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Eye On Romance
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Ann Major

Meet Eye On Romance Featured  Author Ann Major
Marriage at the Cowboy's Demand
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Search by Heroine

Search for your favorite leading lady...
Have you been looking for a certain heroine? Remember the name but not the book title? Browse your favorite heroines listed in order of heroine's first name below!

Choose A Name - this will display heroines by FIRST NAME:

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Heroines with first name starting with B

Click the heroine's name to view the book and author.

Beau Spence - (Book: Across A Moonlit Sea)
Beatrice Cavandish - (Book: All a Woman Wants)
Bridget O'Connell - (Book: All in the April Morning)
Brandy - (Book: Angel and the Outlaw, The)
Bliss Stafford - (Book: Angelfire)
Bliss Stafford - (Book: Angelfire (reissue))
Bliss Stafford - (Book: Angelfire (reissue))
Billie - (Book: Arizona Lovestorm)
Barbara - (Book: Babe)
Billie Calley - (Book: Badlands Law)
Brynne Richardson - (Book: Bandit's Broken Heart, A (ebook))
Banner O'Brien - (Book: Banner O'Brien)
Banner O'Brien - (Book: Banner O'Brien (reissue))
Barbara Pitcairn - (Book: Barbara Pitcairn)
Belle Haley - (Book: Bath Belles)
Beatrice Marsham - (Book: Beatrice Goes to Brighton)
Brenda Fitzpatrick - (Book: Beauty and the Brain, The)
Beatrice Fanshaw - (Book: Beauty in Breeches)
Billie Bridgerton - (Book: Because of Miss Bridgerton)
Belinda Earle - (Book: Belinda Goes to Bath)
Bella Ashton - (Book: Bella)
Bella Jones - (Book: Bella and the Beast)
Belle Du Jour
Annabelle Winston
- (Book: Belle)
Belle Thompson - (Book: Belle Gone Bad (ebook))
Belle Portham - (Book: Belle of the Ball)
Belle Sullivan - (Book: Belle of the Ball)
Bethany Lane - (Book: Beneath The Texas Sky)
Bethanie Lane - (Book: Beneath the Texas Sky (reprint))
Bethany James - (Book: Bethany's Song)
Bianca - (Book: Bianca)
Brianna McClure - (Book: Black Angel, The)
Bridget Dean Mordaunt - (Book: Black Candle, The)
Bethia MacDonell - (Book: Black Knave, The)
Blaze Adlington - (Book: Blaze)
Blaze Wyndham - (Book: Blaze Wyndham)
Belle Braxton - (Book: Blue Waltz)
Berta - (Book: Bluebird and the Sparrow)
Bonnie Hodges - (Book: Bonnie)
Bella - (Book: Borgia Fever (ebook))
Brianna MacLeod - (Book: Bound to Please)
Briana - (Book: Briana (ebook))
Brianna - (Book: Brianna)
Briar Rose - (Book: Briar Rose)
Bridget McQuarry - (Book: Bridget)
Bridget - (Book: Bridget)
Betsy Brightham - (Book: Bringing Out Betsy)
Bryarly Allerton - (Book: Bryarly)
Bridget Cooke - (Book: Cad, The)
Brianna Morris - (Book: Captured Heart, The)
Bríghid Ní Maelsechnaill - (Book: Carnal Gift)
Brianna - (Book: Castles In The Mist)
Brynna - (Book: Chanting the Dawn)
Bryony Paget - (Book: Chase the Dawn)
Bethany Wind - (Book: Chase The Wind)
Blossom - (Book: China Blossom)
Blanche Amberley - (Book: Christmas Courtship, A)
Bronwyn de Breton - (Book: Christmas Knight, The)
Badra - (Book: Cobra and the Concubine, The)
Bayleigh Stewart - (Book: Comanche Woman)
Beatrice Crowell - (Book: Compromising Situations (ebook))
