of Jernaeve - (Book: Fires of Winter)
Brett D'Archand - (Book: Firestorm)
Brett D'Archard - (Book: Firestorm (reissue))
Brandon Birmingham, Captain - (Book: Flame and the Flower, The (reissue))
Brad Matthews - (Book: For Ever and Ever)
Buck Randall - (Book: Forbidden Moon)
Brett Stanford - (Book: Foreign Affair, A)
Blake Montgomery - (Book: Forever Gold)
Brett Liberty - (Book: Forever His Texas Bride)
Bryan Hepburn - (Book: Forever, My Lady)
Brett, Marquis of Meridian - (Book: Forgetful Lady, The)
Benedict Frost - (Book: Fortune Favors the Wicked)
Black Hawk - (Book: Full Circle)
Ben Hunter - (Book: Give Me Tonight)
Burke Grisham
Earl of Thornwald
- (Book: Glimpse of Heaven, A)
Bradford Maitland - (Book: Glorious Angel)
Bradford Maitland - (Book: Glorious Angel (ebook))
Burr Macklin - (Book: Glorious Dawn)
Brant Claremont - (Book: Golden Lord, The)
Brant Claremont - (Book: Golden Lord, The (UK))
Bo Yeung - (Book: Grave Phantoms)
Brian O'Conner - (Book: Greatest Love on Earth, The)
Black Sun - (Book: Guardian, The)
Bishop McKenzie - (Book: Gunfighter's Bride)
Blade Masters - (Book: Gunfighter, The)
Bart - (Book: Gunman's Lady)
Brock Kincaid - (Book: Gunslinger's Bride, The)
Bane Beresford - (Book: Haunted by the Earl's Touch)
Benjamin Edward Exeter, Viscount Rathbone - (Book: He Said Never)
Bran O'Connor - (Book: Heart and the Holly)
Braeton le Chasseur - (Book: Heart of The Hunter)
Brett Forteaux - (Book: Hearts Divided)
Buck Warren - (Book: Hearts Of Gold)
Bart Wilson - (Book: Hearts Unbound)
Beau Reckford - (Book: Henrietta)
Brandon Calhoun - (Book: Her Dearest Enemy)
Bryce Fowler - (Book: Her Forbidden Pirate)
Bevan MacEgan - (Book: Her Irish Warrior)
Broderick Maxwell - (Book: Her One Desire)
Benedict Beckenham - (Book: Hidden Flame)
Branch Taggart - (Book: High Country Pride)
Balthazar Grattiano - (Book: High Seas Stowaway)
Brian MacFingal - (Book: Highland Avenger)
Brice Campbell - (Book: Highland Barbarian)
Brice Campbell - (Book: Highland Barbarian (UK))
Balfour Murray, Sir - (Book: Highland Destiny)
Bram Chisholm - (Book: Highland Fire)
Brett Murray - (Book: Highland Master)
Blake Sinclair - (Book: Highland Rose)
Bhaic MacPherson - (Book: Highland Spitfire)
Black Duncan Campbell - (Book: Highland Treasure)
Bowne Montgomery - (Book: Highlander Most Wanted)
Braeden McKinnon - (Book: Highlander's Accidental Marriage, The (ebook))
Broen MacNicols - (Book: Highlander's Prize, The)
Brendan Donivan - (Book: Hinterlands, The)
Bennett Maitland - (Book: His Compromised Countess)
Benjamin Grayson - (Book: His Unsuitable Viscountess)
Beau Chandler - (Book: Hitch in Heaven, A)
Ben Cameron - (Book: Home Fires)
Brandon Dewhurst - (Book: Honor Among Thieves)
Baron Duncan of Wexton (Wolf) - (Book: Honor's Splendour (First edition))
Benedict Silvester - (Book: Honorable Rogue, An (UK))
Brad Matthews - (Book: Hope for the Morrow)
Brady Hoye - (Book: Hope's Highway)
Brit Hand - (Book: Hot Temper)
Baron Cartwright - (Book: House Party, A)
Brian Boru - (Book: How to Kiss a Hero)
Brent Hunter - (Book: Hunter's Moon)
Bandit King - (Book: Husband for Christmas, A)
