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Eye On Romance
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Ann Major

Meet Eye On Romance Featured  Author Ann Major
Marriage at the Cowboy's Demand
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Have you been looking for a certain hero? Remember the name but not the book title? Browse your favorite heros listed in order of hero's first name below!

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Heroes with first name starting with T

Click the hero's name to view the book and author.

Trevor Anaedsley - (Book: 50 Ways to Ruin a Rake)
Terrence, Marquis of Haversham - (Book: Actress & the Marquis, The)
Timothy Evans - (Book: After the Scandal)
Tucker Bandy - (Book: Alexandra's Ecstasy)
Tavis Maclagan - (Book: Amber Flame)
Tarquin Compton - (Book: Amorous Education of Celia Seaton, The)
Tom Randall - (Book: Angel of Devil's Camp, The)
Travis Colton - (Book: Apache Magic)
Travis Colton - (Book: Apache Magic (reissue))
Talbot Sutherland
- (Book: Ariane)
Therik - (Book: Ariane: Beloved Captive)
Trinity Smith - (Book: Arizona Embrace)
Trace McBride - (Book: Bad Luck Wedding Dress)
Timothy Carson - (Book: Bandit's Bride, The)
Terrance Winslow - (Book: Barely Proper)
Terrance Winslow - (Book: Barely Proper (reissue))
Tristan Tunstall - (Book: Baron's Betrayal, The (ebook))
Tré Devaux - (Book: Baron, The)
Tre Devaux - (Book: Baron, The (ebook))
Tom Marcus - (Book: Beachcomber, The)
Thayer - (Book: Beauty And The Beast)
Thayer Saiturn - (Book: Beauty and the Beast (reissue))
Thayer Saiturn - (Book: Beauty and the Beast (reissue))
Thayer Saiturn - (Book: Beauty and the Beast (reprint))
Treyhern - (Book: Beauty Like the Night)
Tom Trenchard - (Book: Beckoning Dream, The)
Thomas Donovan - (Book: Before the Larkspur Blooms)
Tarquin Rome
Earl of Hythe
- (Book: Best Laid Schemes)
T.J. Savage - (Book: Betray the Night)
Tykir Thorksson - (Book: Bewitched Viking (reissue))
Tykir Thorksson - (Book: Bewitched Viking, The)
Tobias Rakes - (Book: Bittersweet Summer)
Tynan Spenser
Earl of Glencove
- (Book: Black Angel, The)
Marquess of Chadwick
- (Book: Blade and the Bath Miss, The)
Trent Challenger - (Book: Bound by Desire)
Trevor Fallon - (Book: Branded)
Theodore Maximilian Prince - (Book: Breaking The Rules)
Thomas Moreland - (Book: Bride Wore Blue, The)
Trace Qualtrough - (Book: Bridget)
Tristan Savidge - (Book: Brittany)
Thomas Randolph - (Book: By Love's Command)
Trevor Dane, Captain - (Book: Captain's Bride, The)
Tanner Cloud, Captain - (Book: Captain's Lady, The)
Tony Brandt - (Book: Caress And Conquer)
Thomas Hall - (Book: Case for Romance, A (ebook))
Trey Wells - (Book: Cattleman's Unsuitable Wife, The)
Trevor - (Book: Celine)
Trevelyan de Monteforte
Duke of Buckingham
- (Book: Certain Reputation, A)
Tremayne - (Book: Chance of a Lifetime)
Tayg Munro - (Book: Charming the Shrew)
Trey - (Book: Chase the Lightning)
