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Nancy Bush

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You Can't Escape
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Search for your favorite leading men...
Have you been looking for a certain hero? Remember the name but not the book title? Browse your favorite heros listed in order of hero's first name below!

Choose A Name - this will display heros by FIRST NAME:

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Heroes with first name starting with I

Click the hero's name to view the book and author.

Ian McTavish - (Book: Addie and the Laird)
Ian Campion - (Book: Adventures of a Scottish Heiress)
Ian de Vipont - (Book: Alinor)
Ian de Vipont - (Book: Alinor (reissue))
Ian de Point, Sir - (Book: Alinor (reissue))
Ian Sinclair
Earl of Huntsford
- (Book: Almost a Whisper)
Ian Thornton - (Book: Almost Heaven)
Ian Sinclair, Major - (Book: Anne's Perfect Husband)
Ivo Spencer Barrasford
Marquis of Rotherham
- (Book: Bath Tangle)
Ian Eversea - (Book: Between the Devil and Ian Eversea)
Ian Blackstone - (Book: Black Wolf)
Ian Douglas
Laird of Glengorm
- (Book: Border Lord and the Lady, The)
Ian McShane - (Book: Branded Hearts)
Ian Sherrill, Captain - (Book: Bride's Leap)
Ian MacGregor - (Book: Bridegroom Wore Plaid, The)
Ian Cardross
Earl of Doorn
- (Book: Cardross Luck, The)
Ian Cardross
Earl of Doorn
- (Book: Cardross Luck, The (reissue))
Ian Duncan - (Book: Chase the Wind)
Iron Knife - (Book: Cheyenne Captive)
Iron Knife - (Book: Cheyenne Splendor )
Ian Pierce - (Book: Christmas Promise, A)
Ilar - (Book: Cupid's Enchantment (ebook))
Ian Lennard - (Book: Dangerous Lord, The)
Ivan Thornton - (Book: Dangerous to Love)
Ian Blake - (Book: Dark Lady, The)
Ian MacNeill - (Book: Deeper Magic, A)
Earl Marden
- (Book: Duel, The)
Ian - (Book: Duke's Captive, The)
Ian Carmichael
Duke of Portmaine
- (Book: Duke, The)
Ian of the Clan Campbell - (Book: Flame Across the Highlands)
Ives Harrington - (Book: For Love Alone)
Ives Harrington - (Book: For Love Alone (reprint))
Ian Clayton - (Book: Forbidden Fantasy)
Ian Tremayne - (Book: Forbidden Fire)
Ian Fortune - (Book: Fortune's Bride)
Ira McNewell - (Book: From Thin Air (Hardcover))
Ian Carmichael
Earl of Penderleigh
- (Book: Generous Earl, The)
Iverson Brentwood - (Book: Gentleman Says )
Iain Ashingford
Marquess Lindley
- (Book: Ghost of a Chance, A)
Ian MacDonald - (Book: Guardian, The)
Ian Drake
Viscount Stratton
- (Book: Haunted Hearts)
Iron Hawk - (Book: Hawk)
Ian Cawley - (Book: Healer's Touch, The)
Ian - (Book: Heart of the Dragon)
Ian Prescott - (Book: Her Only Desire)
Iain MacArthur
- (Book: Highland Belle)
Ian Munroe - (Book: Highland Bride)
Ian McNair,
Earl of Buchane
- (Book: Highland Dichess, A)
Ian Sinclair - (Book: Highland Ecstasy)
Iain Randal - (Book: Highland Fire)
Ivor Mackintosh - (Book: Highland Hero)
Ian MacIvors - (Book: Highland Love Song)
Ian MacIvors - (Book: Highland Love Song (reissue))
Ian MacLeod - (Book: Highland Rebel)
Iain MacLagan
- (Book: Highland Wedding)
Iain Darroch - (Book: Highlander's Haunted Kiss, The (ebook))
Ivan Salter - (Book: If I Had You)
Ian Moncrieff - (Book: If This Be Magic)