Brook Derring - (Book: I Kissed a Rogue)
Bened Vaughn - (Book: If He's Noble)
Brant Mallam - (Book: If He's Tempted)
Brian Sheffield,
- (Book: Immodest Proposal, An)
Earl of Kelsey
- (Book: Impossible Earl, The)
Earl of Kelsey
- (Book: Impossible Earl, The (UK))
Brent Chalmers
Duke of Gressingham
- (Book: Impudent Widow, The)
Brogan O'Bannon - (Book: In A Wild Wood)
Brodick McJames - (Book: In Bed With A Stranger)
Ben Doree - (Book: In the Arms of a Marquess)
Bladd Morgan - (Book: In The King's Service)
Benjamin Rowland
Earl of Winchfield
- (Book: Incomparable Cassandra, The)
Benjamin Rowland
Earl of Winchfield
- (Book: Incomparable Cassandra, The (reissue))
Bryce McGregor - (Book: Independent Bride, The)
Barnabas Deal - (Book: Indian Maiden, The)
Bramwell Seaton - (Book: Indiscreet)
Benedict Ellsworth - (Book: Indiscreet)
Benedict Wincross - (Book: Indiscreet (reissue))
Billy McGlory - (Book: It Was Like This)
Baron Cain - (Book: Just Imagine)
Marquess of St. Clair
- (Book: Kate and the Marquess)
Lord Russell
- (Book: Katherine)
Ballard MacGregor - (Book: Kentucky Bride)
Ballard MacGregor - (Book: Kentucky Bride)
Britt MacKinnon - (Book: King's Mistress, The)
Brock MacDermott - (Book: Kiss in the Shadows, A)
Blade Tyburn - (Book: Kiss in the Wind, A (ebook))
Brixton Smythe-Medway - (Book: Kiss Me Again)
Brian Donovan - (Book: Kisses Like a Devil)
Bode DeLong - (Book: Kissing Comfort)
Bret D’Anlou - (Book: Knight of Fire)
Boden Blackblade - (Book: Lady and the Knight, The)
Blade Fitzstephen - (Book: Lady Defiant)
Baxter Delafont - (Book: Lady Delafont's Dilemma)
Bryn Talgarth
Earl of Caradoc
- (Book: Lady in Blue)
Benedict Queensman - (Book: Lady Larkspur Declines)
Benjamin Hazlit - (Book: Lady Maggie's Secret Scandal)
Billy Blade - (Book: Lady of Desire)
Baron Thomas Dunstan - (Book: Lady of Lyonsbridge)
Brian mac Logan - (Book: Lady of Summer)
Bartholomew James,
- (Book: Lady's Guide to Improper Behavior, A)
Blue Hawk - (Book: Lakota Love Song)
Black Bear - (Book: Lakota Princess)
Belami - (Book: Larcenous Lady )
Buck Lenning - (Book: Larkspur)
Ben Trent - (Book: Legacy of Secrets)
Brendan David Hampton
Earl of Northam
- (Book: Let Me Be The One)
Brady Rogan, Captain - (Book: Liar's Promise)
Broc McKinnon - (Book: Lion Heart)
Brian Boru - (Book: Lion of Ireland)
Boyd Grayson - (Book: Lips That Touch Mine)
Burke Traherne - (Book: Little Scandal, A)
Benton Gray - (Book: Lord Gray's List)
Brand Risande - (Book: Lord Of Desire)
Brandr - (Book: Lord of Fire and Ice)
Ben, Lord Hawksmoor - (Book: Lord Of Scandal)
Benedict Carsington
Earl of Hargate
- (Book: Lord Perfect)
Bai Huang - (Book: Lotus Palace, The)
Benedict Lennox - (Book: Love in the Time of Scandal)
Black Jack Raven - (Book: Love Knot, The)
Beau Fallon - (Book: Love's Charade)
Brad Remington - (Book: Love's Desperate Deceit)
Beau Fallon - (Book: Love's Renegade)
Beau Granville - (Book: Love-Child, The)
Benjamin Lansing - (Book: Loving Miranda)
Beau McMasters - (Book: Luck of the Draw)
Bruce MacGregor
- (Book: MacGregor's Bride)
Beau Jackson - (Book: Maggie's Beau)
Black Garrett - (Book: Magic Embrace)
