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Search for your favorite leading men...
Have you been looking for a certain hero? Remember the name but not the book title? Browse your favorite heros listed in order of hero's first name below!

Choose A Name - this will display heros by FIRST NAME:

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Heroes with first name starting with M

Click the hero's name to view the book and author.

Michael Thorpe, Lieutenant - (Book: Accidental Princess, The)
Murad - (Book: Adora (reissue))
Michael HawthorneEarl of Montraine - (Book: After the Kiss)
Major Jack Bentley - (Book: Agatha Blaine: Undercover Passion (ebook))
Max - (Book: All the Ways to Ruin a Rogue)
Major Tyler O'Donnell - (Book: Allegiance)
Matt Kincaid - (Book: Always In My Heart)
Matt Grayson, Privateer - (Book: Amanda Rose)
Major Drayton Rambert, commander of Yankee - (Book: Ambrosia)
Marquis of Wycherly - (Book: American Cousin, The)
Mark Schaeffer - (Book: Analise)
Mitchell Garret - (Book: Apache Flame)
Matt Colton - (Book: Apache Promise)
Matt Colton - (Book: Apache Temptation)
Mr. Beaumarais - (Book: Arabella (new edition))
Matthew Donaldson - (Book: Artful Heir, The)
Marcus Ashford - (Book: Ask For It)
Marcus Ashford - (Book: Ask For It (reprint))
Max Davenham - (Book: Autumn Bride, The)
Morgan Caine - (Book: Autumn Star)
Max Ensor - (Book: Bachelor List, The)
Mitchell Reid - (Book: Bachelor, The)
Mason Donnelly - (Book: Badlands Bride)
Michael McCord - (Book: Bandit's Brazen Kiss)
Michael, Lord Stamford - (Book: Bargain With Fate, A)
Marquis of Rotherham - (Book: Bath Tangle (new edition))
Maxwell Longford
Earl of Merimont
- (Book: Beleaguered Earl, The)
Miles Grayson - (Book: Bella and the Beast)
Mercy Huntingdon - (Book: Belle Gone Bad (ebook))
Marcus Colford - (Book: Belle of the Ball)
Marcus Westhaven - (Book: Belle of the Ball)
Marcus Alexander Britainus - (Book: Beloved (reissue))
Mick Harding - (Book: Beloved Heart)
Michel Faurer - (Book: Beloved Knight)
Malcolm Rannoch - (Book: Berkely Square Affair, The)
Miles Prescott
Earl of Strickland
- (Book: Best Intentions, The)
Matthew Gray - (Book: Bethany's Song)
Michael Elliot
- (Book: Betrayed)
Michael Vane
Earl of Sherrington
- (Book: Bewitched)
Marquis of Penderleight - (Book: Bewitching Minx)
Masterman - (Book: Beyond The Blue Mountain)
Duke of Belcourt
- (Book: Bid for Independence, A)
Mark Rawen - (Book: Bittersweet Bondage)
Miles Calverleigh - (Book: Black Sheep)
Miles - (Book: Black Sheep (new edition))
Martin Chancellor - (Book: Black Sheep's Bride, The)
Matthew Hampton
- (Book: Bonds of Love)
Matthew Hampton
- (Book: Bonds of Love)
Malcolm Kerr
Laird of Kildalton Castle
- (Book: Border Bride)
Marco Corelli - (Book: Borgia Fever (ebook))
Michael Donovan - (Book: Brazen)
Maureen Hawthorne - (Book: Brazen Temptress)
Max Woodard - (Book: Bride Fair, The)
Miles, Lord Beaumont - (Book: Bride for Lord Beaumont, A)
Marmaduke Strongbow
- (Book: Bride of the Beast)
Morgan of Nels - (Book: Bride of the Dragon)
Morgan Blakely, Marquis of Clayton - (Book: Bride of the Unicorn)
Malachi Stone - (Book: Bride on the Run)
Marshal Jared Trent - (Book: Brides of Durango: Tessa)
Major Garrett Knox - (Book: Brighter Dawn, A)
Mitch Fallon - (Book: Brightspun Destiny)
Miles Stephens,
Viscount Halifax
- (Book: Broken Promises)
Morgan Drummond - (Book: Butler Did It, The)
McCready - (Book: Calico)
Miles Saunderton, Sir - (Book: Candlelight Wish, The)
Morgan Roberts, aka Captain Sinister - (Book: Captain Sinister's Lady)
Marquis of Brandreth - (Book: Captivated Hearts)
Mylan - (Book: Captive Heart)
Malcolm Scott - (Book: Captive Heart, The)
Michael - (Book: Capture the Dream)
Michael Hawkhurst - (Book: Captured for the Captain's Pleasure)
Maxim Purcell - (Book: Carnival Of Love)
Maxim - (Book: Carnival of Love (UK))
Earl of Cannock
- (Book: Caroline)
Malcolm Rutherford - (Book: Cassie's Rose)
Matthew Frobisher, Captain - (Book: Castaway Hearts)
Marc Copeland - (Book: Catalina's Caress)
Marcus de Grant - (Book: Celtic Bride)
Marcus Speer - (Book: Chivalrous Rake, Scandalous Lady)
Monroe Hamilton - (Book: Choices (Hardcover))
Marquess of Denbigh
- (Book: Christmas Beau)
Matthew Dunstone, Sir - (Book: Christmas Spirit, The)
Duke of Rutland
- (Book: Cloisonne Locket, The)
Miles Cavendish
Earl of Warrington
- (Book: Colonel's Campaign, The)
Matt McClanahan - (Book: Colorado Captive)
Matt Chandler - (Book: Comanche Bride)