Brenna Harrington - (Book: Convenient Bride, A)
Briana Garland - (Book: Convenient Bride, The)
Beatrice Chaswell - (Book: Convenient Marriage, A)
Bridgit Madden - (Book: Convict and the Cattleman, The)
Beatrice Forsythe - (Book: Country House Courtship, The)
Brook Meylan
Lady A'Court
- (Book: Courting the Countess)
Brianna Devlin - (Book: Crown of Mist)
Barbara Ashe - (Book: Curse of Kenton, The)
Breanna Kendall - (Book: Dakota Dreams)
Brandy - (Book: Dance on the Wind)
Britta - (Book: Danegeld)
Beth Forrester - (Book: Dangerous Lord Darrington, The)
Brianna Anderson - (Book: Dark Cries of Gray Oaks)
Belinda Valcour - (Book: Dark Rose (reissue))
Brienne LeClerc - (Book: Daughter's Destiny, A)
Bridget - (Book: Daughters of the Grail)
Brett Benton - (Book: Dawn's Early Light )
Brenna - (Book: Defiant Love)
Brittany Lockwood - (Book: Defiant Spitfire)
Barbara Wycliffe - (Book: Delectable Dilemma, A)
Bess - (Book: Deserted Bride, The)
Brynn Caldwell - (Book: Desire)
Brynne McFarren - (Book: Desire and Destiny)
Belinda Coulter - (Book: Desire, The)
Brianna - (Book: Desired)
Bryony Shaw - (Book: Desperate Deception)
Bonnie MacTavish - (Book: Devil's Due, The)
Brianna MacCardle - (Book: Devil's Mistress)
Bertha Biddle - (Book: Diamond Duo)
Belle Ainsley - (Book: Diamond, Deception and the Debutante)
Bethany Cole - (Book: Dreamsong)
Briga - (Book: Druids)
Byrony Balmaine - (Book: Duchess and the Devil, The)
Barbara Allan - (Book: Duke Deceived, A)
Bridget Crumb - (Book: Duke of Sin)
Brandy Robertson - (Book: Duke, The)
Belinda Hamilton - (Book: Duke, The)
Bonnie Gordon - (Book: Earl's Invention, The)
Beth - (Book: Earl's Mistletoe Bride, The)
Bianca Antonelli - (Book: Emerald Fire)
Brandice Townsend - (Book: Emerald Garden)
Bethany Brasfield - (Book: Emerald Nights)
Brittany Sinclair - (Book: Enchantress)
Brittany Sinclair - (Book: Enchantress (reissue))
Brianna Talbert - (Book: Endless Passion)
Brenna - (Book: Erinsong)
Brandy Jacobs - (Book: Escapade)
Brenna Stanhope - (Book: Fallen Angel)
Brenna Stanhope - (Book: Fallen Angel (UK))
Brynna - (Book: Fearless)
Bellami James - (Book: Fearless Hearts)
Bailey Wilde - (Book: Fire and Ice)
Bonnie Eden - (Book: Fire in the Heart, A)
Breena - (Book: Fires of Winter (ebook))
Brianna - (Book: First Love, Wild Love (reissue))
Brianna of the Clan MacQuarie - (Book: Flame Across the Highlands)
Beatrice Moore - (Book: Flirting with Fortune)
Barbara - (Book: Follow the Drum)
Belinda Presleigh - (Book: Forced Offer)
Bernadette Marie Burton - (Book: Forever a Lady)
Brooke Tyler - (Book: Frontier Flame)
Babette - (Book: Gambler's Prize)
Brandy Robertson - (Book: Generous Earl, The)
Bethany Howard - (Book: Georgia Fever)
Belle Cavendish - (Book: Halloween Knight)
Bryn Talbot - (Book: Healing a Heart)
Barbara Palmer & Catherine of Braganza - (Book: Health Unto His Majesty, A)
Brenetta Lattimer - (Book: Heart's Landing)
Bethany of North Umberland - (Book: Hearts Victorious)
Brandy Sinclair - (Book: Hell's Raging Fury)
Bianca Simonetti - (Book: High Seas Stowaway)
Brigette Devereux - (Book: Highland Belle)
Bethoc Matheson - (Book: Highland Chieftain)
Brenna MacAlpin - (Book: Highland Heather)
Brenna MacAlpin - (Book: Highland Heather (UK))