Bjorn the Black - (Book: Maidensong)
Braxton Hale - (Book: Mail-Order Man)
Brand Ericson - (Book: Marisa)
Brenn Owen
Earl of Merton
- (Book: Married in Haste)
Burl Winterson - (Book: Marrying the Mistress (UK))
Bowie Cahill - (Book: Marshal and Miss Merritt, The)
Bain Carson - (Book: Master of her Heart)
Black Jack Rhys - (Book: Master of Seduction)
Benedict Baynton - (Book: Match of the Century, The)
Brice Fitzwilliam - (Book: Mercenary's Bride, The)
Brett Banning - (Book: Midnight Lady)
Belami - (Book: Midnight Masquerade)
Bowie Beckett - (Book: Midnight Silk)
Baron Rossiter - (Book: Midsummer Masque)
Breverton Dayne, Lord - (Book: Midsummer Night's Kiss)
Brinley Carter - (Book: Miss Harcourt's Dilemma)
Benjamin Colwyn - (Book: Miss Winters Proposes (ebook))
Baron Edward Chase - (Book: Mistress by Marriage)
Benedict Trevelyan - (Book: Mistress of Trevelyan)
Benedict Trevelyan - (Book: Mistress of Trevelyan, The (reprint))
Ben Poole - (Book: Moonspun Dreams)
Benedict Hastings - (Book: More Than a Stranger)
Briar Nelson - (Book: Morning Glory (Hardcover))
Bellamy of Itchen, Sir - (Book: Mortal Bane)
Benjamin Wallace - (Book: Most Improper Rumor, A)
Benedict Revelstoke - (Book: Most Scandalous Proposal, A)
Benedict Casper Chancellor
Earl of Blakeney
- (Book: Most Unconventional Courtship, A)
Benedict Casper Chancellor
Earl of Blakeney
- (Book: Most Unconventional Courtship, A (UK))
Bryce Lyndley - (Book: Music Box, The)
Brett Corrigan - (Book: Mustang Annie)
Brent Ravenscroft, Earl of Weymerth - (Book: My Darling Caroline)
Brant Meslarches - (Book: My Lady's Treasure)
Black Otter - (Book: My Lord Savage)
Barrett Rothchild, Lord - (Book: My Wicked Marquess)
Brian Brandon - (Book: Nabob's Ward, The)
Baron Dawson - (Book: Naked Baron, The)
Brendan Trask - (Book: Natchez Flame)
Viscount Montlaine
- (Book: Naughty Lady Ness)
Baron Rothewell - (Book: Never Romance a Rake)
Bryce Falconer - (Book: Never Say Never)
Burke Drummond
Earl of Ravensworth
- (Book: Night Fire)
Burke Drummond - (Book: Night Fire (reissue))
Burke Drummond
Earl of Ravensworth
- (Book: Night Fire (reissue)
(Box Set))
Basilio Montevarchi, Count - (Book: Night of Fire)
Boyd Anderson - (Book: No Choice But Surrender)
Benton Wheeler - (Book: No One But You)
Benedict Risely
Duke of Sharnbrook,
- (Book: Noble Man, A (UK))
Branville, the Marquis of Kimston - (Book: Noblesse Oblige (Hardcover))
Billy Darling - (Book: Nobody's Darling)
Bartholomew, Earl of Norwyck - (Book: Norwyck's Lady)
Bayard de Boisbaston
- (Book: Notorious Knight, The)
Earl of Rockhurst
- (Book: Notorious Widow, The)
Brendan O'Toole - (Book: O'Toole's Promise)
Benedict Bridgerton - (Book: Offer from a Gentleman, An)
Brenwyn of Manor Darburg - (Book: Offer of Marriage, An)
Benjamin Elliot - (Book: Once She Was Tempted)
Breck Davenant, Lord - (Book: Once Upon a Christmas)
Benjamin Marworth - (Book: Once Upon a Scandal (ebook))
Benedict Nesbitt
Duke of Knaresborough
- (Book: One Good Turn)
Brandon Sayer - (Book: One Month Marriage, The)
Bramwell Wesley Hallowsby - (Book: One Rogue at a Time)
Blade McAmmon, Lt. - (Book: One Shining Moment)