Maverick Durango - (Book: Comanche Cowboy)
Matt Winchester - (Book: Coming Home Quilt)
Maximillian, Viscount Fontaine - (Book: Compromised)
Marquess of Thayne - (Book: Compromising Situations (ebook))
Marcus Drelincourt, Earl of Rule - (Book: Convenient Marriage, The)
Marcus Dening - (Book: Convenient Pretense, A)
Marcus Sheridan
Duke of Arlington
- (Book: Country Cotillion, A)
Monteith - (Book: Country Flirt)
Marquess of Kenrick - (Book: Country Miss, A)
Mallory Claeg - (Book: Courting the Countess)
Mr. Fitzgerald Crosbie - (Book: Cranberry Point)
Marc Stevens - (Book: Creole Temptress)
Morgan Elliott - (Book: Crimson Lace)
Myles Farringdon - (Book: Crown of Dreams)
Marc de Valery - (Book: Crusader's Lady)
Marcus Browne
Earl of Granville
- (Book: Cupid and the Vicar)
Malak - (Book: Cupid's Favor (ebook))
Marquis of Dale - (Book: Damask Rose, The)
Miles Harcourt - (Book: Dame Fortune's Fancy)
Marquis of Lytham - (Book: Damnable Rogue, A)
Morgan Pryce - (Book: Dance of Seduction)
Matthew Morgan - (Book: Dangerous)
Maxwell Brooke, Duke of Lyle - (Book: Dangerous Duke, The)
Miles Cavanagh - (Book: Dangerous Joy)
Miles Cavanagh - (Book: Dangerous Joy (reprint))
Marcus Cordell
- (Book: Dangerous Passions)
Morgan Pendaris - (Book: Dangerous Seduction)
Marcus Lytton
Earl of Wrotham
- (Book: Dangerous to Hold)
Matt - (Book: Dark Of The Moon)
Maugin - (Book: Daughter of the Fox (ebook))
Mar - (Book: Daughter of the Red Deer)
Moses Wyman - (Book: Daylight Comes)
Matthew Falconer
Viscount Radley
- (Book: Dear Lady Disdain)
Max Strake - (Book: Dearest Max)
Major Tyverne - (Book: Debt to Delia, A)
Morgan Slade - (Book: Deceive Not My Heart)
Marcus, Earl of Stockhaven - (Book: Deceived)
Marquess of Damon - (Book: Deceptive Bequest, A)
Max Grant - (Book: Desert Fire)
Michael DeWinter - (Book: Desert Song)
Maxwell Barrett - (Book: Desire Me)
Mitch Brady - (Book: Desparate Hearts)
Macrath Sinclair - (Book: Devil of Clan Sinclair)
Marquess of Devellyn - (Book: Devil to Pay, The)
Marshall Ross - (Book: Devil Wears Tartan, The)
Marc Hamilton - (Book: Devil's Bargain)
Marquis of Capel - (Book: Devil's Daughter, The)
Morgan de Lacy - (Book: Devil's Lady)
Michael Ingram
Marquis of Darfield.
- (Book: Devil's Love, The)
Marquess of Rothgar - (Book: Devilish (reissue))
Matthew Quinlan - Quinn - (Book: Diamond in the Rough)
Marquis of Bessacarr - (Book: Disdainful Marquis, The)
Mark Cheney,
Earl of Dartmouth
- (Book: Double Deception, A)
Marius Devron
Duke of Eversleigh
- (Book: Double Wager, The)
Matthew Hawthorne - (Book: Dove's Way)
Maelgwn - (Book: Dragon's Dream)
Madoc ap Owain, Prince - (Book: Dreamstone, The)
Maximus Batten - (Book: Duke of Midnight)
Duke of Arden
- (Book: Duke's Design, The)
Marcus Langley
Earl of Rutherford
- (Book: Dutiful Rake, The)
Marcus Langley
Earl of Rutherford
- (Book: Dutiful Rake, The (UK))
Matthew Turnbull - (Book: Dwelling Place, The )
Muley Abul Hassan - (Book: Eagle and the Dove, The)
Mark, Earl of Bridgeport - (Book: Earl's Revenge, The)
Maxwell - (Book: Earls Just Want to Have Fun)
Matthew Coulter - (Book: Early Dawn)
Matthew Callahan - (Book: Edge of Dawn)
Marquis of Shalford - (Book: Elusive Marriage, The)
Miles Christian
Marquess of Wynter
- (Book: Elusive Passion)
Morgan McCormack, Lt. Colonel - (Book: Embrace and Conquer)
Morgan McCormack, Lieutenant Col. - (Book: Embrace And Conquer (ebook))
Morgan Trenchard - (Book: Embrace the Flame)
Matt Riordan - (Book: Embrace the Wind)
March Addison - (Book: Emerald Rain)
Michael Scanlon - (Book: Emerald's Hope)
Mr. Knightley - (Book: Emma (reissue))
Michael Rowan - (Book: Enchanted Afternoon)
Marcus Magnus - (Book: Enslaved)
Michael Lawrence - (Book: Enticing the Spymaster (ebook))
Marcus Hadley
Earl of Ellston
- (Book: Errant Earl, The)
Matthew Harris, Earl of Blackburn - (Book: Every Time We Kiss)
Matthew Forrester
Earl of Southerton
- (Book: Everything I Ever Wanted)
Marcus Endicott - (Book: Exquisite Marriage, The (ebook))
Magnus fitz Julien - (Book: Eyes of Love)
Macauley Cain - (Book: Fair is the Rose)
Martin Willesden
Earl of Merton
- (Book: Fair Juno)
Michael Poole - (Book: Fall of a Saint, The)
Maximillian Ravenscar - (Book: Faro's Daughter)
Max Ravenscar - (Book: Faro's Daughter (new edition))
Madison Randolph - (Book: Fern)
Miles Strickland
Earl of Langley
- (Book: Fifth Kiss, The)
Mr. Gill - (Book: Fifth Proposal, The)
Michael Sutton
Duke of St. Maur
- (Book: Fire and Innocence)
Morgan Trelane - (Book: Fire Raven)