Brina - (Book: Highland Hellcat)
Brenna Drummond - (Book: Highland Lover)
Bethia Drummon - (Book: Highland Promise)
Bethia Drummond - (Book: Highland Promise (mass market reissue))
Bethia Drummond - (Book: Highland Promise (reissue))
Bronwyn MacArran - (Book: Highland Velvet)
Bella Tichley - (Book: Hint of Scandal)
Briony Winters - (Book: His Makeshift Wife)
Bertha - (Book: Home Again)
Bryna Cassidy - (Book: Homecoming, The)
Bess Dulaney - (Book: Hunter's Touch)
Bridget Newbury - (Book: Improper Seduction)
Bella Sinclair - (Book: In the Barrister's Bed)
Becca Throckton - (Book: In The King's Service)
Bronwyn McQuade - (Book: In the Warrior's Bed)
Barbara Ruthven - (Book: Independent Lady, An)
Beatrice Fairweather - (Book: Italian, The)
Beth MacKenzie - (Book: Jake)
Brianna Devereaux - (Book: Jesse's Lady)
Brianna Devereaux - (Book: Jesse's Lady (reissue))
Belle Monroe - (Book: Just North of Bliss)
Lady Somerfield
- (Book: Just One of Those Flings)
Bree - (Book: Kindred Spirits)
Branwen of Caradoc - (Book: Knight and the Raven, The)
Lady Allerton
- (Book: Lady Allerton's Wager)
Bridget Cavendish - (Book: Lady Bridget's Diary)
Briana Rosewynn - (Book: Lady in Disguise, A)
Blusette Morgan - (Book: Lady Reluctant)
Brandy O'Neal - (Book: Lady's Hand, The)
Bethany Penny - (Book: Lady's Hazard, The)
Blair MacArthur - (Book: Laird of Stonehaven, The)
Brenna - (Book: Laird, The)
Bethia Rayborn - (Book: Leading Lady )
Baronesse Sabina von Ziegler - (Book: Legacy, The)
Brianna - (Book: Lessons from a Scarlet Lady)
Bridget Forrester - (Book: Let It Be Me)
Bronwen - (Book: Lion and the Lark, The)
Betsy - (Book: Loom of Love)
Bride Cameron - (Book: Lord of Sin)
Bathsheba Wingate - (Book: Lord Perfect)
Beatrice Coleville Manners - (Book: Lord Sebastian's Wife)
Brynna Stanton - (Book: Louisiana Heat)
Briana de Paul - (Book: Love and Fury)
Beatrix Hathaway - (Book: Love in the Afternoon)
Brianna Cameron - (Book: Love Me Forever)
Belle McAllister - (Book: Love to Cherish, A)
Betty Cantrel - (Book: Lovers and Sinners)
Brianna O'Keefe - (Book: Lucky Penny)
Beth - (Book: Madness of Lord Ian Mackenzie, The (reprint))
Beth Buchanan - (Book: Magic and the Texan)
Bridget - (Book: Maid of Midnight)
Betsy Cotton - (Book: Manner of a Lady)
Blaze Flambeau - (Book: Marrying the Marquis)
Blythe Marden - (Book: Masquerade)
Beth Longly - (Book: Masquerade)
Becky White - (Book: Meadowlark)
Blanche Charolais - (Book: Midnight Masquerade, A)
Bernadette Barron - (Book: Midnight Rider)
Brynn of Falkhaar - (Book: Midnight Warrior)
Bridget Murphy - (Book: Mistaken Bride)
Becky Hastings - (Book: Mistress of Her Heart)
Bria Hamilton - (Book: More Than You Wished)
Betsy Tyler - (Book: Mountain Moonlight)
Brianna Donally - (Book: Must Have Been the Moonlight)
Barbara Cribbage - (Book: Mutual Consent)
Briana Cameron - (Book: My Dearest Love)
Blythe - (Book: My Heart's Desire)
Brighid l'Estrange - (Book: My Lord de Burgh)
Bridget Flannery - (Book: My Lucky Lady)
Buffalo Dreamer - (Book: Mystic Visions)
Buffalo Dreamer - (Book: Mystic Visions)
Buffalo Dreamer - (Book: Mystic Warriors (reissue))
Bryony Russell - (Book: Never Kiss a Rake)
Beth Balfour - (Book: Night Lace)