Trace Hambleton - (Book: Cherokee Wind)
Trace Durango - (Book: Cheyenne Princess)
Two Arrows - (Book: Cheyenne Song)
Tor MacLeod - (Book: Chief, The)
Timothy Crawford
Viscount Cheyney
- (Book: Christmas Bride, A)
Thomas Swinfield
Viscount Villiers
- (Book: Christmas Masquerade, A)
Travis Black Eagle - (Book: Comanche Eagle)
Three Wolves - (Book: Comanche Promise)
Tyler Sutter - (Book: Come a Little Closer)
Tearle Howard - (Book: Conquest, The)
Thomas Collinson - (Book: Counterfeit Husband, The)
Tristan Barton - (Book: Country House Courtship, The)
Tyler McCane - (Book: Courting Claire)
Tyler Kincaid - (Book: Crosswinds)
Tyler Randolph - (Book: Daisy)
Tynan MacDougald - (Book: Damask Rose)
Thunder, Thomas Bradley - (Book: Dance on the Wind)
Tony - (Book: Danger Wears White)
Timothy - (Book: Dangerous Lord, Innocent Governess (US edition))
Tarr of Hellewyk - (Book: Daring Twin, The)
Thomas Anson - (Book: Dark Earl, The)
Thomas Anson - (Book: Dark Earl, The (reprint mass market))
Trevin McBain - (Book: Dark Ruby)
Trevin McBain - (Book: Dark Ruby (ebook))
The Dark One Michael - (Book: Dark Warrior)
Travis Bodine - (Book: Defiant)
Tony Fletcher - (Book: Defiant Surrender)
The Desert Hawk - (Book: Desert Ecstacy)
Timothy Hendricks - (Book: Desire's Blossom)
Tanner Maddox - (Book: Desperado Passion)
Torch - (Book: Destined for a King (ebook))
Timothy Ryland - (Book: Devil's Dance, The (Hardcover))
Trey Hawthorne - (Book: Devotion)
Theo Ravenhurst - (Book: Disgraceful Mr. Ravenhurst, The)
Taylen Ellesmere - (Book: Dissolute Duke, The)
Trevelyn Deveridge - (Book: Distracting the Duchess)
Tobias March - (Book: Don't Look Back)
Tobias March - (Book: Don't Look Back (Hardcover))
Todd Wendover - (Book: Double Dealers, The)
Tony Linden - (Book: Double Deceit)
Trevelyn Montgomery - (Book: Duchess, The)
Tarquin - (Book: Duke is Mine, The)
Thomas Flander
Duke of Ravensfield
- (Book: Duke's Scandalous Secret, The)
Tom Walker - (Book: Dulcie Crowder Gets Her Man)
Trevor Rheese - (Book: Earl Next Door, The)
Tony Morland - (Book: East of Forever)
Trenton Kingsley
Duke of Broddington
- (Book: Echos In The Mist)
Trager - (Book: Ecstasy's Embrace)
Teague O'Neal - (Book: Education of Madeline, The)
Trace Taylor - (Book: Emerald Nights)
Teraf, John Wynter - (Book: Emerald Silk)
Teraf - (Book: Emerald Silk (ebook))
Terrence O’Reilly, Sir - (Book: Emily's Wish)
Tor Cameron - (Book: Enchanted Bride, The)
Thane Fitzhugh - (Book: Enchanted Desire)
Trevor, Marquess of Brandon - (Book: Enchanted Rendezvous)
Thurston Rande - (Book: Enchanting Jenny)
Thorn Stoddard, Captain - (Book: Enchantress)
Thorn Stoddard - (Book: Enchantress (reissue))
Tucker Anderson - (Book: Evening Star (Hardcover))
Tristan Lynton - (Book: Exeter's Daughter)
Trevor Whitlatch - (Book: Fair Game)
Trace O'Bannion - (Book: Fearless Hearts)
Tristram Leith - (Book: Feather Castles)
Viscount Gilmore
- (Book: Fine Silk Purse, A)
Theodore Harding - (Book: Finer Things, The)