Morgan Glenn - (Book: Firelands, The)
Matt Jackson - (Book: Flame)
Miles Bancroft - (Book: Flawless)
Malcolm MacGregor - (Book: Fleeting Splendor)
Marcus Blackerby - (Book: Flight of Fancy)
Matt Cordell - (Book: Follow The Wind)
Marsh - (Book: For Pete's Sake)
Michael McEvoy - (Book: Forbidden Garden (reprint))
Matthew Joseph Milton - (Book: Forever a Lady)
Mason Mahaffey - (Book: Forever Victoria)
Mark Van Holden - (Book: Forever, My Love)
Marcus Aurelius Thorne - (Book: Fortune's Fancy)
Matthew Forrest - (Book: Fortune's Fire)
Maxwell Darby - (Book: Fortune's Fools)
Matthew Walsingham - (Book: Fortune-Hunters, The)
Max Rotherbridge
Duke of Twyford
- (Book: Four in Hand)
Max Rotherbridge
Duke of Twyford
- (Book: Four In Hand (reissue))
Matthew Tanner - (Book: Foxfire Bride)
Marcus Carne - (Book: Francesca)
Marquis of Alverstoke - (Book: Frederica)
Mike Callahan - (Book: Frontier Temptress)
Marcus Pelham
Earl of Stamford
- (Book: Further Than Passion)
Marcus Pelham
Earl of Stamford
- (Book: Further Than Passion (reissue))
Maximillian Stanford - (Book: Gallant Guardian, The)
Morgan Kane - (Book: Gambler in Love)
Mark Tarrington
Earl of Winslade
- (Book: Gentleman's Mistress, A)
Mr. Shannon - (Book: Georgina (reissue))
Matthew Gerrity - (Book: Gerrity's Bride)
Marquess of Ransley - (Book: Gifted Lady, A)
Mark - (Book: Golden Desire)
Marquis Vincente - (Book: Golden Paradise)
Marquess of Tregaron - (Book: Grand Design, A)
Marquis of Stefton - (Book: Grand Gesture, A)
Matthew Lotherwood
Marquis of Bradbourne
- (Book: Grand Passion, The)
Marcus Fitzpane - (Book: Haunting of Henrietta, The)
Marshall Hanley Bedford, Marquis of Waltham - (Book: He Said Yes)
Marcus Bradley - (Book: He's No Prince Charming)
Mike Finnegan - (Book: Healing, The)
Malcolm Kirkpatrick - (Book: Heart and the Heather, The)
Mark Warne - (Book: Heart in Disguise, A)
Michael Keynes - (Book: Heart of the Tiger)
Matthew Weston - (Book: Her Highness, My Wife)
Martin Tafft - (Book: Her Leading Man)
Matthieu Bouchet - (Book: Here Is My Heart)
Monstuart - (Book: Hermit's Daughter, The)
Miles Trilby
Earl of Walmsley
- (Book: Hidden Heart, The)
Morgan Grey
- (Book: Highland Heather)
Morgan Grey
- (Book: Highland Heather (UK))
Munro Forrest - (Book: Highland Lady)
Michael Mingary
Earl of Kintyre
- (Book: Highland Spirits)
Myles Campbell - (Book: Highland Surrender)
Marcus MacPherson - (Book: Highland Vixen)
Malcolm MacKenzie - (Book: Highlander Avenged)
Magnus Darroch - (Book: Highlander's Dark Seduction, The (ebook))
Mitch Kincade - (Book: Hired Husband, The )
Mitch Kincade - (Book: Hired Husband, The (UK))
Marquis Warrick Barry - (Book: His for the Taking)
Morgan Braedon - (Book: His Heart's Delight)
Earl Blakehurst
- (Book: His Lady Mistress)
Earl Blakehurst
- (Book: His Lady Mistress (UK))
Marcus, Lord Rokeby - (Book: His Lordship's Dilemma (UK))
Marcus, Lord Reresby - (Book: His Rebel Bride)
Marcus, Lord Reresby - (Book: His Rebel Bride (UK))
Marquess of Longhaven - (Book: His Sinful Secret)
Malcolm Rannoch - (Book: His Spanish Bride (ebook))
Marquis of Radford - (Book: Hold Fast to Love)
Matthew Gage - (Book: Hooked)
Mr. Latimer - (Book: Horatia)
Major Andrew Garrett - (Book: Horse Soldier, The)
Michael Fraser - (Book: Houseparty, The)
Merrick - (Book: How to Disgrace a Lady)
Mallory St. Martin - (Book: I'll Be Yours (ebook))
Michael Anstruther-Wetherby - (Book: Ideal Bride, The)
Lord Massingham
- (Book: Ideal Match, An)
Miles Ripley
Earl of Severn
- (Book: Ideal Wife, The)
Miles Ripley
Earl of Severn
- (Book: Ideal Wife, The (reissue))
Malcolm Rannoch - (Book: Imperial Scandal)
Matthew Meredith
Earl of Settle
- (Book: Impetuous Twin, The)
Merrick Welbourne - (Book: Impostor's Kiss, The)
Marquess of Warne - (Book: Improper Widow, An)
Michael Durant - (Book: In Bed With the Duke)
Marc, Viscount Steyne - (Book: In My Lady's Chamber)
Morgan Longstreet - (Book: In Want of a Wife)
Marcus - (Book: Incomparable Countess, The)
Viscount Breckonridge
- (Book: Incomparable Miss Compton, The)
Marcus Radwell, Duke of Haughleigh - (Book: Inconvenient Duchess, The)
Mitchell Holcomb, Major - (Book: Inconvenient Heir, An)
Matthew Riverton
Lord Calder
- (Book: Independent Lady, An)
Earl of Hawkbridge
- (Book: Independent Lady, An)
Earl of Hawkbridge
- (Book: Independent Lady, An (Large print))
Maximillian Broderick - (Book: Indigo Blade, The)
Matthew Seaton, Captain - (Book: Innocence Undone)
