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Search for your favorite leading men...
Have you been looking for a certain hero? Remember the name but not the book title? Browse your favorite heros listed in order of hero's first name below!

Choose A Name - this will display heros by FIRST NAME:

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Heroes with first name starting with C

Click the hero's name to view the book and author.

Colum Sullivan - (Book: Absolution (Hardcover))
Charles Trevor - (Book: Accidental Bride, The)
Marquis of Granville
- (Book: Accidental Bride, The)
Calum Mackay - (Book: Adventurer, The)
Colin Herriot
Viscount Sedgewick
- (Book: Affair of Honor, An)
Cale Cameron - (Book: Affair, The (ebook))
Chase Cassidy - (Book: After All)
Christopher Braddock - (Book: After the Ashes)
Colin Seymour - (Book: Alchemy, The)
Caleb Marker - (Book: Alicia's Song)
Captain Jake Braden - (Book: All I Desire)
Colin Dearden, Sir - (Book: All's Fair)
Cole Donovan - (Book: Allegheny Ecstasy)
Csikos - (Book: Alliance of Love)
Cosimo - (Book: Almost a Lady)
Case Devere
Earl of Castleton
- (Book: Almost A Princess)
Cabot - (Book: Almost Home)
Christopher - (Book: Always a Lady)
Clayton Holland - (Book: Always to Remember)
Cal - (Book: Always You)
Charles Lydiard
Viscount Cumberley
- (Book: American Bride, The)
Colin Chase
Earl of Greystone
- (Book: Amethyst)
Charles Lambert - (Book: And Heaven Too)
Castor Worthington - (Book: And Then Comes Marriage)
Clint Desmond - (Book: Another Spring)
Cholla - (Book: Apache Caress)
Cougar - (Book: Apache Tears)
Chandler Hartwick,
Earl Leighton
- (Book: Ardent Protector, The)
Chance Broderick - (Book: Arizona Caress)
Chance Broderick - (Book: Arizona Caress)
Chaco - (Book: Arizona Ecstasy)
Caid Dundee - (Book: Arizona Renegade)
Cole Latimer - (Book: Ashes in the Wind (reissue))
Christopher Carlyon - (Book: Astrologer's Daughter, The)
Cole Claxton - (Book: Avenging Angel)
Charles Mortimer - (Book: Awaken, My Love)
Cooper Dewitt - (Book: Badlands Bride)
Colin MacCormack - (Book: Ballyrourke)
Charles Boynton
Earl of Mortimer
- (Book: Bandit's Kiss, A)
Charles d'Harcourt - (Book: Beast)
Charles d'Harcourt - (Book: Beast (ebook))
Colin Peters - (Book: Beauty and the Brain, The)
Courtland Becket - (Book: Becket's Last Stand)
Canyan Reis - (Book: Bedazzled)
Caynan Reis - (Book: Bedazzled (reissue))
Christopher Wilde
Earl of Bourne
- (Book: Beleaguered Lord Bourne, The)
Clifford Moore, Sir - (Book: Beloved Avenger)
Cain Banning - (Book: Beloved Deceiver)
Colonel Alexander Marshall - (Book: Beloved Enemy (reprint))
Charles de Montforte - (Book: Beloved One, The)
Case Brogan - (Book: Beloved Protector)
Charles Fraser - (Book: Beneath a Silent Moon)
Conn O'Brien - (Book: Betrayal)
Colin MacDonald - (Book: Betrayed)
Cormac Riordan - (Book: Black Swan, The)
Captain Branwell,
Earl of Mannering
- (Book: Blades of Passion)
Calhoun Stevens - (Book: Blazing Texas Nights)
Charles Lowden, Marquess of Granville - (Book: Blind Fortune)
Charles Elliott - (Book: Bliss River)
Colin Douglas
Duke of Rathmore
- (Book: Bold and Bonny)
Cain, Lord of Radnor - (Book: Bond of Blood (reissue))
Cain, Lord of Radnor - (Book: Bond of Blood (reissue))
Cade Mulroney - (Book: Book of Love, The)
Con ap Ifan - (Book: Border Bride)
Cesare - (Book: Borgia Bride, The)
Calum Banagher - (Book: Bound By Hope)
Cale Elliot - (Book: Bounty Hunter's Bride)
Charles Denning - (Book: Bow Street Gentleman)
Chase Summers - (Book: Brave the Wild Wind)
Chase Summers - (Book: Brave the Wild Wind (ebook))
Charlie Dumas - (Book: Bride's House, The)
Cordell Easton
Earl of Brant
- (Book: Bride's Necklace, The)
Cole Randall - (Book: Brides of Durango: Jenny)
Cody Snow - (Book: Brides of Prairie Gold)
Caleb McCall - (Book: Bright Morning Star)
Charles Wycombe - (Book: Brighter Than The Sun)
Captain Hawke - (Book: Buccaneer's Lady)
Christopher Culver
Earl of Cordray
- (Book: Buried Secrets)
Connack Pengellis - (Book: By Desire Bound)
Colin Montgomery - (Book: By Fire and by Sword)
Corwin of Lenvil - (Book: By Queen's Grace)
Caleb - (Book: Caleb's Bride)
Caine Morleigh - (Book: Captain and the Wallflower, The)
Captain Corocran - (Book: Captain Corcoran's Hoyden Bride)
Charles Frawley, Earl of Walton - (Book: Captain Fawley's Innocent Bride)
Captain Hawkins - (Book: Captain Hawkins' Dilemma)
Captain Blackwell - (Book: Captain's Bride)
Captain Sir Edward Masterman - (Book: Captain's Lady (ebook))
Captain Sam Garrett - (Book: Captain's Woman, The)
Colin du Lac - (Book: Captive Heart)
Christian Severn - (Book: Captive, The )
Comte d'Esmond - (Book: Captives of the Night)
Caden Macbain - (Book: Captured Heart)
Christopher 'Kit' MacLeod - (Book: Captured Innocence)
Christopher Raine - (Book: Care & Feeding of Pirates,The)
Calum & Eachann MacLaughlan - (Book: Carried Away)
Colin - (Book: Castles)
Christopher Brand - (Book: Chance of Love)
Charles II - (Book: Charles II)
Charlie Coltrain - (Book: Charlie and the Angel)
Calum Inness - (Book: Charmed)
Collis Tremayne - (Book: Charmer, The)
Chase - (Book: Chase the Wind)
Chase Wheeler - (Book: Chase Wheeler's Woman)
Colin Somerville - (Book: Chasing the Heiress)
Cody & Bart - (Book: Cherish The Dream)
Chet Attmore - (Book: Chet)
Caleb - (Book: Cheyenne Surrender)
Cheyenne Walker - (Book: Cheyenne's Lady)
Connor - (Book: Chieftain, The)
Cheng Lo - (Book: China Song)
Captain Allan Landon - (Book: Chivalrous Captain, Rebel Mistress)
Clive Rowland
Duke of Stenton
- (Book: Christmas Charade, A)
Cameron Sinclair, Earl of Hampton - (Book: Christmas Countess, The)
Case Durham - (Book: Cimarron Rose)