Thaddeus Payne - (Book: Fire's Tender Kiss)
Trey Cameron - (Book: Fireglow)
Tristan Kent - (Book: First Comes Desire)
Tanner MacTavish - (Book: Flame)
Thorne Blakesford - (Book: Fly With The Eagle)
Tom Lannigan - (Book: Fool Me Once)
Tristan Wyndam - (Book: For the Love of Lila)
Taggart O'Rahilly - (Book: Forbidden Hearts)
Tyler Mackentie - (Book: Forever In His Arms)
Tate Montgomery - (Book: Forever Man, The)
Tristan Archer - (Book: From London With Love)
Tate Prescott Brown - (Book: From the Dust)
Thomas Radcliffe
- (Book: Gambler's Daughter, The)
Tristan Caileanach - (Book: Gladiator Heart (ebook))
Tancred Redwan - (Book: Golden Palaces)
Thomas Graham - (Book: Golden Spike, The)
Trevor Christian Caldwell
Earl of Huntwick
- (Book: Grace)
Tigernan - (Book: Grania)
Tom Bolt - (Book: Gunslinger, The)
Tom Wolcott - (Book: Harmony)
Tom Wolcott - (Book: Harmony (reprint))
Thomas of Roxburgh - (Book: Heart of a Knight)
Thor Draugr - (Book: Heart of Courage)
Traynor Bragette - (Book: Heart's Defiant)
Travis Braggette - (Book: Hearts Denied)
Travis Mackinnon - (Book: Heaven Knows)
Torridon - (Book: Her Grace's Passion)
Tristram Allenby, Captain - (Book: Her Heart's Captain)
Tristan Llevanth, Captain - (Book: Her Master and Commander)
Tucker Gentry - (Book: Her Sky Cowboy)
Tom Dilhorne - (Book: Hester Waring's Marriage)
Theron de Lisle,
- (Book: Hidden Heart, The)
Tom West - (Book: High Plains Bride)
Tavig MacAlpin - (Book: Highland Fire)
Tor Henneson - (Book: Highland Lord)
Tormand Murray
- (Book: Highland Sinner)
Tormand Murray - (Book: Highland Sinner)
Tavis MacLerie - (Book: Highlander's Stolen Touch, The)
Tavish Graham - (Book: Highlander, The)
Trent Marshall - (Book: Hired Gun)
Travis MacLagan - (Book: His Bonnie Bride (reprint))
Tony Black, Duke of Wyvern - (Book: His Favorite Mistress)
Thomas Redstone - (Book: Home by Morning)
Travis McGuire - (Book: Homeward Hearts)
Tony Matthews - (Book: Honorable Wish, An (ebook))
Tom Silver - (Book: Hostage, The)
Tom Silver - (Book: Hostage, The (reissue))
Thurston Tarrant,
- (Book: Hotspur & Taffeta)
Tristan Bonnaud - (Book: How the Scoundrel Seduces)
Tanner Blake,
Duke of Malvern
- (Book: How to Beguile a Beauty)
Tommy Halifax - (Book: How to Handle a Scandal)
Tristan, Duke of Shelbourne - (Book: How to Marry a Duke)
Trevor Thomas - (Book: Husband for Holly, A)
Taliesin - (Book: I Loved a Rogue)
Tristan Deveraux - (Book: If You Could Read My Mind)
Thomas - (Book: Importance of Being Wicked, The)
Lord Thorngrafton
- (Book: Impulsive Debutante, An)
Tristan, Lord Thorngrafton - (Book: Impulsive Debutante, An (UK))
Tarquin York
- (Book: In My Wildest Dreams )
Tom Thomson - (Book: In the Shadow of the Crown)
Travis Gallant,
- (Book: Infamous Rake, The)
Thomas Dilhorne
Fred Waring
- (Book: Innocent Masquerade, An)
Titus Rhodes - (Book: Innocent Ruse, An)
Thomas Linberry - (Book: Irish Upstart, The)
Tye Hatcher - (Book: Joe's Wife)