Mathew Seaton - (Book: Innocence Undone (reissue))
Max Coleridge - (Book: Innocent Debutante in Hanover Square, An)
Malcolm MacLeod - (Book: Intended, The)
Morgan Ashton
Duke of Gillingham
- (Book: Intimate Betrayal)
Monty Randolph - (Book: Iris)
Marquess of Clare - (Book: Irish Rake, The)
Michael O'Ryan - (Book: Irish Rogue, The)
Mitchell Williams - (Book: Island Fire)
Mitchell Williams - (Book: Island Fire (reissue))
Matthew Cabe - (Book: Island Snatchers, The)
Marcus Marsden,
Earl of Westcliffe
- (Book: It Happened One Autumn)
Matthew Hunter - (Book: Jade)
Marndale - (Book: Jennie Kissed Me)
Marquis of Lyndhurst - (Book: Jewelene)
Montgomery Pelham, Baron - (Book: Jilting of Baron Pelham, The)
Mac McAdam - (Book: Jordan's Heart)
Morgan O’Connor - (Book: Just One Kiss)
Michael Tremayne
Marquess of Falconridge
- (Book: Just Wicked Enough)
Max Trent - (Book: Kate )
Morgan St. James - (Book: Keeper Of My Heart)
Mike Cooper - (Book: Kelly's Chance)
Earl of Wroxeter
- (Book: King's Pawn)
Earl of Wroxeter
- (Book: King's Pawn (UK))
Myles Donal - (Book: Knight Before Christmas, The)
Malachi Breedlove - (Book: Knight In A Black Hat)
Marc de Sens - (Book: Knight's Captive, A)
Matt Drago - (Book: Lacey's Way)
Marcus Justus - (Book: Lady Adventuress)
Michael Ashford - (Book: Lady Alexandra's Excellent Adventure)
Earl of Trevithick
- (Book: Lady Allerton's Wager)
Miles Courtenay - (Book: Lady and the Rake, The)
Marquess of Darkefell - (Book: Lady Anne and the Howl in the Dark)
Miles Griffin
Marquis of Wexford
- (Book: Lady At Risk)
Marquess of Haverstock - (Book: Lady by Chance, A)
Mr. Roberts
Robert Atherington
- (Book: Lady Harriet's Harvest)
Marcus St. John
Marquis of Treymount
- (Book: Lady in Red)
Mac Mackenzie - (Book: Lady Isabella's Scandalous Marriage)
Miles Loredan, Viscount Dearbourn - (Book: Lady Killer)
Marcus Granton - (Book: Lady Lost)
Michael Lindley - (Book: Lady Midnight)
Morgan Beauchamp - (Book: Lady of Distinction, A)
Marcus North or Sir Albin Drysdale - (Book: Lady of Property, A)
Marcus Arrius Julianus - (Book: Lady of the Light)
Myles Fenwick
Earl of St. Quinton
- (Book: Lady Sara's Scheme)
Myles Fenwick
Earl of St. Quinton
- (Book: Lady Sarah's Scheme (reissue))
Maxim Hastings, Sir - (Book: Lady Scandal)
Miles Renwick, Colonel - (Book: Lady Who Hated Shakespeare, The)
Marc de Courtenay - (Book: Lady with the Devil's Scar)
Marquess of Worth - (Book: Lady's Deception, A)
Martin Hargrove - (Book: Lady's Guide to Ruin, A )
Marcus Allingham - (Book: Ladyship, The (Hardcover))
Marcus Allingham - (Book: Ladyship, The (reissue))
Magnus Galbraith - (Book: Laird's Choice)
Malcolm McNair - (Book: Laird's Lady, The)
Michael Brodie - (Book: Laird, The)
Major Booker Hayes - (Book: Land of Dreams)
Matthew Thorn - (Book: Land of Gold)
Mallory Diccon Paisley,
- (Book: Lanterns)
Mallory Diccon Paisley,
- (Book: Lanterns (Hardcover))
Marcus Brooke - (Book: Larcenous Affair, A)
Mark Thorburn - (Book: Lass Wore Black, The)
Morgan Slater - (Book: Law And Miss Penny, The)
Moss Tucker - (Book: Lawless Love)
Magnus - (Book: Legendary Warrior)
Matthais Thomas - (Book: Less Than a Gentleman)
Michael Jeffres - (Book: Letter, The)
Marcus Calpurnius Aquila - (Book: Liberty)
Miles Redmond - (Book: Like No Other Lover)
Major Caleb Halliday - (Book: Lily and the Major)
Major Bret Holden - (Book: Lions of the Desert)
Monroe Grisham - (Book: Little Bit Scandalous, A (ebook))
Marcus Kincaid - (Book: Little Bit Wicked (ebook))
Matthew Kingsley
Viscount Glendale
- (Book: London Season, A)
Michael Edward Halboro, Marquis of St. Aubyn - (Book: London's Perfect Scoundrel)
Marcus Carlow,
Lord Stanegate
- (Book: Lord and the Wayward Lady, The)
Marquess of Carew - (Book: Lord Carew's Bride)
Marcus Galveston - (Book: Lord Galveston and the Ghost)
Mark Adair - (Book: Lord Harry's Daughter)
Marcus Rutledge, Sir - (Book: Lord Huntingdon's Legacy)
Matthew Carstairs
Earl of Langdon
- (Book: Lord Langton's Tutor)
Morgan St. John - (Book: Lord of Enchantment)
Malcolm Duncan - (Book: Lord of Fire)
Michael Langssonn - (Book: Lord of Thunder)
Miles Kennestone, Lord St. Leger - (Book: Lord St. Leger's Find)
Michael Donovan - (Book: Louisiana Passion)
Matthew Webster - (Book: Love Affair for Lizzie, A)
Matthew - (Book: Love Evergreen)
Miles Fletcher - (Book: Love Knot, The)
Michael Ranier - (Book: Love With The Perfect Scoundrel)
Marcus Holcroft
Earl of Pennington
- (Book: Love With The Proper Husband)
Marcus Armstrong - (Book: Love's First Surrender)