Charlie MacFell - (Book: Cinder Path, The )
Caleb - (Book: Cinnamon and Roses)
Clay Fraser - (Book: Clay)
Cleve MacKenzie - (Book: Cleve)
Chang-wei - (Book: Clockwork Samurai (ebook))
Cole MacKenzie - (Book: Cole)
Cole McGuire - (Book: Colorado Bride, The)
Colt - (Book: Colt)
Chase Wolf - (Book: Comanche Magic)
Clay McAlester, Texas ranger - (Book: Comanche Moon)
Cole Clayborne - (Book: Come the Spring)
Captain Lewis Brabant - (Book: Companion of Quality, A)
Cloud Ryder - (Book: Compromised Hearts)
Cloud Ryder - (Book: Compromised Hearts)
Colin MacGregor - (Book: Conquered by a Highlander)
Christopher Sinclair - (Book: Constant Heart, The)
Clayton Clearbrook - (Book: Convenient Bride, The)
Cooper Braddock - (Book: Cooper's Wife)
Christopher St. Charles
Earl of Hartford
- (Book: Cost of Honor, The)
Clay Brodie - (Book: Cougar's Woman)
Count Antonov - (Book: Count Antonov's Heir)
Clinton Holbrooke
Lieutenant Colonel
- (Book: Counterfeit Caress)
Charles Windham - (Book: Counterfeit Heart, The)
Clayton Armstrong - (Book: Counterfeit Lady)
Clint Lonigan - (Book: Countess and the Cowboy, The)
Marquess of Templeton
- (Book: Country Mouse, The)
Charles Howe - (Book: Courting Trouble (ebook))
Cade Kolby - (Book: Courtship of Cade Kolby, The)
Charlie Fox - (Book: Cowboy for Hire, The)
Carter Buchanan - (Book: Cowboy who Caught Her Eye)
Chance Worth - (Book: Cowboy Worth Claiming, A)
Carrigan - (Book: Crossings)
Cal Hardin - (Book: Crown Of Glory)
Creighton Wakefield - (Book: Crown of Mist)
Charles Murdock - (Book: Crystal Heart)
Charles Everard, Captain - (Book: Cupid's Touch)
Cutter - (Book: Cutter's Woman)
Colin Grayson - (Book: Dancer's Land, The)
Clive Fleming
Viscount Chichester
- (Book: Dancing Doll, The)
Clive Fleming
Viscount Chichester
- (Book: Dancing Doll, The (reissue))
Christian de la Croix's - (Book: Danger's Promise)
Cameron Sinclair - (Book: Dangerous As Sin)
Castleford - (Book: Dangerous in Diamonds)
Conal Bruce
Laird of Cleit
- (Book: Dangerous Love, A)
Colonel Adrian Kingsland, Lord Wolvermont, - (Book: Dangerous Passions)
Connor Buchanan
Lord Advocate of Scotland
- (Book: Daring)
Charles Leigh,
Earl of Leighford
- (Book: Daring Duchess, The)
Cameron Effington - (Book: Daring Exploits of a Runaway Heiress, The)
Charles Hunter - (Book: Daring Liaison, A)
Connor d'Arcy
Earl of Iveagh
- (Book: Dark of the Moon)
Connor - Joss - (Book: Dark of the Moon
Desire In the Sun)
Count de Renard - (Book: Dark Queen, The)
Captian Keegan - (Book: Dark Sapphire)
Captian Keegan - (Book: Dark Sapphire (Hardcover))
Cole Slater - (Book: Dark Stranger)
Cole Slater - (Book: Dark Stranger)
Chandler Preswick
Earl of Dunraven
- (Book: Dash of Scandal, A)
Chandler Preswick - (Book: Dash of Scandal, A (reissue))
Count Ashtyn - (Book: Daughter of Egpyt)
Cristobal - (Book: Daughter of Fortune)
Charles Fraser - (Book: Daughter Of The Game)
Caid Roe O'Neill - (Book: Dawn Encounter)
Chase Trayhern
- (Book: Dawn of Valor)
Cordero Moreau - (Book: Day Dreamer)
Connor MacLaren - (Book: Deadlier Than the Rest (ebook))
Calder Hart - (Book: Deadly Illusions)
Charles Greville
Earl of Dorrington
- (Book: Debt of Honor, A)
Christopher Atwell - (Book: Deceived)
Cameron Chandler - (Book: Deceptions of the Heart)
Chad Morrow - (Book: Deceptive Desires)
Colonel Samuel Shelby - (Book: Deep as the Rivers)
Clint - (Book: Defiant)
Connor MacKinnon - (Book: Defiant)
Caddaric - (Book: Defy the Eagle)
Christian Page - (Book: Defy theThunder)
Cooper Delaney - (Book: Delaney's Crossing)
Captain Hades - (Book: Demon's Woman)
Connell Fitzgerald - (Book: Demonwood)
Clay Wakefield - (Book: Desert Rose)
Captain Jack Herendon - (Book: Desire My Love )
Christian Hawksblood - (Book: Desired)
Cole McTiernay - (Book: Desiring the Highlander)
Cruz - (Book: Desperado Dream)
Cord McBain - (Book: Devil in Spurs)
Laird of Donnachaidh
- (Book: Devil of the Highlands)
Charles Augueste - (Book: Devil On Horseback, The)
Charles Dare - (Book: Devil's Dare, The)
Colin, Earl of Sorrelby - (Book: Devil's Darling, The)
Cormac MacAlpin - (Book: Devil's Highlander)
Christian Montcalm - (Book: Devil's Waltz, The)
Chadwick Brumfield
Earl of Rossland
- (Book: Devilish Dilemma, A)
Christopher Ferguson - (Book: Difficult Daughter, The)
Charles Standish
Duke of Dacre
- (Book: Difficult Truce, A)
Charles Bellingham - (Book: Dinah)
Charles de Michel - (Book: Dirty Frog, The)
Chase Boston, Sir - (Book: Dishonor and Desire)
Cobie Grant - (Book: Dollar Prince's Wife, The)
Con Somerford
Viscount Amleigh
- (Book: Dragon's Bride, The)
Con Somerford
Viscount Amleigh
- (Book: Dragon's Bride, The (reissue))
Con Somerford - (Book: Dragon's Bride, The (reissue))
Count Gerard of Reveur - (Book: Dream Knight)
Colby Lord - (Book: Dreams Beyond Tomorrow )
Cole Benton - (Book: Drew)
Camden, Duke of Girton - (Book: Duchess In Love)
Conlan McTeer,
Duke of Adair
- (Book: Duchess of Sin)
Crispin - (Book: Duke and Miss Christmas, The (ebook))
Christopher, Viscount Spencer - (Book: Duke and the Lady in Red, The)
Calderr Marbrook - (Book: Duke Next Door, The)
Charles Earnshaw
Duke of Braxton
- (Book: Duke's Downfall, The)
Colin Ramsey - (Book: Duke's Indiscretion, The)
Christian Dumont - (Book: Dumont Bride, The)
Christian Black - (Book: Earl of Her Dreams, The)
Charles Fawley, Earl of Walton - (Book: Earl's Untouched Bride, The)
Colin Gray - (Book: Earl, The)
Christian Allardyce - (Book: Edge of Desire, The)
Charles Gaunt - (Book: Education of Miss Patterson, The)
Charles Waterbury
- (Book: Eligible Connection, An)
Cleve Redmayne - (Book: Elyza)
Cleve Redmayne - (Book: Elyza (reissue))