Brand Villiers
Earl of Faversham
- (Book: One Wild Night)
Earl of Regenford
- (Book: Only For You)
Benedict Stanbridge - (Book: Otherwise Engaged (hardcover))
Benedict Stanbridge - (Book: Otherwise Engaged (paperback))
Ben Cronin - (Book: Outrageous)
Banning Talbot
Marquess of Daventry
- (Book: Passion of an Angel, The)
Banning Talbot
Marquess of Daventry
- (Book: Passion of an Angel, The)
Bruce Cabot - (Book: Passion's Embrace)
Beau Remington - (Book: Passion's Slave)
Bryce Fowler - (Book: Passion's Web (reissue))
Bryce Cameron, MD - (Book: Patchwork Angel)
Brand Bjornson - (Book: Paying the Viking's Price (ebook))
Barnaby Adair - (Book: Peculiar Case of Lord Finsbury's Diamonds, The)
Barrett Stanbridge - (Book: Perfect Desire, The)
Brandon Pellidore - (Book: Perfection)
Brandon Wycroft - (Book: Pickpocket Countess)
Brady Wilkins - (Book: Pieces of Sky)
Brady Wilkins - (Book: Pieces of Sky (reissue))
Baron Garrick Stratfield - (Book: Pleasure Me)
Baron Amburley - (Book: Poor Relation, A)
Briggs - (Book: Prairie Bride)
Benjamin Chaney - (Book: Preacher's Daughter, The)
Benjamin Chaney - (Book: Preacher's Daughter, The )
Brant Parnell - (Book: Pride's Captive)
Bérenger Saunière - (Book: Priest's Madonna, The)
Buchan - (Book: Princess Wore Plaid, The (ebook novella))
Brant Deverleigh - (Book: Prodigal Spinster, The)
Bryce Tremaine - (Book: Promise of Fire, A)
Brandt Le Revenant - (Book: Promise the Moon)
Blaine Knight - (Book: Promised to a Stranger)
Bryce Keene - (Book: Proper Affair, A)
Brett Farnham,
Earl of Coltonby
- (Book: Question of Impropriety, A)
Brett Farnham
Earl of Coltonby
- (Book: Question of Impropriety, A (UK))
Brendan Kincaid - (Book: Radiant)
Barry Dunbar - (Book: Rainbow To Heaven, A (reissue))
Blase, Lord Norwood - (Book: Rake and the Redhead, The)
Baron Holden
- (Book: Rake's Fiancée, The)
Benjamin Sinclair, Lord - (Book: Rake's Proposal, The)
Benjamin Sinclair, Lord - (Book: Rake's Proposal, The (UK))
Burton Horne - (Book: Rake's Quarry, The)
Beecham Bryce - (Book: Rake's Retreat, The)
Barnaby - (Book: Rapture Becomes Her)
Barnaby - (Book: Rapture Becomes Her (reprint))
Buck Hanner - (Book: Rapture's Gold )
Brian - (Book: Reason for Rivalry, A)
Ben Pipestone - (Book: Reason To Believe)
Brandon Caruthers - (Book: Rebel Baron)
Brigham Langston - (Book: Rebellion)
Brigham Langston - (Book: Rebellion (reissue))
Brighan Langston - (Book: Rebellion (reissue))
Benedict Shaw - (Book: Rebellious Rake, Innocent Governess)
Boyd Harris - (Book: Reckless Hearts)
Ben Darling - (Book: Reclaiming Her Heart (ebook))
Brodie Yates - (Book: Redemption)
Bryan Reilly - (Book: Reilly's Law)
Duke of Tressilian
- (Book: Reluctant Lady, The)
Bree Rikker - (Book: Renegade Heart)
Brand - (Book: Renegade's Lady)
Bruce Preston - (Book: Return to Clan Sinclair (novella))
Brett Danforth - (Book: Rich Radiant Love)
Baron Cain - (Book: Risen Glory)
Bourne - (Book: Rogue by Any Other Name, A)
Bastien - (Book: Rogue Pirate's Bride, The)
Blake Merritt - (Book: Romancing The Pirate)
Belami - (Book: Royal Revels)
Benjamin Wallace - (Book: Ruined by Moonlight)