Marcus Kingsley - (Book: Love's Masquerade)
Miles Gilbert - (Book: Love's Parole)
Martin Bothemer, Captain - (Book: Love's Serenade)
Michel des Anges - (Book: Lover, The)
Michael Maurice - (Book: Loving Enemies)
Malcolm Sinclair - (Book: Loving Rose)
Matt Weston - (Book: Maggie's Wish)
Marc O'Brien - (Book: Magic and the Texan)
Mordred - (Book: Magic of Camelot, The)
Marcus Hamilton - (Book: Magic Token, The (ebook))
Mikhail Kirov
- (Book: Magnificient Match, A)
Major William Maitland - (Book: Major and the Country Miss, The (UK))
Marcus Forrester - (Book: Major and the Pickpocket, The)
Major Daniel Westhaven - (Book: Major Westhaven's Unwilling Ward)
Malcolm Le Farouche - (Book: Malcolm's Honor)
Michael Mallory
Earl of Clairbourne
- (Book: Mango Summer)
Marquis of Stafford - (Book: Manner of a Lady)
Myles Cade McDowell - (Book: Marci's Desire)
Matt Barton - (Book: Marna)
Marquis of Jarred - (Book: Marquis and the Miss, The)
Michael Lyndon - (Book: Marrying Miss Bumblebroth)
Myles Thorwood - (Book: Marrying Season, The)
Marsh Hawk - (Book: Marsh Hawk, The)
Marshal Fletcher Collins - (Book: Marshal and Mrs. O'Malley, The)
Malcolm - (Book: Mask Of The Enchantress, The)
Marquis of Ranceford - (Book: Masked Marquis, The)
Miles Dorrington - (Book: Masque of the Black Tulip, The)
Miles Dorrington - (Book: Masque of the Black Tulip, The (reissue))
Max Leighton - (Book: Master of Temptation, The)
Montague - (Book: Masterful Mr. Montague, The)
Marquess of Silverton - (Book: Mastering the Marquess)
Marcus Cynster - (Book: Match for Marcus Cynster, A)
Lord Desmond
- (Book: Matched Pair)
Marcus Copeland - (Book: Matchmaker, The)
Matt Lassiter - (Book: Matt)
Matthew Graham - (Book: Matthew)
Miles Broderick, Viscount Linden - (Book: Maverick Heart)
Morgan Shane - (Book: McKettrick Christmas, A)
Mr. Kestrel - (Book: Memoirs of a Hoyden)
Marcus Forester
Earl of Clairmont
- (Book: Merry Escapade, A)
Morgan Parnell - (Book: Midnight Bandit)
Maximilian St. Claire
Duke of Trent
- (Book: Midnight Clear, A)
Midnight Falcon - (Book: Midnight Falcon)
Morgan - (Book: Midnight Fire)
Morgan Stone - (Book: Mischief)
Matthias Marshall
Earl of Colchester
- (Book: Mischief)
Mark Courtland - (Book: Mischievous Matchmaker, The)
Marcus, the Earl of Barrington - (Book: Misfit Match)
Matthew Bering - (Book: Miss Chartley's Guided Tour)
Max Davenant - (Book: Miss Lacey's Last Fling)
Mr. Harding - (Book: Miss Prentiss and the Yankee)
Matthew Severs, Earl of Raleigh - (Book: Missing Brides, The)
Matthew Severs
Earl of Raleigh
- (Book: Missing Brides, The)
Marcus, Lord Angmering - (Book: Missing Marchioness, The)
Marcus Valerius Cloud
Earl of Masters
- (Book: Mistress)
Max Warfield - (Book: Mistress Mischief)
Marquess of Singleton - (Book: Mistress of Mishap)
Prince of Powys
- (Book: Moment In Time, A (reissue))
Michael Cord - (Book: Moon-Kissed Promises)
Mick - (Book: Moonlight Whispers)
Major Damon Collingham - (Book: More Than a Governess)
Marcus Dunn, Major - (Book: More Than A Scandal)
Morgan - (Book: Morgan's Woman)
Moses Wyman - (Book: Morning Sky)
Marcus Heywood
Duke of Torringford
- (Book: Most Suitable Duchess, A)
Marcus Richmond
Marquis of Dene
- (Book: Most Unsuitable Duchess, A)
Marquess of Counterton - (Book: Most Wicked of Sins, The)
Mr. Knightley - (Book: Mr Knightley's Diary)
Michael Fallon, Major
Duke of Ravenspur
- (Book: Must Have Been the Moonlight)
Morgan Chalstrey - (Book: My Lady Beloved)
Merrick of Normandy - (Book: My Lord Conqueror)
Miles Warwick - (Book: My Only Love)
Meriweather Lewis - (Book: My Theodosia)
Marquis of Dartford - (Book: Nabob's Widow, The)
Marcus Ravenhurst - (Book: Neglectful Guardian, The)
Matthew Leland, Captain - (Book: Never Marry A Stranger)
Michael Corday - (Book: Night Fires)
Marcus Delaine, Captain
Earl of Hawksmoor
- (Book: Night Secrets)
Marcus Drake - (Book: Night Shadow)
Malcolm Blackfriars - (Book: Ninefold Key, The)
Mason St. Clair
Earl of Ashlin
- (Book: No Marriage Of Convenience)
Marcus Kane
Lord Chadwick
- (Book: No Place for a Lady)
Max Dysart - (Book: No Place for a Lady)
Marc Aragon - (Book: No Sweeter Ecstasy)
Maximilian de Rohan - (Book: No True Gentleman)
Marcus Livius Tullion - (Book: Noble Captive, A)
Marquess of Ellerton - (Book: Notorious Marquess, The)
Marc Antonio Velasquez - (Book: Notorious Woman, A)
Matthew Tucker - (Book: Now and Forever)
Michael Patrick O'Brian - (Book: O'Brian's Bride)
Martin Fulbridge
Earl of Dexter.