Terence Macbane - (Book: Kate Hannigan's Girl)
Tom Riordan - (Book: Keeners, The)
Trevor Wilkins - (Book: Keeper - Keeper of the Heart (ebook))
Tyler Wilkins - (Book: Keeper of the Spirit (ebook))
TJ Grier - (Book: Kidnapped By The Cowboy)
Troye de Valois - (Book: King's Champion, The)
T.J. Rogue - (Book: Kiss Of The Night Wind)
Trey Saunders - (Book: Lacey)
Thomas Lanning - (Book: Lady and the Cit, The)
Theophilus Mirkwood - (Book: Lady Awakened, A)
Tristan Wemyss - (Book: Lady Chose, The (reprint))
Tristran Wemyss
Earl of Trentham
- (Book: Lady Chosen, The)
Thomas Carrington - (Book: Lady Jane's Physician (UK))
Thorn Greenwood - (Book: Lady Lyte's Little Secret)
Thane Campbell - (Book: Lady of the Mist)
Thomas - (Book: Lady Reluctant)
Tremaine - (Book: Lady Sundown)
Tremaine - (Book: Lady Sundown (ebook/reissue))
TAhiska - (Book: Lakota Surrender)
Trent Lanigan - (Book: Lanigan's Lady)
Tom Cuthbert - (Book: Last Summer, The)
Tobias March - (Book: Late for the Wedding)
Trevelyan Davis d'Augustin - (Book: Lessons in French)
Trace Reardon - (Book: Lieutenant's Woman, The)
Trevor Bailey - (Book: Likelihood of Lucy, The (ebook))
Troy Sacheverell - (Book: Lily Brand, The)
Tyler Kincaide - (Book: Lily Gets Her Man)
T. C. Kilkenny - (Book: Listening Sky, The)
Thatcher Montgomery - (Book: Long Way Home)
Viscount Gilmore
- (Book: Lord Gilmore's Bride)
Tristan Trayhern - (Book: Lord of Shadowhawk)
Tristan Easton - (Book: Lord of Temptation)
Tristan Radcliffe - (Book: Lord Radcliffe’s Season)
Thomas Harleston - (Book: Lord Tom)
Tristan Nesbitt - (Book: Lost In Temptation)
Travis Stanford - (Book: Lost Lady)
Temple Sinclair - (Book: Louisiana Heat)
Travis - (Book: Love and Glory)
Travis Coltrane - (Book: Love and War)
Troy Pelham - (Book: Love is Not Enough (Hardcover))
Toklanni - (Book: Love's Serenade)
Thad Buchanan - (Book: Loving Mercy)
Tyler McRae - (Book: Loving Tyler)
Travis (Hawk) Langly - (Book: Magnificent Passage)
Thorn Bradley - (Book: Magnolia Tree, The)
Trev Trevelyan - (Book: Mail-Order Bride )
Tyler MacKay - (Book: Mail-Order Groom)
Marquis de Guis
- (Book: Marquis' Kiss, The)
Thomas Effington
Marquess of Helmsley
- (Book: Marriage Lesson, The)
Titus Marius - (Book: Mask of the Gladiator)
Tyrell de Warenne - (Book: Masquerade (reissue))
Thomas Joseph Donovan - (Book: Masquerade in the Moonlight, A)
Tyrelll de Warenne - (Book: Masquerade, The)
Thornton Lindsay
Duke of Penborne,
- (Book: Masquerading Mistress)
Trevor St. John
Earl of Ryeburn
- (Book: Matter of Pride, A)
Tony Armstrong - (Book: Meadowsong)
Thomas - (Book: Memoirs of a Scandalous Red Dress)
Tom Trewella - (Book: Mermaid of Penperro, The)
Titus Thorne - (Book: Mermaid, The)
Troy Davenport - (Book: Midnight Clear, A)
Troy Davenport - (Book: Midnight Clear, A)
Travis Radbourne - (Book: Midnight Fires)
Tenn Sloper - (Book: Midnight Mirage)
Tony Diamond - (Book: Midnight Sins)
Tristan Bradley - (Book: Midnight Temptations with a Forbidden Lord)