Brianne Brandy Winters - (Book: Night Secrets)
Bree Mallory - (Book: No Place for a Lady)
Brie Morgan - (Book: Nobleman's Bride, A)
Bryony Asquith - (Book: Not Quite a Husband)
Brien Weston - (Book: Not Quite Married)
Beatrice, Lady Pullingham - (Book: Nothing but Deception)
Bruianna DeBeauchamp - (Book: Notorious)
Brianna de Beauchamp - (Book: Notorious [Hardcover])
Barbara Devane - (Book: Now Face to Face)
Bessy Buckley - (Book: Observations)
Beatrice Steel - (Book: Obsession, The )
Bronte Haviland - (Book: Once A Hero)
Briar Kenton - (Book: Once He Loves)
Breena O'Doherty - (Book: Once Upon a Highland Christmas (ebook))
Brenna Nelson - (Book: One Heart)
Beatrice Brent - (Book: One More Kiss)
Becky Ward - (Book: One Night Of Sin)
Beatrice Reece - (Book: One Night With an Earl (ebook))
Beatrice-Maude Bassingstoke - (Book: One Unashamed Night )
Bethany Davenshire-Bradshaw - (Book: Out Of Hell (ebook))
Bridget Callaghan - (Book: Outlaw Bride)
Bliss Harrison - (Book: Outlaw Seduction)
Beth Tyrell - (Book: Outlaw's Embrace)
Belle Marchmain - (Book: Outrageous Belle Marchmain, The)
Belinda Felsham - (Book: Outrageous Lady Felsham, The)
Blythe Woolrich - (Book: Passion's Ransom)
Beatriz - (Book: Passionate Pursuit)
Baines Marshall - (Book: Patterns of Love)
Bianca Dunsworthy - (Book: Perfect Bride, The)
Bryony St. Charles - (Book: Perfect Likeness, A)
Bryony St. Charles - (Book: Perfect Likeness, A (reissue))
Bella De La Rosa - (Book: Phantom in Time)
Bliss Grenville - (Book: Pirate)
Bridget McDonald - (Book: Pirate's Daughter, Rebel Wife)
Bettina Verlaine - (Book: Pirate's Love, A)
Bettina Verlaine - (Book: Pirate's Love, A (ebook))
Blue Feather - (Book: Prairie Paradise)
Bronwyn Edana - (Book: Priceless)
Bronwyn Murdoch - (Book: Prince Who Loved Me, The)
Brianna - (Book: Princess, The)
Beth McMurray - (Book: Promise Me Texas)
Brittany Chambers - (Book: Promise of Fire, A)
Beatrice Hennessey - (Book: Promise of More, A (ebook))
Brianna Cassidy Crown - (Book: Promise, The)
Billie Shaughnessy - (Book: Proud Eagle)
Beth Howard - (Book: Queen's Captain, The)
Beatrice Dewey - (Book: Rake's Ruined Lady, The )
Bridget O'Toole - (Book: Rancher's Heart, The)
Babette Harvey - (Book: Rebel Captain's Royalist Bride, The)
Bonnie Douglass - (Book: Rebel Girl)
Brianna Devland - (Book: Rebel Mine)
Beatrice Sinclair - (Book: Reforming the Rake)
Barbara Lampett - (Book: Regency Christmas Carol, A)
Belle Varens - (Book: Rendezvous)
Bess Williams - (Book: Rescued Heart, The)
Brenna Allen - (Book: Restless Flames)
Bethie Stewart - (Book: Ride the Fire)
Boudicea Vaughn - (Book: Ripe for Scandal)
Bethia Burnel - (Book: Robber Bride)
Betsy Hunter - (Book: Rocky Mountain Man)
Bailey Spencer - (Book: Rogue)
Birdalane - (Book: Rogue in a Kilt, A)
Beatrice Thibault - (Book: Rogue, The)
Belinda Beverly - (Book: Romance, The)
Barbara Graham - (Book: Rose of Redayre, The (UK))
Barbara Villiers Palmer - (Book: Royal Harlot)
Barrett Winslow - (Book: Ruby, The)
BIanca Kenwood - (Book: Saint, The)
Bristol Adams - (Book: Salem's Daughter)
Beatrice Giffard - (Book: Sapphire in the Snow)
Brody Hawkins - (Book: Sara and the Rogue)
Brietta - (Book: Savage Persuasion)
Brenda - (Book: Savage Surrender)