- (Book: On A Wild Night)
Maximilian - (Book: On The Night Of The Seventh Moon)
Marshall Lockwood - (Book: Once a Duchess)
Malcolm MacFane - (Book: Once A Warrior)
McCady Trelawny - (Book: Once in a Blue Moon)
Matthew Mortimer - (Book: Once Upon a Moonlit Night (ebook novella))
Marcus Ramsay - (Book: One Night with a Spy)
Marcus Ramsay - (Book: One Night with a Spy (reissue))
Miles Rutledge
Marquis of Ransome
- (Book: One Touch of Magic)
Madsen Bold - (Book: One Wild Rose)
Max Vallerand - (Book: Only in Your Arms)
Marcus Sinclair - (Book: Only In Your Arms)
Matt - (Book: Only You)
Michael Devane - (Book: Out Of Hell (ebook))
Matthew Stone - (Book: Painted Horse)
Marquis of Mandell - (Book: Painted Veil, The)
Max Stanhope - (Book: Pale Moon Stalker)
Malcolm Bercombe
Earl of Strongwycke
- (Book: Pamela's Second Season)
Malik Bey - (Book: Panther's Prey)
Malcolm Rannoch - (Book: Paris Affair, The)
Malcolm Rannoch - (Book: Paris Plot, The (ebook))
Morgan Larkspur - (Book: Parlor House Daughter, The)
Mark Randolph Hawkmore - (Book: Passion)
Marc Riodan
- (Book: Passion's Dream)
Matthew Donovan
- (Book: Passion's Flame)
Michael - (Book: Passion's Tempest)
Morgan Lyons,
Earl of Westcliffe
- (Book: Passions of Wicked Earl)
Marsh Logan - (Book: Passions Wild and Free)
Matthew Morgan Hawkmore - (Book: Patience)
Max Westbrook,
- (Book: Perfect Match, The)
Malachai Quarles - (Book: Perfect Romance, A)
Marcus Hawksley - (Book: Perfect Scandal, A)
Maxwell Beecher - (Book: Phantom of the Bathtub, The)
Marcus Anstruther - (Book: Pink Parasol, The)
Marcus Anstruther - (Book: Pink Parasol, The (UK))
Marco Glaviano - (Book: Pirate )
Morgan Drake - (Book: Pirate of Her Own, A)
Martin Ballard, Lieutenant - (Book: Playing With Fire)
Max Purefoy - (Book: Pleasure of Bedding a Baroness, The)
Mark Verelst
- (Book: Poor Relation, The)
Magnus Wallis - (Book: Portrait of a Lover)
Maximilian Dane - (Book: Practically Wicked)
Mitch Bryant - (Book: Prairie Angel )
Mitch Dawson - (Book: Prairie Paradise)
Max Birmingham - (Book: Precious Passion)
Michael Emmanuel - (Book: Prelude)
Major Quentin - (Book: Pretty Kitty)
Mr. FitzWilliam Darcy - (Book: Pride and Prejudice (reissue))
Mr. FitzWilliam Darcy - (Book: Pride and Prejudice (reissue))
Marquess of Crewe - (Book: Primrose Path, The)
Max Romanovin - (Book: Prince and I, The)
Michael St. Clair
- (Book: Prince of Danger)
Magnus Sinclair - (Book: Princess of the Veil)
MacHeath, Captain - (Book: Prodigal Hero, The)
Morgan Kane - (Book: Promise Me Forever)
Marcus - (Book: Property of a Gentleman, The (UK))
Mick Tremore - (Book: Proposition,The (ebook))
Morgan Pierce - (Book: Prospero's Daughter)
Morvan Fitzwaryn - (Book: Protector, The)
Viscount Marlbrooke
- (Book: Puritan Bride)
Viscount Marlbrooke
- (Book: Puritan Bride (UK))
Matthew Elliot - (Book: Question of Honor, A)
Marcus Quicksilver - (Book: Quicksilver's Catch)
Mac - (Book: Raining Fire)
Max Ransleigh - (Book: Rake to Ruin Her, The)
Marcus Wolfe - (Book: Rake's Final Conquest, The)
Merrick Von Hayden - (Book: Rapture's Legacy)
Michael Hockett - (Book: Rapture's Rendezvous (mass market reissue))
Michael Hopper - (Book: Rapture's Rendezvous (reissue))
Matthew Blake - (Book: Rapture's Revenge)
Marcus Bannerman - (Book: Raven)
Merlin Seymour - (Book: Raven and the Dove, The)
Marcus Demeter - (Book: Raven and the Rose, The)
Mason Alexander - (Book: Razzle Dazzle)
Mace Donovan - (Book: Rebel in His Arms)
Major Trevor Caldwell - (Book: Rebel Mine)
Minton Navarro - (Book: Reckless Ecstasy)
Michael Rafferty - (Book: Redeeming the Rogue)
Micah - (Book: Redemption of Micah, The)
Marcus Redwyck
Earl of Amberly
- (Book: Redwyck Charm, The)
Marcus Harvey
Earl of Wynwood
- (Book: Regency Match, A)
Matthew Knight - (Book: Reluctant Hero, The (ebook))
Major Brad Fullerton - (Book: Remembrance)
Matthew Suede - (Book: Renegade Most Wanted)
Michael Blackthorne - (Book: Return of the Viscount)
Matthew Taylor - (Book: Revealed)
Mike Dolan - (Book: Ribbon in the Sky)
Michael David Lawrence
Duke of Smythington
- (Book: Ride The Wind Home)
Malachi Slater - (Book: Rides A Hero)
Malachi Slater - (Book: Rides a Hero)
Marco Rinaldi - (Book: Rinaldi's Revenge)
Milton Hemming - (Book: Road To Paradise Island, The)
Matson Brentwood - (Book: Rogue Steals a Bride, A)
Marquess of Perryn - (Book: Rogue's Embrace, A)
MacDonald Archer - (Book: Rogue's Promise, A)
Merlyn, Laird of Ravensmuir - (Book: Rogue, The)
Michael Kenyon
Marquess of Stokeford
- (Book: Romancing The Rogue)
Marcus Childe
Earl of Roxbrough
- (Book: Romany Rebel, The)
Matthew - (Book: Rose and the Thorn, The)
Marcus Lithgow - (Book: Ruin of a Rogue, The)
Magnus MacKinnon
Earl of Somerton
- (Book: Rules of Engagement)
Max, Lord Roseby - (Book: Rules of Passion)
Marsh Pembroke
Earl of Morland
- (Book: Runaways, The)
Morgan Carey, Sir - (Book: Sable)
Magnus MacKay - (Book: Saint, The)