Duke of Wrotherham
- (Book: Emerald Duchess, The)
Cerdic, Celtic Chieftain - (Book: Enchant The Dream)
Crispin Merrick - (Book: Enchanted)
Connor MacEowan - (Book: Enchanted Prince, The)
Conor McCloud - (Book: Enchantment, The)
Corbin MacQuarie - (Book: Endless Ecstasy)
Chase Remington/White Wolf - (Book: Endless Sky, The)
Charles Asbourne, Captain - (Book: English Alliance, An)
Charles Digby - (Book: Enlightening Delilah)
Count Marcello Spoleti - (Book: Eternally Bound (ebook))
Connor of Glenshiel - (Book: Falcon on the Wind)
Count Rhys of Faucon - (Book: Falcon's Desire)
Christopher Fancot, Honorable - (Book: False Colors (new edition))
Christopher Fancot - (Book: False Colours)
Charles Wellesford,
Duke of Sarratt
- (Book: False Pretenses)
Cassian Stratford
Marquess of Lansdale
- (Book: False Steps)
Viscount Fullerton
- (Book: Family Affairs)
Carter Jones - (Book: Family for Carter Jones, A)
Viscount Avery
- (Book: Family for Gillian, A)
Case Williams - (Book: Family for Maddie, A)
Chance Dawson - (Book: Fancy)
Coop Fletcher - (Book: Fancy Lady)
Chantz Boudreaux - (Book: Fever)
Clayton Harcourt - (Book: Fire Inside, The)
Christopher Hanford
Charles Norbury
- (Book: First Season)
Colin Fraser - (Book: First Time, The)
Charles Lufford - (Book: Flirt, The)
Colin Tate - (Book: Flirting with Fortune)
Clayborn Montclair - (Book: Folly's Bride)
Charles Blackwood - (Book: Folly, The)
Constantine, Lord Wylde - (Book: For the Love of a Pirate)
Cade Macallister - (Book: Forbidden Desires)
Christian Barclay - (Book: Forbidden Legacy)
Colin Algerson - (Book: Forbidden Love)
Connor Pendarvis - (Book: Forever & Ever)
Connor Pendarvis - (Book: Forever and Ever (reissue))
Connor Holiday - (Book: Forever in My Heart)
Connor Holiday - (Book: Forever in My Heart (reissue))
Colonel Tyrone Rycroft - (Book: Forever in Your Embrace)
Clint McCabe - (Book: Forever Kind of Love, A)
Carey McLendon - (Book: Forever Love)
Clint Murdock - (Book: Forevermore)
Caleb - (Book: Forgive the Wind)
Captain Hawk - (Book: Fortune's Flames)
Captain Webbe Weston - (Book: Fortune's Soldier )
Colin of Berkhamshire - (Book: From This Moment On)
Christopher Ivesleigh
Earl of Ives
- (Book: Gallant Lord Ives, The)
Christian - (Book: Gallant Passion, A)
Charles Montague - (Book: Gambler's Bride, The)
Charles Hastings - (Book: Gamester's Lady)
Cleavis Rhy - (Book: Garters)
Chase Dupre - (Book: Gemfire)
Chance Becket - (Book: Gentleman by Any Other Name, A)
Camille, Comte du Viviere - (Book: Gentleman in Question)
Colin Spenser - (Book: Gentleman's Guide to Scandal, A )
Christopher Marchant - (Book: Gentleman's Quest, The)
Cameron Wade
- (Book: Ghost Dancer)
Captain Jared Mitchell - (Book: Gifts From The Sea)
Cole Slater - (Book: Gilded Dove, The)
Charles - (Book: Gilded Knight, The)
Chang An Lo - (Book: Girl From Junchow, The)
Captain Kendle - (Book: Give Me Tomorrow)
Charles - (Book: Glitter and the Gold, The)
Cheviot - (Book: Golden Girl)
Charles Rivenhall - (Book: Grand Sophy, The)
Cormac Enright - (Book: Groom Says Yes, The)
Marquess of Cainewood
- (Book: Guardian Angel)
Chance Wilder - (Book: Gunslinger, The)
Chase - (Book: Half-Breed, The)
Colton Kincaid - (Book: Hannah's Heart)
Christopher Foxton - (Book: Hattie Wilkinson Meets her Match)
Christopher Foxton - (Book: Hattie Wilkinson Meets her Match (UK))
Crispin - (Book: Have You Any Rogues? (ebook novella))
Crispin - (Book: Have You Any Rogues? (paperback novella))
Clay Madison, Colonel - (Book: Hawk's Pursuit)
Charles Debenham - (Book: Headstrong Ward, The )
Charles Debenham - (Book: Headstrong Ward, The)
Chance Walker - (Book: Heart for the Taking, A)
Count Seth - (Book: Heart of the Falcon)
Cyprian Dare - (Book: Heart of the Storm)
Chandos Straton - (Book: Heart So Wild, A)
Chandos - (Book: Heart So Wild, A (ebook))
Christopher Logan - (Book: Heart's Song)
Callum MacDonald - (Book: Heather and the Blade, The)
Colton Lydell - (Book: Heather Moon)
Creed Bratton - (Book: Heaven Sent)
Constance - (Book: Heaven's Fire)
Colin Kinross - (Book: Heiress Bride, The)
Constantine Black - (Book: Heiress in Love)
Cason Murdock - (Book: Hellion)
Carson Quinn - (Book: Her Abundant Joy (trade))
Caird - (Book: Her Enemy Highlander)
Connor Morgan - (Book: Her Kind of Man)
Creed Sherman - (Book: Her Lone Protector)
Christian Llevanth
Viscount Westerville
- (Book: Her Officer and Gentleman)
Corbin Appleby - (Book: High on a Hill)
Connor MacEnroy
- (Book: Highland Bride)
Connor MacEnroy - (Book: Highland Bride (mass market--reissue))
Connor MacEnroy
- (Book: Highland Bride (reissue))
Callum MacMillan - (Book: Highland Chieftain)
Calin MacLeod - (Book: Highland Dragon)
Cameron McKenzie - (Book: Highland Hearts)
Connor Lindsay - (Book: Highland Hellcat)
Ciaran MacLoarn - (Book: Highland Jewel)
Cameron MacAlpin - (Book: Highland Knight)
Cameron MacAlpin - (Book: Highland Knight (reissue))
Colquhoun - (Book: Highland Laird's Bride, The)
Cormac Armstrong - (Book: Highland Vow)
Cullen Longton - (Book: Highlander's Bride, The)
Conor McTiernay - (Book: Highlander's Bride, The)
Conall MacKerrick - (Book: Highlander, The)
Charles, Viscount Brookmere - (Book: Hint of Scandal, A)
Cameron Hawksmoor - (Book: His Unexpected Bride)
Colin McBride - (Book: His Unexpected Wife)
Cameron MacKay - (Book: His Wicked Ways)
Cranford Ashwicke - (Book: Holiday in Bath)
Charles Baxter
Viscount Balfour
- (Book: Holly and the Ivy, The)
Captain Richard Hernshaw - (Book: Homeless Heiress, The)
Crawford Treynor - (Book: Honor Bound)
Cade Foster - (Book: Honor-Bound Gambler, The)
Captain Jackson Logan - (Book: Honorable Man, An)