Bridger Norwood, Sheriff - (Book: Sage Cane's House Of Grace And Favor (Hardcover))
Blake Thixton - (Book: Sapphire)
Brandon Prescott - (Book: Satin & Steel)
Brave Wolf, Chief - (Book: Savage Hero)
Bright Arrow, Chief - (Book: Savage Hope)
Brave Eagle - (Book: Savage Persuasion)
Blazing Eagle - (Book: Savage Secrets)
BlueThunder, Chief - (Book: Savage Skies)
Black Wolf - (Book: Savage Wonder)
Baron Mathieu Fitz Autier - (Book: Saxon Lady)
Braden Flynn - (Book: Second Vow, The)
Bennett Prestwood - (Book: Secret in Her Kiss, A)
Beldon Stratton - (Book: Secret Life of a Scandalous Debutante)
Balthazar Wycherley - (Book: Seductive Offer, A)
Bradford, Baron Stone
Lt. George Ashford
- (Book: Seductive Spy, The)
Brett Westbrook - (Book: Seductive Wager)
Brendan Graham - (Book: Seize The Dawn)
Brendan Graham - (Book: Seize the Dawn (reissue))
Billy - (Book: Serenity in the Storm )
Bixworth Hawksby, Captain - (Book: Seventh Sister, The)
Baron Lenox - (Book: Sexy as Hell)
Blair Deveril - (Book: Shades of the Past)
Blake Roberts - (Book: Shadow of Desire)
Brant Layton - (Book: Shadows of Splendor)
Benedick Rohan - (Book: Shameless)
Benton Waller - (Book: Sins of Summer)
Bear McQuaid - (Book: Soft Touch, The)
Beau Granville - (Book: Song Of The Siren, The)
Bear - (Book: Song of the Warrior)
Bear Paw - (Book: Song of the Wolf)
Brigade-Major Harry Smith - (Book: Spanish Bride, The (new edition))
Brec McCloud,
Laird of the Isle of Myst
- (Book: Speak of Love (ebook))
Barnabas Cole - (Book: Spirited Miss Caroline, The)
Blue - (Book: Spy Wore Blue, The (ebook novella))
Benedict Pelham - (Book: Stepsister's Triumph, The (ebook))
Brahm Ryland - (Book: Still In My Heart)
Baron Kinsale - (Book: Stolen Dreams)
Bright Arrow - (Book: Stolen Ecstasy)
Brent - (Book: Stormy Surrender)
Brock Taylor - (Book: Strictly Seduction)
Bill Majesty - (Book: Strong Sprits)
Ben McGuire - (Book: Sugar and Spice)
Byrne Worth - (Book: Summer of You, The)
Bryne Worth - (Book: Summer of You, The (mass market))
Brian Wetherly - (Book: Summer Serenade)
Brand - (Book: Summer's Secret)
Brett Reall - (Book: Sunrise Surrender)
Benedict "Gray" Grayson - (Book: Surrender of a Siren)
Bram St. Charles - (Book: Sweet Defiance)
Brant Holden - (Book: Sweet Texas Wildfire)
Bradley Smith - (Book: Sweet Wild Love)
Burke Kerrigan - (Book: Sweetwater Seduction (reissue))
Burke Longton - (Book: Taken By Storm)
Benjamin Westfield,
- (Book: Tall, Dark and Wolfish)
Ben Hensley - (Book: Tantalizing Miss Coale, The (ebook))
Benedict Grantley - (Book: Tavern Wench (UK))
Bryght Malloren - (Book: Tempting Fortune)
Bryght Malloren - (Book: Tempting Fortune (reissue))
Bryght Malloren - (Book: Tempting Fortune (reissue))
Brand Delaney - (Book: Tempting of Julia, The)
Brock Bedegrayne - (Book: Tempting the Heiress)
Bayard de Montvieux - (Book: Temptress, The)
Bright Arrow - (Book: Tender Ecstasy)
Brooks James - (Book: Territorial Bride)
Bret Nolan - (Book: Texan's Honor, A)
Brand Selby - (Book: Texas Bride)
Brace Caulfield
- (Book: Texas Lawman)
Boon - (Book: Texas Ranger's Daughter, The)
Brendan Kane - (Book: Texas Ranger's Heiress Wife, The)