Ian Cairnyllan - (Book: Impetuous Heiress, The)
Ian MacEwen - (Book: Impostor Prince, The)
Ian Cameron - (Book: Isle of Lies)
Isaac Broussard - (Book: Just Kiss Me (ebook))
Ian, Denham
Marquis of Kearny and Mallory
- (Book: Just Perfect)
Ian Colquhoun - (Book: Knight's Temptress, The)
Ivo Raven - (Book: Lady in Shadow)
Ian McMurrey - (Book: Lady Serena's Surrender)
Ian Gilvry - (Book: Laird's Forbidden Lady, The)
Ian Guilford - (Book: Lord of a Thousand Nights)
Ivo Dauntry - (Book: Lord Sin)
Ivo Trenchard - (Book: Lord Trenchard's Choice)
Ivor Bellamy, Sir - (Book: Lost Legacy, The)
Iain Armstrong - (Book: Love and Mayhem)
Ian Blackpool - (Book: Love In A Bottle)
Iron Wing - (Book: Love in the Wind)
Iain Fraser - (Book: Love's Pirate)
Iain MacKinnon - (Book: MacKinnon's Bride, The)
Iain MacKintosh - (Book: MacKintosh Bride, The)
Ian MacLaurin - (Book: MacLaurin's Lady)
Ian Mackenzie - (Book: Madness of Lord Ian Mackenzie, The)
Ian Mackenzie - (Book: Madness of Lord Ian Mackenzie, The (reprint))
Ian Beckwith-Carter - (Book: Mariel)
Iain MacLean - (Book: Master of the Highlands)
Isaac Cohen - (Book: Miss Jacobson's Journey (Hardcover))
Ian Winthrop - (Book: Moonlight Enchantment)
Isabella - (Book: My Lady Pirate)
Ian Vance - (Book: Night Hawk)
Inspector Mick Dunbar - (Book: Not So Innocent)
Ian Montague
- (Book: Officer's Alliance, An)
Ian Ferguson - (Book: Once a Rake)
Ivo de Vessey - (Book: Once He Loves)
Iain MacGillivray - (Book: Once Upon a Highland Christmas)
Ian Chandler - (Book: One Wicked Christmas (ebook))
Ira Farrell, Marshal - (Book: Price of Pride, The)
Ian MacGregor - (Book: Promise Given, A)
Iain - (Book: Promised Passion)
Ian Blackheath - (Book: Raider's Bride, The)
Ian Montague - (Book: Reap the Savage Wind)
Ian McKenzie - (Book: Rebel)
Igor Grigorovich Charodyev - (Book: River of Time, The)
Ian Lavery - (Book: Roses After Rain)
Ian McCain - (Book: San Antonio Rose)
Iron Cloud - (Book: Savage Mists)
Iain MacLeod - (Book: Scottish Bride, The)
Ian MacDonald - (Book: Scottish Lord, The)
Iain Maitland - (Book: Secret, The)
Ian Breckford - (Book: Seducing the Viscount)
Ian Tremayne - (Book: Shadow of the Storm)
Ian Moore, Sir - (Book: She's No Princess)
Ian Rockwell, Sir - (Book: Sin and Scandal in England)
Ian Maddox - (Book: Sins of a Wicked Princess)
Ivor Griffith
Viscount Mullineaux
- (Book: Splendid Indiscretion, A)
Ian Foscari, Conte d'Aosto - (Book: Stargazer, The)
Iain MacKinnon - (Book: Surrender)
Iain MacKinnon - (Book: Surrender (reissue))
Iain - (Book: Sword Upon the Rose)
Ives - (Book: Tall, Dark, and Wicked)
Ian Sinclair - (Book: Temptation & Twilight)
Ivan - (Book: Texas Pride)
Ian MacKay
- (Book: Thief in a Kilt, A)
Isaac Wright - (Book: Ties of Love)
Ian Stearne - (Book: Too Close For Comfort)
Iain Monroe
Earl of Norwood
- (Book: Traitor or Temptress)
Iain Monroe
Earl of Norwood
- (Book: Traitor or Temptress (UK))
Ian Cameron, Major - (Book: Veils of Silk)
Ivar Gunnarson - (Book: Viking's Captive Princess, The)
Ian MacKinnon - (Book: Warrior Trainer, The)
Ian Fairchild - (Book: Well Favored Gentleman, A)
Ivan Tramore, Marquis of Powerscourt - (Book: When Angels Fall)


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