Captain Jackson Logan - (Book: Honorable Man, An (Hardcover))
Colin Ashby - (Book: Hope Remembered, A)
Cam - (Book: Hostage Heart)
Christian Monteith - (Book: How to Entice an Earl)
Charlie Avery - (Book: How to Please a Lady)
Carter Grayson, Viscount - (Book: How to Seduce a Sinner)
Chase St. John - (Book: How to Treat a Lady)
Christopher Argent - (Book: Hunter, The)
Cosmo Fairchild,
- (Book: Husband Hunt, The)
Chase McGarrett - (Book: Ice And Rapture)
Courtland MacCarrick - (Book: If You Dare)
Charles Thorpe - (Book: If You Give a Girl a Viscount)
Viscount Rathbone
- (Book: Impoverished Viscount, The)
Captain John Grayson
- (Book: Improper Wife, The)
Cam Monroe - (Book: Impulse (reissue))
Cale Hardin - (Book: In a Rogue's Arms)
Christopher Donally, Sir - (Book: In My Heart)
Charles Cooper - (Book: In the Arms of the Heiress)
Cullen McJames - (Book: In the Warrior's Bed)
Chase Hawken - (Book: Indigo Moon)
Charles Audley, Colonel - (Book: Infamous Army, An)
Charles Audley - (Book: Infamous Army, An (reissue))
Clay Hoffman - (Book: Inheriting a Bride)
Charles Marcombe - (Book: Intriguing Desire, An)
Connor O'Neill - (Book: Irish Earl's Ruse, The)
Connal PenDragon - (Book: Irish Knight, The)
Conor McDermott - (Book: Irish Rogue)
Christor Moore
Earl of Clane
- (Book: Irish Rogue, The)
Captain Jordan Grant - (Book: Jewel of the Night (UK))
Cameron - (Book: Josette)
Colby Lord - (Book: Journey to Love)
Conrad - (Book: Judas Kiss, The)
Cole Garrett - (Book: Just Before Daybreak)
Clinton Matthews - (Book: Kathleen)
Cole Wilkins - (Book: Keeper - Keeper of the Dream (ebook))
Comte de la Talle - (Book: King of the Castle, The)
Christopher Featherton - (Book: Kiss For Lady Mary, A)
Conner Malloy - (Book: Kiss Me Kat (ebook))
Christian Trent - (Book: Kiss of Lies, A (ebook))
Christian Leigh - (Book: Kissed)
Cam Westfall - (Book: Kisses, She Wrote (ebook))
Cam Westfall - (Book: Kisses, She Wrote (paperback))
Claud, Viscount Devenick - (Book: Kitty)
Colt Hunter, Sergeant - (Book: Klondike Doctor)
Christian Lovell - (Book: Knight Like No Other, A)
Cole Whitehall - (Book: Lacy)
Cole Whitehall - (Book: Lacy (reissue))
Cole Whitehall - (Book: Lacy (reissue))
Christopher Lowndes,
Viscount Hardwicke
- (Book: Lady & the Rogue, The)
Christopher - (Book: Lady Alex's Gamble)
Cliff de Warenne - (Book: Lady at Last, A)
Christian Stratton - (Book: Lady Be Good)
Christian de Rivers - (Book: Lady Gallant)
Callum Campbell
Lord Argyll
- (Book: Lady In Waiting)
Colonel Washington Halliday - (Book: Lady Lavender)
Chadwick Lockridge - (Book: Lady Liza's Luck)
Charles - (Book: Lady Margery's Intrigue)
Cyrus Ryland - (Book: Lady Meets Her Match, The)
Charles Benton
Earl of Cresswood
- (Book: Lady Miranda's Masquerade)
Captain Harrington - (Book: Lady No More, A)
Conn of the Hundred Battles - (Book: Lady of Conquest)
Charles St. Austell - (Book: Lady of His Own, A)
Connor FitzClifford - (Book: Lady of the Keep)
Carlin, Lord Dalven - (Book: Lady Pamela (reissue))
Carrick des Marceaux - (Book: Lady Reckless)
Christopher, Viscount Spencer - (Book: Lady Sarah's Sinful Desires)
Captain Saber - (Book: Lady Vixen)
Crispin Burke - (Book: Lady's Code of Misconduct, A)
Callum MacGregor - (Book: Laird of the Mist)
Cord Sutton - (Book: Lake of Fire)
Cloud Chaser - (Book: Lakota Dawn)
Creed Maddigan - (Book: Lakota Renegade)
Carleton - (Book: Lament For A Lost Lover)
Connor Wade - (Book: Last Bride in Texas, The)
Chance Cahill - (Book: Last Cahill Cowboy, The)
Chet - (Book: Last Chance Cowboys: The Drifter)
Cal Taggart - (Book: Lauren's Eyes)
Cole Bradshaw, Sheriff - (Book: Law and Kate Malone, The)
Clayton Black, Texas Ranger - (Book: Law and Miss Hardisson, The)
Colt Fraser - (Book: Lawman Said I Do, The)
Clay Connor - (Book: Lawman's Bride, The)
Clay McKettrick - (Book: Lawman's Christmas, A)
Clay McKettrick - (Book: Lawman's Christmas, A (reprint))
Clint Thornton - (Book: Lawman's Oklahoma Sweetheart, The)
Cole Jordan - (Book: Legend)
Clint Tanner - (Book: Legend's Lady, The)
Christian Forester - (Book: Legendary Lord, The)
Conall - (Book: Lessons in Loving a Laird)
Christopher Brerely - (Book: Letitia)
Charles - (Book: Letters to a Lady)
Cameron Gant - (Book: Liberty's Lady )
Caleb Pitt - (Book: Lightkeeper's Woman, The)
Claudius - (Book: Lion and the Lark, The)
Charles DuChamp - (Book: London Claimant, The)
Channing Deveril - (Book: London's Most Wanted Rake)
Cord - (Book: Lone Star)
Chase Daniel, Major - (Book: Lone Star Lovesong)
Charles Worthington
Earl of Devlin
- (Book: Lord Devlin's Dilemma)
Charles Everett
Lord Dragoner
- (Book: Lord Dragoner's Wife)
Viscount North
- (Book: Lord of Dishonor)
Cleve of Malverne - (Book: Lord of Falcon Ridge)
Connor Brand - (Book: Lord of Lyonsbridge)
Christopher, Viscount Thorne - (Book: Lord of Seduction)
Conar MacAuliffe - (Book: Lord of the Wolves)
Charles, Lord Ramsay - (Book: Lord Ramsay's Return)
Charles Jameson - (Book: Love & Scandal)
Colt Coltrane - (Book: Love and Dreams)
Colt Coltrane - (Book: Love and Fury)
Charles Jameson - (Book: Love and Scandal)
Cord Brandt - (Book: Love and Triumph)
Conn O'Malley - (Book: Love For All Time, A)
Count Czarski - (Book: Love in Exile)
Christopher Phelan,
- (Book: Love in the Afternoon)
Captain Kurt Northway - (Book: Love Me Tonight)
Christopher Dunlap - (Book: Love Once In Passing)
Caliph of al-Andalus - (Book: Love Slave, The)
Casey Walker - (Book: Love to Cherish, A)
Clint Desmond - (Book: Love's Beautiful Dream)
Christian Mercy - (Book: Love's Bounty)
Carey Delverson
Duke of St. Dillon
- (Book: Luck of the Devil, The)
Cal Preston - (Book: Luck of the Draw)