Tristan Hale - (Book: Midsummer's Delight, A)
Tom Murdock - (Book: Midwife's Secret, The)
Thomas Hope - (Book: Millionaire Rogue, The)
Tony Ewing - (Book: Miner's Daughter, The)
Tremayne Hawthorne - (Book: Mirage)
Tony Betancourt - (Book: Mischievous Miss Murphy, the)
Truesdale Sinclair
Viscount Trowbridge
- (Book: Miss Grantham's One True Sin)
Thorne Wainwright
Earl of Rolsbury
- (Book: Miss Richardson Comes of Age)
Tobias Searle - (Book: Mistress Below Deck (UK))
Taylor Lorillard - (Book: Mistress of Moontide Manor)
Trey Gatlin - (Book: Montana Man)
Tancred de Vierzon - (Book: Moon Lord, The)
Trevor St. Wulfstan - (Book: Moonlit)
Trace Cord - (Book: Moonlit Magic)
Thoams Cavendish - (Book: Mr. Cavendish, I Presume)
Thomas Wentworth - (Book: Much Ado About Marriage)
Tucker Morgan - (Book: Mustang Wild)
Trent - (Book: My American Duchess)
Thorne D'Aumont
Marquess of Silverthorne
- (Book: My Lady Ghost)
Teagan Fitzwilliams - (Book: My Lady's Pleasure)
Talon Drake, Captain
Earl of Sunderland
- (Book: My Lord Pirate)
Tony Quarnell,
Marquis of Montreat
- (Book: My Lord Rakehell)
Trevor Montgomery - (Book: My Notorious Gentleman)
Thorne de Wilde, Earl of Weston - (Book: My Rebellious Heart)
Tarquin Vale, Earl of Ashcroft - (Book: My Reckless Surrender)
The Marquess of Rotherstone - (Book: My Wicked Marquess)
Trystan l'Enforcer - (Book: Mystic Guardian)
Troy Stewart, Captain - (Book: Mystic Rose)
Tucker Garrettson - (Book: Never Love a Cowboy)
Thomas Morgan - (Book: Never Trust a Pirate)
Thane Parker,
Earl of Mansfield
- (Book: Never Trust a Rogue)
Ty Barclay - (Book: Night Thunder)
Tyler - (Book: Nightsong)
Temple - (Book: No Good Duke Goes Unpunished)
Tom Walker - (Book: No Ordinary Princess)
Tyler Grant - (Book: No Place For A Lady)
Trey Hawthorne - (Book: Obsession)
Troy de Gysborne - (Book: Of Love and Betrayal)
Tristam Fillford
Marquis of Waivering
- (Book: Oh, What a Tangled Web)
Travis Halliday - (Book: On the Twelfth Day of Christmas )
Tiberius Flynn - (Book: Once Upon a Tartan)
Tarren ap Llyr - (Book: One Knight Stands)
Thomas Wentworth - (Book: One Lucky Lord)
Travis Clayborne - (Book: One Pink Rose)
Trevor Mandeville - (Book: Orchid Hunter, The)
Torin - (Book: Outcast)
Ten Blackthorn - (Book: Outlaw)
Travis La Mont - (Book: Outlaw Seduction)
Tyler - (Book: Outlaw's Bride, The (UK))
Ty Ramsey - (Book: Outlaw's Kiss)
Tyrone Hart - (Book: Pale Moon Rider)
Toshiro Valerius
- (Book: Panther and the Rose, The)
Tyler Monteigne - (Book: Paper Roses)
Tom - (Book: Parlor Games)
Tanner Cloud, Captain - (Book: Passion's Bride)
Troy Gilbert - (Book: Passion's Fire (reissue))
Lord of Eden
- (Book: Passion's Honor)
Tomas - (Book: Passionate Pursuit)
Tristen Sinclair - (Book: Passionate Surrender)
Thomas Malcombe
Earl of Lancaster
- (Book: Pendragon)
Thayne MacGowan - (Book: Perfect Knight for Love, A)
Tristan Adam Hargrove - (Book: Perfect Scandal, The)
Tom Pickett - (Book: Pickett's Fence)