Brandon Dumont - (Book: Texas Wedding for their Baby's Sake)
Brady James - (Book: Then Comes Marriage)
Brett Dangermond - (Book: Tiger Lily, The)
Ben Pershall - (Book: Timberline)
Black Eagle - (Book: Time's Captive)
Bobby Bradley - (Book: Time/Steps)
Brady McCormick - (Book: Timeswept Passion)
Blake Ravenscroft - (Book: To Catch an Heiress)
Bradley O'Neal - (Book: To Love a Texan)
Blackie O’Neal - (Book: To Tempt A Texan)
Bryant Westley - (Book: To Trust a Thief (ebook))
Brent McClain - (Book: Tomorrow the Glory)
Benjamin Drake - (Book: Too Wicked To Love)
Brendan Fitzgerald, Captain - (Book: Touched by Thorns)
Brock Forrester - (Book: Traitor's Caress)
Baron Haven De Sessions - (Book: True and Perfect Knight, A)
Braedon - (Book: Unbuttoning Miss Hardwick)
Bennett Haile - (Book: Undercover With the Earl (ebook))
Benjamin Curtis Stanton - (Book: Unexpected American, The)
Bryceson Wakefield
Duke of Hawksworth
- (Book: Unforgettable Rogue, An)
Bruic the Badger - (Book: Unlawful)
Barnabas Hammond - (Book: Unlikely Suitor, An)
Billy West - (Book: Until September)
Byron Stratford - (Book: Veil of Night, The)
Brander - (Book: Viking Captive)
Brander - (Book: Viking Flame)
Brage Norwald - (Book: Viking, The)
Brandon Fleming - (Book: Violet Fire)
Bryson Courtland - (Book: Virgin and the Viscount, The)
Baron Gilbert Balmaine - (Book: Virgin Bride)
Beau Braydon - (Book: Viscount Needs a Wife, The)
Brandt, Lord Salcombe - (Book: Viscount's Bride, The)
Brother Gregory - (Book: Vision of Light, A)
Bradford St. James
Earl of Lynbrook
- (Book: Vow to Cherish)
Beau Remington - (Book: Wagered Miss Winslow, The)
Braedan Egan - (Book: Waiting for the Rainbow)
Blaze Davenant - (Book: Wanton, The)
Bryce Frechette - (Book: Warrior's Honor, A)
Bryce MacAlpin - (Book: Warrior's Promise, A)
Brede Kristensen - (Book: Way to a Rancher's Heart, The (ebook))
Brett Venable - (Book: Web of Deception)
Bromwell - (Book: Wedding Challenge, The (reissue))
Beauregard St. Clair - (Book: Wedding Day Vows)
Bran MacLean - (Book: What a Lass Wants)
Beau Devereux - (Book: What Lucinda Learned)
Boyce Parker - (Book: When a Rake Falls)
Broc Kinkaid - (Book: When Love Comes)
Brice Montgomery, Captain - (Book: When Midnight Comes)
Barnaby Adair - (Book: Where the Heart Leads)
Bram Ross - (Book: Whirlwind Cowboy)
Big John Cartier - (Book: White Dawn)
Banyen - (Book: Whitefire)
Benedict Choate, Sir - (Book: Wicked Guardian, The)
Bennett Griffith - (Book: Wicked Stepdaughter, The)
Brandon Montgomery - (Book: Wild Heather)
Black Hawk - (Book: Wild Innocence)
Bram Darcy - (Book: Wild Rose)
Brent Hammond - (Book: Wild Star)
Billy Cooper - (Book: Wild Texas Bride)
Brice Donovan - (Book: Windstorm)
Bane - (Book: Winning Miss Wakefield)
Barnaby Traherne - (Book: Winter Wonderland)
Bowie Stone - (Book: Wives of Bowie Stone, The)
Benoit Faulkener - (Book: Wolf's Promise)
Ben Wolfe - (Book: Wolfe's Mate, The)
Benjamin McCauley - (Book: Woven Dreams)
Burch Randall - (Book: Wyoming Wildfire)
Brent Morgan - (Book: Yankee and the Belle, The)
Brigham Quade - (Book: Yankee Wife)


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