Carter Hawkins - (Book: Lucky Lady, The (ebook))
Christopher Valliant - (Book: Lucy in Disguise)
Christopher Brome
Viscount Northover
- (Book: Lydia (reissue))
Charles Danforth, Captain - (Book: M'Lady Rides for a Fall )
Cameron MacKenna - (Book: MacKenna's Promise)
Ciaran - (Book: Magic)
Clifton Davis - (Book: Mahalo, My Love)
Charles Tyrone, Major - (Book: Major Meets His Match, The)
Charles Portman - (Book: Mallory)
Cade McAllister - (Book: Man for Glory, A)
Christian Reade - (Book: Man of Many Talents, A)
Chad Kinkaid - (Book: Man To Call My Own, A)
Cameron Mackenzie - (Book: Many Sins of Lord Cameron, The)
Charles Hargood - (Book: Marplot Marriage, The)
Colin Wareham
Baron St. Mawr
- (Book: Marriage Wager, The)
Colin Wareham - (Book: Marriage Wager, The (reprint))
Callum Chatterton - (Book: Married to a Stranger)
Cole Monroe - (Book: Marry Me)
Captain Jack Harcourt - (Book: Marrying Captain Jack (reissue))
Charles Marsham - (Book: Marrying Harriet)
Captain Oliver Worthy - (Book: Marrying the Captain)
Clay Sutherland - (Book: Masque of Jade)
Christian Blackmore - (Book: Master of Moor House, The)
Christian Lord - (Book: Master Of My Dreams)
Cyrus Fortune - (Book: Matchmaker, The)
C.J. “Cupid” Daltry - (Book: Matchmaker, The)
Christopher Highclare - (Book: Matter of Duty, A)
Chance Morgan - (Book: Maverick Wild)
Colin McCrory - (Book: McCrory's Lady)
Caleb O'Brien - (Book: Memphis)
Colin McElreath
Viscount Grantham,
- (Book: Merely the Groom)
Christopher MacLeod, Captain - (Book: Midnight Blue)
Chase Lancaster - (Book: Midnight Fire)
Caden Maxwell - (Book: Midnight Fire)
Chance Killeen - (Book: Midnight Hearts)
Charles Langford
Marquess of Rostone
- (Book: Midnight Match, The)
Connor Reed - (Book: Midnight Mistress)
Christian Marshall - (Book: Midnight Princess)
Clint Browning, Captain - (Book: Midnight Rider)
Cam Rohan - (Book: Mine Till Midnight)
Lord Coe
- (Book: Minor Indiscretions)
Clayton Hawthorne - (Book: Miracle)
Charles Dawson - (Book: Mirror Image)
Colin Pearce - (Book: Mischief by Moonlight)
Marquis of Carrisbrooke
- (Book: Miss Dalrymple's Virtue)
Carver Danforthe - (Book: Miss Molly Robbins Designs a Seduction)
Charles North - (Book: Miss Seldon's Suitors)
Charles Ashford
Viscount Ashmead
- (Book: Miss Westlake's Windfall)
Marquis of Ridgeton
- (Book: Miss With a Purpose, A)
Charles Beckworth
Marquess of Wroxton
- (Book: Mistletoe and Mischief)
Colin Boscastle - (Book: Mistress Memoirs, The)
Connan TreMellyn - (Book: Mistress Of Mellyn)
Connan TreMellyn - (Book: Mistress of Mellyn [reissue])
Christopher, Lord Aynsworth - (Book: Mistress of Willowvale)
Charles Harcourt - (Book: Moment of Madness, A)
Clint Reeves - (Book: Montana Woman)
Chip Stevenson - (Book: Mood Indigo)
Cheney Duvall - (Book: Moon By Night, The)
Chase Hardesty - (Book: Moon In The Water)
Charles Mountford - (Book: More Than a Mistress)
Charles Mountford - (Book: More Than a Mistress)
Clive McClintock/ Stuart Edwards - (Book: Morning Song)
Camden Grey - (Book: Most Naked Solution, A)
Charles Pitborough - (Book: Most Romantic City, A)
Clive Chadbourne - (Book: Most Unsuitable Bride, A)
Charles Emerson - (Book: Mostly Mayhem)
Chase Donlin - (Book: Mountain Rose)
Claus - (Book: Mrs. Claus and the Viking (ebook))
Colonel Fitzwilliam - (Book: My Cousin Caroline)
Cole Strangford - (Book: My Enchanted Enemy)
Cole Strangford - (Book: My Enchanted Enemy (reprint))
Christopher Blount - (Book: My Enemy The Queen)
Clint Kincaid - (Book: My Enemy, My Love)
Charles Valentine Penley - (Book: My Fair Princess)
Christopher Wesley
Marquis of Daxonbury
- (Book: My Fair Quiggley)
Ciaran Timberlane - (Book: My Forever Love)
Corbett of Colchester - (Book: My Gallant Enemy)
Colby Lord - (Book: My Heart's Desire)
Christian Hatherleigh - (Book: My Lady Nightingale)
Cyn Malloren - (Book: My Lady Notorious)
Cyn Malloren - (Book: My Lady Notorious (reissue))
Viscount Malvern
- (Book: My Lady Scapegrace)
Conon St. Simeon - (Book: My Lady's Favor)
Colin Thorne - (Book: My Steadfast Heart)
Cullen O'Banyon - (Book: My Wild Irish Rose)
Charles Draysmith - (Book: Naked Marquis, The)
Cole Heflin - (Book: Naughty Marietta)
Camden Brackley - (Book: Never A Bride)
Colin Oliver
Viscount Sutton
- (Book: Never a Lady)
Cameron Buchanan - (Book: Never Call it Loving)
Christopher Cabot - (Book: Never Dare a Duke)
Cormack Northmore - (Book: Never Entice an Earl)
Caelen McCabe - (Book: Never Love a Highlander)
Christopher (Kit) Montgomery - (Book: Never Marry A Cowboy)
Chalfont Blysdale, Colonel - (Book: Night the Stars Fell, The)
Cole Brackston - (Book: Nights of Fire)
Earl of Carlton
- (Book: Noble Ambition, A)
Craig WInters - (Book: Noblest Frailty, The)
Captain Diego Montoya - (Book: Nobody's Saint)
Cal Barton - (Book: Nora)
Cal Barton - (Book: Nora (Hardcover))
Cal Barton - (Book: Nora (reissue))
Cliff Hollister - (Book: Nothing Wagered)
Lord Newlyn
- (Book: Notorious Lord, The)
Colyne MacKerran - (Book: Oath Sworn, An )
Columbus - (Book: October Wind)
Connor Webster - (Book: Oklahoma Sweetheart)
Colin Mac Brodie - (Book: On Bended Knee)
Captain Brandon Tremain - (Book: Once A Hero)
Cord Braddock - (Book: Once a Rebel)
Candover, Duke of - (Book: Once and Future Duchess, The)
Cameron Gordon - (Book: Once More, Miranda)
Comlan, King of the Tuatha De Danann - (Book: Once Upon a Time)
Christopher Hollings
Earl of Ferrin
- (Book: One Forbidden Evening)
Cody Butler - (Book: One Golden Hour)
Cross - (Book: One Good Earl Deserves a Lover)
Chad Jordan - (Book: One Heart)
Cristo Wellingham - (Book: One Illicit Night)
Calvin Garrett - (Book: One Night To Be Sinful)