Thork Tykirrson - (Book: Pirate Bride, The)
Tristan Dancing - (Book: Pirate's Lady)
Tristan - (Book: Pirate's Love, A (ebook))
Thad Taylor - (Book: Place Called Rainwater, A)
Trey Dalton - (Book: Portrait in Time, A)
Tohave - (Book: Prairie Embrace)
Prince of Lyonesse
- (Book: Prince of Dreams)
Tom Warner
the Earl of Sachse
- (Book: Promise Me Forever)
Thomas Montrose - (Book: Promise Me Heaven)
Ty Sanders - (Book: Promise of Jenny Jones, The)
Tucker Branigan - (Book: Promised Sunrise)
Theodore Winslow - (Book: Proper Mistress, A)
Theodore Winslow - (Book: Proper Mistress, A (reissue))
Travis Reid - (Book: Proposition, The)
Tony Howell,
Viscount Rosslyn
- (Book: Queen of Hearts, The)
Trey Hargreaves - (Book: Rachel)
Travis Rafferty - (Book: Rafferty's Bride)
Travis Coltrane - (Book: Raging Hearts, The)
Thomas Mannering - (Book: Rake's Rainbow, The)
Theodore Middleford
Viscount Dunnley
- (Book: Rake's Redemption, A)
Tristan Carroway
Viscount Dare
- (Book: Rake, The)
Texas Ranger, Blu Cahill - (Book: Ranger, The)
Tucker Farrell - (Book: Raven and the Cowboy)
The Raven-Daniel Severin - (Book: Raven and the Rose, The)
Tall Dancer - (Book: Raven's Bride)
Thomas McClairen - (Book: Ravishing One, The)
Trace Ballentine - (Book: Rebel with a Heart)
Ty MacKenzie - (Book: Reckless Love)
Two Hawks Flying - (Book: Reckless Love)
Ty MacKenzie - (Book: Reckless Love (reissue))
Thomas Byers - (Book: Reluctant Debutante, The)
Thomas, Duke of Stanfield - (Book: Reluctant Duke, The)
Tony, Marquis of Faile - (Book: Reluctant Protege, The)
Trace Ord - (Book: Renegade Riders)
Tyger Dobyn - (Book: Return to Cheyne Spa (Hardcover))
Tyger Dobyn - (Book: Return to Cheyne Spa (reissue))
Tobin Scott - (Book: Revenge of Lord Eberlin, The)
Thomas MacGowan - (Book: Rock, The)
Thomas Thorne - (Book: Rogue Prince, The)
Thomas Paxton - (Book: Rogue Spy)
Tristan Townsend
Marquis of Lockwood
- (Book: Rogue's Bride, The)
Tyson Stone - (Book: Runaway Time )
Tristan - (Book: Ruthless Lord Rule, The)
Tristan Rule - (Book: Ruthless Lord Rule, The)
Thunder Horse - (Book: Savage Arrow)
Two Eagles - (Book: Savage Beloved)
Tajarez - (Book: Savage Desire)
Trent Hawkins - (Book: Savage Fury)
Tall Cloud - (Book: Savage Heart)
Tall Cloud - (Book: Savage Heart (reissue))
Tajarez - (Book: Savage Splendor)
Taggert James - (Book: Savage Spring)
Thomas Jellicoe - (Book: Scandal in the Night)
Troyce, Baron of Westborough - (Book: Scandalous Lady, A)
Thomas Claradon - (Book: Scorpion and the Seducer, The)
Tysen Sherbrooke - (Book: Scottish Bride, The)
Trevor Myles - (Book: Sea Witch)
Tom Pardee - (Book: Secret Hearts)
Thomas Merritt - (Book: Secret Life of Lady Julia, The)
Tyler Martin - (Book: Secret Splendor)
Tristan - (Book: Secret Swan, The)
Tristan MacGregor - (Book: Seduced By a Highlander)
Tristan Sykes - (Book: Seducing Mr. Sykes (ebook))
Trace Harden - (Book: Seduction of Samantha Kincade, The)
Thorn - (Book: Seduction of Scandal, The)