Martin Mitchell - (Book: Sandalwood Tree, The (hardcover))
Mitchell Redmond - (Book: Sanguinet's Crown)
Midnight Wolf, Chief - (Book: Savage Intrigue)
Morgan Prescott - (Book: Savage Summer)
Mad Dog Jones - (Book: Savage, The)
Major Morgan Trask - (Book: Savannah Heat)
Maxen Pendery - (Book: Saxon Bride)
Mark Wyndham - (Book: Scandal at Greystone Manor (ebook))
Matthew Swift - (Book: Scandal in Spring)
Maximillian von Staufer - (Book: Scandalous Adventure, A)
Mickey O'Connor - (Book: Scandalous Desires)
Marquis of Vale - (Book: Scandalous Marquis, The)
Max Talgarth, Sir - (Book: Scandalous Publication, A)
Morgan MacCraig - (Book: Scandalous Scot, A)
Marquis of Langston - (Book: Scandals)
Michael Alton - (Book: Scheme of Things, The)
Malcolm MacCabe - (Book: Scotsmen Prefer Blondes)
Miles Montague, Duke of Remmington - (Book: Scoundrel)
Marcus Fitzalan - (Book: Scoundrel in Disguise)
Myles Dampier - (Book: Sea Wife, The)
Magnus Haraldsson - (Book: Season of the Sun)
Marquess of Warrick - (Book: Second Match, A)
Max Quinton - (Book: Second Seduction of a Lady, The)
Maximilian Hawthorne - (Book: Secrets of a Soprano)
Max - (Book: Secrets of an Accidental Duchess)
Michael Trent
Earl of Westhampton
- (Book: Secrets of the Heart)
Malcolm Slayter - (Book: Secrets to Seducing a Scot)
Marcus Worthorne - (Book: Seduction in Scarlet, A)
Marcus Finley - (Book: Seduction of Lady Phoebe, The)
Lord Stayne
- (Book: Sergeant Major's Daughter, The)
Lord Stayne
- (Book: Sergeant Major's Daughter, The)
Monty Randolph - (Book: Seven Brides: Iris (reissue))
Viscount Downing
- (Book: Seven Secrets of Seduction)
Morgan Kane - (Book: Shadow Play)
Montague Chamford - (Book: Shadows on the Nile)
Michael Kenyon - (Book: Shattered Rainbows)
Matt Logan - (Book: Shotgun Groom)
Morgan Hamilton - (Book: Silver Jasmine)
Matt Steele - (Book: Silver Kiss, The)
Max McCord - (Book: Silver Lining)
Matthew Devenport
Marquess Langston
- (Book: Sleepless at Midnight)
Madoc Vaughan, Sir - (Book: Smuggler's Daughter, The)
Miles Seward - (Book: Smuggler's Heart)
Maxim - (Book: So Worthy My Love)
Matthew Blackwood - (Book: Soldier's Heart, A)
Munro MacLawry - (Book: Some Like It Scot)
Mick McCann - (Book: Somebody Wonderful)
Mikolai Stefanski - (Book: Something Shady)
Marquess of Foxborough - (Book: Song for a Lady (Hardcover))
Morgan Evans - (Book: Southern Devil, The)
Matt Bower - (Book: Southern Treasures)
Michel Gericault - (Book: Sparhawk Bride, The)
Mark Delacourt
Earl of Coltrane
- (Book: Spirited Affair, A)
Maximilian Hawke - (Book: Splendor)
Marcus of Anglesmore - (Book: Stealing Heaven)
Marcus of Anglesmore - (Book: Stealing Heaven (reissue))
Marquis of Templeton - (Book: Stealing the Bride)
Malcolm Mackenzie - (Book: Stolen Mackenzie Bride, The)
Marshal Shane - (Book: Stolen Wishes )
Michael Tarrington - (Book: Straight for the Heart)
Mac Weaver - (Book: Stranger in Paradise)
Max D'Avenant - (Book: Stranger's Kiss, A)
Max Worthe - (Book: Strangers at Dawn)
Mano Mateo - (Book: Summer Splendor)
Marcus - (Book: Surrender)
Montana Bartholomew Creed - (Book: Surrender a Dream)
Marcus Sherbrook - (Book: Surrender Becomes Her)
Marcus Sherbrook - (Book: Surrender Becomes Her (mass market))
Martin Langdon - (Book: Surrender to a Scoundrel)
Micah St. Charles - (Book: Sweet Dalliance)
Marshal Travis Kincaid - (Book: Sweet Fury)
Morgan Harris - (Book: Sweet Sensations)
Morgan Daniels - (Book: Sweet Texas Dreams)
Marquis of Jardine - (Book: Sweetest Little Sin)
Moss Collier - (Book: Sweetwood Bride, The)
Marcellus Valerius - (Book: Sword of Rome)
Morgan Scott - (Book: Taken By You)
Mateo Cardea - (Book: Tall, Dark and Disreputable)
Earl of d’Arenville
- (Book: Tallie's Knight)
Michael Hurst - (Book: Taming of a Scottish Princess)
Malcolm Grant - (Book: Taming of Malcolm Grant, The)
Marc Henry
Marquis of Hazelmere
- (Book: Tangled Reins)
Mr. Darcy - (Book: Temporary Bride, The)
Max Hastings - (Book: Tempt Me Not)
Maximilian - (Book: Temptation Has Green Eyes)
Michael Severson - (Book: Temptation of a Proper Governess)
Maximillian Burke - (Book: Temptation of Your Touch, The)
Matt Prescott - (Book: Temptation's Price)
Max Falconer - (Book: Tempting)
Mike MacAllister - (Book: Tender is the Touch)
Matt Ingram - (Book: Tennessee Moon)
Matthew Cade - (Book: Texas Conquest)
Max McDowell - (Book: Texas Gold)
Max McDowell - (Book: Texas Gold (UK))
Michael de Grey - (Book: That Scandalous Summer)
Myles Chilcot
Lord Deveron
- (Book: Theodora)
Marcus Barrow - (Book: Thing of Beauty, A)
Matt Mathieson - (Book: This Side of Heaven)
Marcus Thorne - (Book: Thornbrook Park)
Myles Cunningham
- (Book: Threads of Destiny)
Merrick MacLachlan - (Book: Three Little Secrets)
Mattheus - (Book: Three Weeks to Wed)
Marcus Merrivale - (Book: Time For Silence, A)
Michael l'Ecossais - (Book: Timeswept)
Michael Layward - (Book: To Charm a Naughty Countess)
Count di Fabruzzi