Charles Holland - (Book: One Wild Winter's Eve)
Caleb Black - (Book: Only His)
Cord Austin - (Book: Orchids in Moonlight)
Cole Ellis - (Book: Outlaw Bride)
Cole Carteret - (Book: Outlaw's Embrace)
Creede Rawlins
- (Book: Outlaw's Lady)
Christopher Bennett
Earl of Avonley
- (Book: Parson's Pleasure, The)
Chad Andrews - (Book: Passion for Hire)
Christopher St. John - (Book: Passion for the Game)
Christian St. John - (Book: Passion for the Game (Reprint))
Colter Stephens - (Book: Passion's Gamble)
Christian Reed - (Book: Passion's Torment)
Caleb Jones - (Book: Perfect Poison, The (paperback))
Caleb Jones - (Book: Perfect Poison, The (hardcover))
Carden Reeves - (Book: Perfect Seduction, The)
Connor Douglas - (Book: Perfect Strangers)
Charles Randolph, Earl of Caldbeck - (Book: Perilous Attraction, A)
Colin Eversea - (Book: Perils of Pleasure, The)
Charles - (Book: Petals of the Rose)
Corey Wolfe - (Book: Phantom Affair, A)
Charles Staunton - (Book: Philippa)
Crispin St. Clair
Earl of Witton
- (Book: Phillipa)
Chad LaShelle - (Book: Pirate's Lady, The)
Captain Tristan Matisse - (Book: Pirate's Love, A)
Cord Meredith, Captain - (Book: Pirate's Princess)
Christopher Howard - (Book: Pirate's Rose)
Caine Ballinger
Earl of Hartland
- (Book: Pleasure Seekers, The)
Christopher Scott
Earl of Farleigh
- (Book: Poor Relation, A)
Caleb Main - (Book: Prairie Dreams)
Cecile/Green Eyes - (Book: Prairie Peace)
Cole Youngblood - (Book: Prairie Song)
Christopher Malory - (Book: Present, The)
Captain James Ashley - (Book: Pride and Prudence)
Corin Knowlton
Viscount Knowle
- (Book: Primrose Path, The)
Cobie Grant - (Book: Prince of Secrets)
Cole Sanders - (Book: Printer in Petticoats)
Camden Saybrook - (Book: Private Arrangements)
Courtenay Shelburne - (Book: Promise Me)
Captain Matthew Hawke - (Book: Promise Me Forever)
Creed Walker - (Book: Promise Me Tomorrow)
Clay Braxton - (Book: Promise of Eden)
Connor St. Cyr
Viscount Dracourt
- (Book: Promissory Note, The)
Christopher Chatwin Dawes - (Book: Proper Conduct)
Christopher Chatwin Dawes - (Book: Proper Conduct (reissue))
Connor Dewhurst
Earl of Doncaster
- (Book: Proper Taming, A)
Clay Drummond - (Book: Proud Surrender)
Charles Winton,
Marquess of Laverstock
- (Book: Queen of the May)
Cornelius Watts - (Book: Quicksilver Lady)
Cornelius Watts - (Book: Quicksilver Lady (reissue))
Cherokee Evans - (Book: Quicksilver Passion)
Colin Varens, Sir - (Book: Rachel's Change of Heart)
Clayton Powell - (Book: Rake's Defiant Mistress, The)
Christopher Evernden - (Book: Rake's Inherited Courtesan, The)
Charles Trent
Earl of Bythorne
- (Book: Rake's Reform, A)
Cameron Montclair - (Book: Ransomed Bride)
Chase McGruder - (Book: Raven)
Creede Forrester - (Book: Reason to Live, A)
Curran d'Arcy - (Book: Rebellious Love)
Cloud Walker - (Book: Reckless Desire)
Cloud Walker - (Book: Reckless Desire (reprint))
Colter Northington - (Book: Reckless Encounter, A)
Charles Langley - (Book: Reckless Orphan, The)
Colin Ashworth - (Book: Recklessly Yours)
Cuchulain - (Book: Red Branch)
Clinton McCulloch - (Book: Red Stones of Ravengate, The)
Charles Summerson
Marquis of Pelham
- (Book: Reforming the Rake)
Charles Carruthers - (Book: Reluctant Bride, The)
Cornelius Tremaine - (Book: Reluctant Debutante, The)
Charles Graham
Earl of Warwick
- (Book: Reluctant Ghost, The)
Charles Kirk - (Book: Reluctant Hero, The)
Colton Wyndham - (Book: Reluctant Suitor, The)
Captain Jonathon Barry - (Book: Renegade )
Cade Caldwell - (Book: Renegade Embrace)
Cyprian Sloane - (Book: Reputable Rake, A)
Cyprian Sloane - (Book: Reputable Rake, A (UK))
Earl of Egremont
- (Book: Return of the Earl, The)
Cavan Sinclare - (Book: Return of the Rogue)
Christian of Acre - (Book: Return of the Warrior)
Connor Duncan - (Book: Rising Wind)
Connor O'Brien - (Book: River Magic)
Clint Daniels - (Book: River Nymph, The)
Clement Ducharme - (Book: River Wife, The)
Cooper Monroe - (Book: River's Treasure, The (ebook))
Calum Og MacDonald - (Book: Road to the Isle)
Cole Leighton, Captain - (Book: Rogue)
Conall Mackintosh - (Book: Rogue's Heart , A)
Christopher Claybourne - (Book: Rogue's Widow, Gentleman's Wife)
Christopher Claybourne - (Book: Rogue's Widow, Gentleman's Wife (UK))
Colin Bridgerton - (Book: Romancing Mister Bridgerton)
Colin Bridgerton - (Book: Romancing Mister Bridgerton (Epilogue ebook))
Captain Sawle - (Book: Rosanna and the Rake (UK))
Coleman Thorpe - (Book: Rose)
Christopher Martyn (Kit) - (Book: Rose)
Christopher Seton - (Book: Rose in Winter, A)
Charles Hamilton, Captain - (Book: Rose in Winter, A)
Cameron Kyle - (Book: Rose Royale)
Cameron Kyle - (Book: Rose Royale (UK))
Charles Stuart - (Book: Royal Harlot)
Captain Bradshaw Carroway - (Book: Rules of Engagement)
Cheyenne Boder - (Book: Run Wild My Heart)
Connor Riordan - (Book: Runaway Duke, The)
Creed McCaslin - (Book: Runaway Passion)
Chang An Lo - (Book: Russian Concubine, The)
Chane Callahan - (Book: Sacred Trust, A)
Cutter McKenzie - (Book: Sagebrush Bride)
Clayton Trevelyan
Earl of Huntingdon
- (Book: Saint's Temptation)
Caleb Beckett - (Book: Salvation in the Rancher's Arms)
Christopher Warren - (Book: Sand Castles)
Cord Rawlins - (Book: Savage Awakening)
Caleb Sax - (Book: Savage Horizons)
Charles Cline - (Book: Savage Longings)
Chief Quick Fox - (Book: Savage Love)
Cade - (Book: Savage Rapture)
Cloud Eagle - (Book: Savage Spirit)
Chief Spotted Horse - (Book: Savage Tears)
Colt Thunder - (Book: Savage Thunder)
Colt Thunder - (Book: Savage Thunder (ebook))
Cloud Walker - (Book: Savage Trust)
Chief Hawke - (Book: Savage Vision)
Cleve Holden - (Book: Scandal at Cahill Saloon)