Trevor St. James - (Book: Seduction, The)
Thomas D'evreux,
- (Book: Set Free My Heart)
Thomas D'evreux,
- (Book: Set Free My Heart (UK))
Travis McLoud - (Book: Sheriff, The)
Tristan Carrowe - (Book: Silver and Sapphire)
Thomas Hawkins - (Book: Silver Heiress, The (ebook))
Thayer Drake - (Book: Siren's Song, The (ebook))
Tobias March - (Book: Slightly Shady)
Thad MacAllister - (Book: Smoke River Bride)
Thomas Kepley - (Book: Soldier's Bride, The)
T.G. Manning - (Book: Someone To Love)
Tony Farnham, Sir - (Book: Sophie's Halloo )
Thorn / Ransom - (Book: Southern Rapture)
Thorn / Ransom - (Book: Southern Rapture (ebook))
Thomas Branston - (Book: Spinster's Guide to Scandalous Behavior, The)
Tavis Stewart
Earl of Dunmore
- (Book: Spitfire, The)
Tristan Tregallows,
Duke of St. Raven
- (Book: St. Raven)
Tyrone & Mitchell Callahan - (Book: Stockingful Of Joy, A (Anthology))
Torcuil MacCodrum - (Book: Storm Prince)
Lord Belfort
- (Book: Sunday's Child)
Tobe Hunter - (Book: Sunshine and Shadows)
Trahern MacEgan - (Book: Surrender to An Irish Warrior)
Lord Westbourne
- (Book: Sweet Disorder)
Tyler Wilkes - (Book: Sweet Everlasting)
Tristan Hall - (Book: Sweet Seduction)
Travis "Colt" Taylor - (Book: Sweet Texas Surrender)
Thorne O'Brien Lassiter - (Book: Sweet Words of Love)
Travis Kincade - (Book: Sweet, Savage Heart)
Trell McCall - (Book: Sweetwater)
Tarik - (Book: Sword & the Sheath, The)
Trevor Breton - (Book: Sybill)
Tabor - (Book: Tabor's Trinket (ebook))
Toste and Vagn Ivarsson - (Book: Tale of Two Vikings, A)
Tristram Shield
Ludovic, Lord Lavenham
- (Book: Talisman Ring, The)
Teagan McMurray - (Book: Tall, Dark and Texan)
Trevor Ryde - (Book: Tangled Web, A)
Tanner Graylord - (Book: Tanner)
Trevor Shelby - (Book: Tarnished Hearts)
Thomas Armstrong - (Book: Taste of Desire, A)
Tyler Hollins - (Book: Taste of Heaven, A)
Tristan Odell - (Book: Taste of Temptation)
Temple Parish - (Book: Temple's Prize)
Tristan Talbot - (Book: Tempted All Night)
Thomas Carrick - (Book: Tempting of Thomas Carrick, The)
Texas Ranger Zack Mackinzie - (Book: Tempting Tess)
Tynan - (Book: Temptress, The)
Tobin McMurray - (Book: Texas Princess)
Travis McMurray - (Book: Texas Rain)
Taylor - (Book: Texas Triumph)
Trace Garrett - (Book: Texas Twilight)
Troy Branigan - (Book: Texas Wildfire)
Thaddeus Ware - (Book: Third Circle, The)
Tarquin FitzBruel - (Book: This Dangerous Magic)
Thorn Dautry - (Book: Three Weeks with Lady X)
The Black Wolf of Lincoln - (Book: Through A Dark Mist)
Tyrone Frost - (Book: Through Gypsy Eyes)
Thunder Heart - (Book: Thunder Heart)
Trent Hastings - (Book: Til Death Do Us Part (hardcover))
Trevor Hamilton - (Book: Time for Roses, A)
Thomas Arrington - (Book: Time-Spun Rapture)
Tristan Carlyle - (Book: To Bed a Libertine (ebook))
Tyrone Rosse - (Book: To Hear a Nightingale)
Trevor Morely
Marquess of Dardington
- (Book: To Protect An Heiress)
Thornton Matherson, Duke of Wyldehaven - (Book: To Ruin The Duke)