- (Book: To Kiss a Count)
Miles Montgomery
Earl of Stratford
- (Book: To Love A Princess)
Maxwell, Lord Montrose - (Book: To Love a Wicked Lord)
Marquess of Drakefield - (Book: To Marry A Marquess)
Montgomery Darby - (Book: To Marry an Heiress)
Marcus Pierce - (Book: To Pleasure a Lady)
Marcus North
Viscount Draker
- (Book: To Pleasure A Prince)
Michael Stewart, Sir - (Book: To Tempt a Gentleman)
Miles Croft
Viscount Pelham
- (Book: To Wed a Stranger)
Mark Thayne - (Book: Too Dangerous For a Lady)
Michael Farrow
Earl of Winchester
- (Book: Too Hot To Handle)
Michael Stevens - (Book: Total Surrender)
Michael Stevens - (Book: Total Surrender (reissue))
Marcus Jeffries
Earl of Wyndham
- (Book: Trouble With Harriet, The)
Marshall MacDougal - (Book: Troublemaker, The)
Magnus Titus Snow
Viscount of Camcen Hall
- (Book: True Lady, A)
Malcolm Eden - (Book: Tudor Secret, The)
Mark - (Book: Twilight Secrets)
Michael Winslow
Duke of Fairfax
- (Book: Twin Peril)
Meredith Carruthers - (Book: Tyrant, The)
Marquess of Wrotham - (Book: Ugly Duckling, The)
Michael Templeton
Viscount Fairfax
- (Book: Unacceptable Offer, An)
Mark Turner - (Book: Unclaimed)
Malcolm Chase - (Book: Under the Wishing Star)
Marquess of Daniston
- (Book: Undomesticated Wife, An)
Matthew Bowen - (Book: Unforsaken)
Michael Bowen - (Book: Unlikely Wife, The)
Morgan MacKinnon - (Book: Untamed)
Macsen - (Book: Untamed)
Morgan MacKinnon - (Book: Untamed (reprint))
Merrick of Tregellas - (Book: Unwilling Bride, The)
Marquis of Granville - (Book: Useful Affair, A)
Matteo de Gama - (Book: Veiled Passions)
Marquess of Brodhurst - (Book: Veiled Vixen, The (Hardcover))
Miles Montgomery - (Book: Velvet Angel)
Marcus Tyrone - (Book: Velvet Lightning)
Earl of Wycliffe
- (Book: Vicar's Daughter, The)
Marquis of Tarn - (Book: Victoire (reissue))
Max, Lord Brough - (Book: Victory Summer)
Malcolm Rannoch - (Book: Vienna Waltz)
Marcus Devlin
Marquis of Carrington
- (Book: Virtue)
Matthew Fallon - (Book: Vision in Blue)
Mabon - (Book: Vixen Princess, The (ebook))
Michael Grey - (Book: Wager, The (ebook))
Mitch Anderson - (Book: Waiting For Eternity (ebook))
Mark Hunter - (Book: Wanton Bride, The (reissue))
Mark Hunter - (Book: Wanton Bride, The (UK))
Madoc of Llanpowell
- (Book: Warlord's Bride, The)
Marcus Flavius Donatus - (Book: Warrior Or Wife)
Michel de Martigny - (Book: Warrior's Game, The)
Michael Lammergeier - (Book: Warrior, The)
Marquis of Carraford - (Book: Wayward Governess, The)
Marcus Edenbridge - (Book: Wayward Governess, The)
Martin Davencourt - (Book: Wayward Widow)
Maximillian Wells
Earl of Trent
- (Book: Wedding Bargain, The)
Monroe Tacy - (Book: Wedding Dress, The)
Mangus MacKinnon - (Book: Wedding For A Knight)
Morse Archer
- (Book: Wedding Wager, The)
Mark Smythe - (Book: What a Duke Wants)
Marcus Reese
Duke of Essex
- (Book: What a Gentleman Wants)
Marcus Reese - (Book: What a Gentleman Wants (reissue))
Maximillien Redgrave - (Book: What a Hero Dares)
Maximilian Cale - (Book: What the Duke Desires)
Marcus - (Book: What to Do With a Duke)
Matthew - (Book: When Good Earls Go Bad (novella))
Michael Stirling - (Book: When He Was Wicked)
Michael Stirling - (Book: When He Was Wicked (Epilogue-ebook))
Marcus Longfellow, Earl of Renn - (Book: When It's Perfect)
Michael Redmond - (Book: When Love Remains)
Maximilien Vallerand - (Book: When Strangers Marry)
Manuel Mondragon - (Book: When the Heart is Right)
Matt Baldwin - (Book: Whirlwind Reunion)
Michael Wolf - (Book: Whisper in the Wind, A)
Maitland Spencer - (Book: Whisper of Desire, A (ebook))
Morgan MacDonnell - (Book: Whisper of Roses (reissue))
Morgan MacDonnell - (Book: Whisper of Roses, A)
Mannerby - (Book: Whispering Rocks, The)
Mathilda - (Book: White Deception)
Marquis of Bishton - (Book: Wicked Guardian, The)
Marquis of Vane - (Book: Wicked Little Game)
Marco Black - (Book: Wicked Temptation)
Maccus Brawley - (Book: Wicked Under the Covers)
Marshall Hawkesworth - (Book: Wickedly Ever After)
Earl of Kirkcaldy
- (Book: Wild Angel)
Marquis of Westleigh - (Book: Wild Jasmine)
Morgan York - (Book: Wild Southern Rose)
Matthew Cameron
Earl of Markholme
- (Book: Willed to Wed)
Matt Treadwell - (Book: Willow Embrace)
Miles Cavenham - (Book: Winning the War Hero's Heart (UK hardcover))
Miles Cavenham - (Book: Winning the War Hero's Heart (UK paperback))
Marquess of Ashart - (Book: Winter Fire)
Max Rossmara - (Book: Wish Club, The)
Moon Wolf - (Book: Wolf Shadow's Promise)
Merrick de Beaucort - (Book: Wonderful)
Myles Moorcroft - (Book: Working Man, Society Bride)
Myles Moorcroft - (Book: Working Man, Society Bride (UK))
Mr Elworthy - (Book: Worthy Gentleman, A)
Mr Elworthy - (Book: Worthy Gentleman. A)
Marcus Wyndham
Earl of Chase
- (Book: Wyndham Legacy, The)
Morgan Tolliver - (Book: Wyoming Widow)
Matthew T. Langtry - (Book: Wyoming Wildfire)


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