Cameron - (Book: Scandal Takes the Stage)
Charles Redford, Sir - (Book: Scandalous Charade, A)
Cooper Townsend - (Book: Scandalous Proposal, A)
Count Marchesi - (Book: Scandalous Secret, Defiant Bride)
Cam Colbourne
Duke of Dyson
- (Book: Scarlet Angel)
Connor McKensie - (Book: Scotman's Lady, The)
Caleb Talbot - (Book: Scoundrel's Surrender, A)
Colby Lord - (Book: Seasons of Love)
Constantine Huxtable - (Book: Secret Affair, A (Hardcover))
Captain Rose / Duke of Ithorne - (Book: Secret Duke, The)
Caleb Hamilton - (Book: Secret Lover, The)
Caleb Tanner, Captain - (Book: Secret Ways)
Christian Hill - (Book: Secret Wedding, The)
Cole Wellington - (Book: Secret Yearning, A)
Christian English - (Book: Secrets)
Captain Daniel Reid - (Book: Secrets and Sacrifices)
Christian St. Clair - (Book: Secrets of the Heart)
Captain Angel - (Book: Seducer)
Charles Heywood - (Book: Seducing Mr. Heywood)
Colin Byrd,
Viscount Ratcliffe
- (Book: Seducing the Heiress)
Craig McTiernay - (Book: Seducing the Highlander)
Colin Mandland, Colonel - (Book: Seduction of an English Lady, The)
Corwin Rathe - (Book: Seduction of Miranda Prosper, The)
Cyrus Bergeron, Sheriff - (Book: Seduction of Roxanne, The)
Captain Sheridan Drake - (Book: Seize the Fire)
Captain Sheridan Drake - (Book: Seize the Fire (reissue))
Lord Aldworth
- (Book: Serafina - Legacy of Love)
Colm MacHugh - (Book: Shadow Music)
Cole Webster - (Book: Shadow Walker)
Charles Buccoult - (Book: Shadows at Dawn)
Cole Cantrell - (Book: Shadows in the Wind)
Colin Radcliffe - (Book: Shadows of the Night)
Clay Youngblood - (Book: Shameless)
Cash Wycliffe - (Book: Shelter from the Storm)
Colin Jeffreys, Marquis of Hampden - (Book: Silver Deceptions)
Colin Jeffreys - (Book: Silver Deceptions (reissue))
Count Adam Danilevski - (Book: Silver Nights)
Carson Jarrett - (Book: Silver Surrender)
Captain Chase Eversea - (Book: Since the Surrender)
Cailean Mackenzie - (Book: Sinful Scottish Laird)
Clayton Campbell - (Book: Sins of a Ruthless Rogue)
Christian, Marquess of Easterbrook - (Book: Sins of Lord Easterbrook, The)
Connor Monroe - (Book: Sins of Midnight)
Courtney Choate
Viscount Chase
- (Book: Snowdrops and Scandalbroth)
Conway Graham - (Book: So Long at the Fair)
Connor Kincaid - (Book: Some Like It Wild)
Caleb Tanner - (Book: Something More)
Charlemagne Griffin - (Book: Something Sinful)
Conlon Sullivan, Lieutenant - (Book: Sonoran Sunrise)
Connor - (Book: Sorcerer's Lady, The)
Chesney Carlyle
Earl of Spadefield
- (Book: Spectre of Spadefield, The)
Charles Norris - (Book: Spinster Bride, The)
Clinton Shaw - (Book: Spring Of The Tiger, The)
Christopher - (Book: Spy's Bride, The)
Captain Miles Trevelyan - (Book: Star Crossed Seduction)
C. C. McCarty / Ryker Rawley - (Book: Stardust)
Christian Badia - (Book: Starlight and Promises)
Connor MacPerson - (Book: Stealing Sophie)
Cale Brolin - (Book: Stormfire)
Caleb McCurdy - (Book: Stranger, The)
Crispin Hawke - (Book: Stroke of Genius)
Colin Brindley, Inspector - (Book: Study in Scandal, A)
Christopher "Kit" Butler
Viscount Ravensberg
- (Book: Summer To Remember, A)
Caleb - (Book: Sun Flower)
Cain - (Book: Sundancer)
Cheftu - (Book: Sunrise on the Mediterranean)
Christopher Courtland - (Book: Sunrise with a Notorious Lord)
Christopher Blanchard - (Book: Surrender the Heart)
Cary Wayborn - (Book: Surrender To Sin)
Clay Drake - (Book: Surrender To The Night)
Carlinn Kimberely - (Book: Suspicious Affair, A)
Colter James - (Book: Sweet Escape)
Chance Rafferty - (Book: Sweet Laurel)
Cray Branson - (Book: Sweet Paradise)
Clay Cordell - (Book: Sweet Silken Bondage)
Cass Claxton - (Book: Sweet Talkin' Stranger)
Connor, Lord Amberson - (Book: Sweet Tempest)
Colin Lord - (Book: Taken by Storm)
Chad Delaney - (Book: Tame a Renegade, To)
Chancery Blaise Lambert - (Book: Tame Me Not)
Clay Storm - (Book: Tame My Wild Heart)
Connor Grant - (Book: Tamed by a Highlander)
Captain Patrick Trevarran - (Book: Taming Charlotte)
Connor MacLerie - (Book: Taming the Highlander)
Clint Hayworth - (Book: Taming the Texan)
Charles Lattimore - (Book: Tangled Web, The)
Charles Morwellan - (Book: Taste of Innocence, The)
Christian Radcliff, Captain - (Book: Taste of Paradise, A)
Caradoc of Llanstephan
- (Book: Tempt Me With Kisses)
Ciaran MacGregor - (Book: Temptation in a Kilt)
Callum MacKinloch - (Book: Tempted by the Highlander Warrior)
Crevan McTiernay - (Book: Tempting the Highlander)
Carrick of Wybren - (Book: Temptress)
Duke of MacGowan
- (Book: Tender is the Knight)
Chance Wyatt - (Book: Tender Texan, The)
Chance Wyatt - (Book: Tender Texan, The (reprint))
Chad Yancey - (Book: Texan's Lady, The)
Carter McKoy - (Book: Texan's Wager, The)
Court McKerinon - (Book: Texas Fire)
Cade Wheeler - (Book: Texas Homecoming)
Cade - (Book: Texas Lily)
Curt Hammond - (Book: Texas Lucky)
Cooper Thorne - (Book: Texas Mail Order Bride)
Cord Rawlins - (Book: Texas Outlaw)
Cal Star - (Book: Texas Star)
Cord Donaldson - (Book: Texas Touch)
Cole Elliott - (Book: Texas Triumph)
Cruz Guerrero - (Book: Texas Woman)
Caleb Dameron
Earl of Styles
- (Book: Theodora)
Cheney Duval - (Book: There is a Season)
Christian of Arrick-by-the-Sea - (Book: Thirteen Chances)
Chase Benteen Calder - (Book: This Calder Range)
Christopher of Blackmour - (Book: This Is All I Ask)
Camden St. Giles - (Book: This Perfect Kiss)
Chase Mitchell - (Book: This Time Forever)
Colin Campbell - (Book: Thistle and the Rose, The)
Charles Carlyle - (Book: Thoroughly Compromised Bride, The)
Colt Travis - (Book: Thunder on the Plains)
Colt Travis - (Book: Thunder on the Plains (reissue))