Tobias Thistlewaite - (Book: To Tame a Rogue)
Trenton Abshire, Lord - (Book: Touch of Merry, A)
Tate Castle - (Book: Train from Marietta)
Tanner Price - (Book: Trapper, The)
Travis Prescott - (Book: Travis)
Tristan Youngblood - (Book: Treasure Worth Keeping, A)
Tremaine St. Michael - (Book: Tremaine's True Love)
Thorn Vance - (Book: Trilby)
Thorn Vance - (Book: Trilby (reissue))
Thorn Vance - (Book: Trilby (reissue))
Thorn Vance - (Book: Trilby (reissue))
Taylor Douglas - (Book: Triumph)
Tom Russell - (Book: Trysting Place, The)
Trick Garradine - (Book: Tumbleweed Heart)
Tristan Saint-Laurent - (Book: Two Brothers - The Gunslinger)
Ted Harper - (Book: Tycoon (ebook))
Tykota Silverhorn - (Book: Tykota's Woman)
Tyler Chanson - (Book: Tyler's Woman)
Theo Moreland
Marquess of Raine
- (Book: Unexpected Pleasure, An)
Theo Moreland
Marquess of Raine
- (Book: Unexpected Pleasure, An (reissue))
Thomas Dashley - (Book: Unexpected Sister, The)
Thomas Featherstone - (Book: Unsuitable Secretary, The (ebook))
Tyler Ashburn - (Book: Untamed Heart)
The Raven - (Book: Velvet Chains)
Taber O'Flynn - (Book: Velvet Deception)
Duke of Redmayne
- (Book: Vice)
Thorne the Relentless - (Book: Viking)
Travis Brandt - (Book: Virginia Bride)
Theo Ruskin
Viscount Amesbury
- (Book: Viscount's Bride)
Thomas Ashe
Viscount Blackfield
- (Book: Viscount's Wicked Ways, The)
Tom Jeffcoat - (Book: Vows)
Trevelyan de Villars - (Book: Wagered Widow, The)
Trevor Jeffries - (Book: Wagered Wife, The)
Texas Ranger, Clayton Walker - (Book: Walker's Widow)
Taita, the Warlock - (Book: Warlock - A novel of Ancient Egypt)
Tristan D'Argent - (Book: Warrior, The)
Tyler McKendrick - (Book: Way Home, The)
Tom Shaughnessy - (Book: Ways to Be Wicked)
Trey MacAlpin - (Book: Wed to a Highland Warrior)
Tye Barlow - (Book: Wedding Wager, The)
Tye Barlow - (Book: Wedding Wager, The (reissue))
Trevor Carey - (Book: What Dukes Say I Do)
Tanner McKnight - (Book: When Lightning Strikes)
Trystan Kane - (Book: When Tempting a Rogue)
Towaye - (Book: Where Morning Dawns)
Thornton MacKendrick - (Book: White Heather)
Trey Deverill - (Book: Wicked Fantasy)
Thomas Hyde, Viscount Varcourt - (Book: Wicked Intentions)
Trevor Claremont - (Book: Wicked Lady, The)
Tearlach O'Duine - (Book: Wild Conquest)
Tearlach O'Duine - (Book: Wild Conquest (reissue))
Tristan Sinclair
Earl of Auberville
- (Book: Wild Justice, A)
Tanner McBride - (Book: Wild One, The)
Tyler Savitch - (Book: Wild Yearning, A)
Troy - (Book: Wildflower)
Thomas Blackwood - (Book: Winter Garden (reprint))
Tristan Fletcher - (Book: Winter Heart)
Thomas Nash - (Book: Winter Woman)
Thaddeus Webb - (Book: Winter's Flame)
Trent Hawkins - (Book: Winter's Love Song)
Tom Dolan - (Book: With Hope)
Theodore -Teddy- Westgaard - (Book: Years)
Teddy Westgaard - (Book: Years (reprint))
Tony Radcliffe - (Book: You Belong to Me)


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