Colt Travis - (Book: Thunder on the Plains (reissue))
Corby Hillhouse - (Book: Timeless Wish)
Cameron de Vere
Earl of Westwood
- (Book: To Catch a Rogue)
Colby Blaine - (Book: To Have and To Hold)
Christian Morrell - (Book: To Love & To Cherish)
Chase Winters - (Book: To Love an Eagle)
Christian - (Book: To Love and To Cherish (reissue))
Campbell Sinclair - (Book: To Marry a Scottish Laird)
Chad Delaney - (Book: To Tame a Renegade)
Colin - (Book: To Tame A Wild Heart)
Collin Blackburn - (Book: To Tempt A Scotsman)
Colin McTiernay - (Book: To Wed A Highlander)
Connor Linsley - (Book: Too Wicked to Wed)
Chalmers Lovat
- (Book: Touch of Magic, A)
Colin, Earl of Haverwood - (Book: Touched by Fire)
Christopher Warrender - (Book: Town Bronze)
Chastain Warren - (Book: Training of a Marquess, The)
Cody Carter - (Book: Treasures of the Heart)
Christian Du Quesne - (Book: Trouble at the Wedding)
Cameron Cunningham - (Book: True Heart)
Cobb Bridger - (Book: True to the Law)
Colt - (Book: Trusting a Dark Stranger (ebook))
Christopher Wilde, Sir - (Book: Tuesday's Child)
Callum Fraser - (Book: Twelve Nights)
Chillingsworth, Lord - (Book: Twilight with the Infamous Earl)
Christian McBride - (Book: Under the Desert Moon)
Christian de Wet - (Book: Under the Desert Sky)
Colin Rosemoor - (Book: Undressed)
Connor Brice - (Book: Unexpected Gentleman, An)
Chas Prestwick - (Book: Unflappable Miss Fairchild, The)
Christopher Albright - (Book: Unforgettable Love (ebook))
Cole Thorton - (Book: Unforgiven)
Collier - (Book: Unforgotten)
Earl of Rutherford
- (Book: Ungrateful Governess, The)
Cain Sinclair - (Book: Unlaced by the Outlaw)
Catesby Burgoyne - (Book: Unlikely Countess, An)
Charles Kendall, Captain - (Book: Unmanageable Miss Marlowe, The)
Crispin Malvern
Duke of St Ormond
- (Book: Unruly Chaperon, The)
Crispin Malvern
Duke of St Ormond
- (Book: Unruly Chaperon, The (UK))
Capt. Rafe Stricter - (Book: Untamed Time)
Cole Parker - (Book: Until Tomorrow)
Lord of Hartshore
- (Book: Valentine Wish, The)
Captain Gabriel Deane - (Book: Valiant Soldier, Beautiful Enemy)
Conan, Baron of Wyndham - (Book: Veil of Secrets)
Chance Wood - (Book: Vertigo)
Captain Edward Ramsden
Duke of Harborough
- (Book: Very Daring Duchess, The)
Captain Sean Seanessy - (Book: Virgin Star)
Calder Ramsey - (Book: Viscount's Muse (ebook))
Charles Parker-Scott - (Book: Wanderlust)
Christopher Fletcher - (Book: Wanton Splendor)
Camden Lockhart - (Book: Warrior's Lady)
Connor MacEgan - (Book: Warrior's Touch, The)
Crispin Fascari, Earl of Scandal - (Book: Water Nymph, The)
Charles de Lacey - (Book: Way to a Duke's Heart, The)
Camford Singletary
Earl of Westerbrook
- (Book: Wayward Angel)
Charles, Earl of Brandford - (Book: Wayward Heiress, The)
Cooper Parnell - (Book: Wayward Wind)
Connor Flinte
Earl of Devane
- (Book: Wedding Night Revenge)
Cord McPherson - (Book: Wedding Promise, The)
Connor MacAlister - (Book: Wedding, The)
Crispin West
Viscount West
- (Book: Wedding, The)
Connor MacAlister - (Book: Wedding, The (reissue))
Colin Sandhurst - (Book: Week to Be Wicked, A)
Charlie Rose - (Book: West Winds of Wyoming)
Charles Welbourne - (Book: Westerby Inheritance, The)
Camden Rothermere - (Book: What a Duke Dares)
Colin Brockhurst - (Book: What a Reckless Rogue Needs)
Clifford Ross - (Book: What the Marquess Sees (ebook))
Clayton Kincaid - (Book: Whatever It Takes)
Clint Desmond - (Book: When Hearts Awaken)
Clint Desmond - (Book: When Morning Comes Again)
Christoph Becker - (Book: When Passion Rules (paperback))
Christoph Becker - (Book: When Passion Rules (paperback))
Clint Brady - (Book: Where Heaven Begins)
Clint Brady - (Book: Where Heaven Begins (hardcover))
Cleve FitzWarin - (Book: Where Magic Dwells)
Chase Logan - (Book: Where the Wind Blows)
Chase Logan - (Book: Where the Wind Blows)
Cameron MacPherson - (Book: Whisky Laird's Bed, The (ebook))
Earl of Ainsley
- (Book: Whisper of Scandal, A)
Carter Monroe - (Book: Whispers on the Wind)
Colonel Grady O’Brien - (Book: White Dreams)
Chief Swift Foot - (Book: White Dusk)
Cross McCree - (Book: White Gold)
Christian WycliffeMarquis Knighton, - (Book: White Knight)
Clayton Westmoreland
Duke of Claymore
- (Book: Whitney, My Love (reissue))
Connal Delaney - (Book: Wicked One, The)
Colin Fitch - (Book: Wild Desire)
Charley Wilde - (Book: Wild Dream)
Colt - (Book: Wild Is My Heart)
Cain, Marquis of Chase - (Book: Wild Marquis, The)
Caleb Phelps - (Book: Wild Rose)
Caleb Hunter - (Book: Wild Sage)
Chase Graham - (Book: Wild Scottish Embrace)
Chief Fire Thunder - (Book: Wild Whispers)
Captain Van Ryker - (Book: Wild Willful Love)
Chase the Wind - (Book: Wind of the Wolf)
Capt. Nicholas Powell - (Book: Wind Raven)
Cade Garrison - (Book: Wind River)
Clint Masterson - (Book: Winds of Destiny)
Cyrus - (Book: Winged Serpent, The)
Charles Farrier - (Book: Wingless Bird, The)
Cash Callahan - (Book: Winning Jenna's Heart)
Case Maxwell - (Book: Winter Fire)
Charlie Finnegan/Sid Malone - (Book: Winter Rose, The (Hardcover))
Carson Dulaney - (Book: Winter's Touch)
Chance McCloud, Wolf Shadow - (Book: Wolf Shadow)
Chase Wentworth - (Book: Woman Made for Pleasure, A)
Cole Amherst, Captain - (Book: Woman Scorned, A)
Charles St. Germain - (Book: Wrap Me in Splendor)
Cole Benteen - (Book: Yankee Angel)
Count Vasili Petroff - (Book: You Belong to Me)
Count Vasili Petroff - (Book: You Belong to Me (ebook))
Captain Clay Knight - (Book: You Belong to My Heart)
Chance - (Book: You Can't Always Get the Marquess You Want)
Colin Savenake - (Book: Yours Always)
Captain Fitzallen - (Book: Zandra)


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