Briana Collins - (Book: Savage Touch)
Blythe Crompton - (Book: Scandal of the Year)
Brianna Quinn - (Book: Scandalous Deception)
Beth Castleton - (Book: Scandalous Journey, A)
Broooklyn Hancock - (Book: Scarlet Lies)
Breanna Sullivan - (Book: Scoundrel's Desire)
Bryony O'Neill - (Book: Sea Raven)
Bridge Weld - (Book: Season of Open Water)
Bridge Weld - (Book: Season of Open Water )
Bethany - (Book: Secrets)
Brenna - (Book: Silver Silence)
Bethany Munro - (Book: Sin and Scandal in England)
Beatrice, Lady Pullingham - (Book: Sins of Omission)
Brigitte de Louroux - (Book: So Speaks the Heart)
Brigitte de Louroux - (Book: So Speaks the Heart (ebook))
Beatrice Stourbridge
- (Book: Somerville Farce, The)
Bryanna - (Book: Sorceress)
Bianca Salva - (Book: Stargazer, The)
Brandy Daniels - (Book: Steal the Flame)
Beth Hawley - (Book: Stolen Bride, The (reissue))
Blaze - (Book: Summer of the Eagle)
Barbara Rochdale - (Book: Sunday's Child)
Bel Shaw - (Book: Sweet Bargain)
Beatrice - (Book: Sweet Bea)
Breyandra Fraser - (Book: Sweet Enemy Mine)
Barbara Johnson - (Book: Sweet Sensations)
Becca Bass - (Book: Sweet Texas Dreams)
Brianna Munro - (Book: Taken By The Laird)
Belle Flambeau - (Book: Tempting the Prince)
Brielle d'Avignon - (Book: Tender Crusader)
Bevan O'Rourke - (Book: Tender Lies)
Brandy - (Book: Tender Pirate)
Billie D'Angelo - (Book: Tennessee Waltz)
Bailee Moore - (Book: Texan's Wager, The)
Bianca Moreno - (Book: Texas Magic)
Belinda - (Book: Thing of Beauty, A)
Barbara Sargent - (Book: Third Wife, The)
Beatrice Smith - (Book: Time To Embrace, A)
Beatrice Crane - (Book: Time/Steps)
Beth Ralston - (Book: Timeless Love, A)
Blossom Ann Murdock - (Book: Timeless Warrior)
Bethany Dallison - (Book: To Be Seduced)
Beatrice Corning - (Book: To Desire a Devil)
Brianda Breedon - (Book: To Love and To Cherish)
Blaise St. James - (Book: Touch Me With Fire)
Blaise St. James - (Book: Touch Me With Fire (reissue))
Bethany Ashworth - (Book: Transformation of Miss Ashworth, The)
Betsy Popham - (Book: Trifling Favors)
Blair Chandler - (Book: Twin of Fire)
Bethany Stafford - (Book: Undaunted Faith)
Brenna Maclachlan - (Book: Undressed)
Bethany Whitcombe - (Book: Unexpected Husband, An)
Beatrice Sinclair - (Book: Unlikely Governess, An)
Brighid Cassidy - (Book: Untamed, The)
Brianna - (Book: Unwilling Betrayer)
Beth Armitage - (Book: Unwilling Bride, An (reissue))
Brie Carringdon - (Book: Velvet Embrace)
Bess of Hardwick - (Book: Venus in Winter, The)
Bella MacDuff - (Book: Viper, The)
Briony Langland - (Book: Virtuous Lady, A)
Bronwyn Davies - (Book: Vows)
Bethany Silverton - (Book: Wager, The)
Bethan Conway - (Book: Wanted: Mail-order Mistress )
Beth Blackthorne - (Book: Wanton Angel)
Bonnie McKutchen - (Book: Wanton Angel)
Brynna Norstrom - (Book: Warrior's Destiny)
Brianna Flanigan - (Book: Warrior's Song)
Bess Whateley - (Book: Watch By Moonlight)
Bliss - (Book: Wed to a Highland Warrior)
Beatrix Danbury - (Book: Wedding of the Season)
Betty - (Book: Westerby Sisters, The)
Beatryce Beckett - (Book: What the Marquess Sees (ebook))
Belinda Featherstone - (Book: When the Marquess Met His Match)
Bridget Abbott - (Book: White Witch)
Bethany Doyle - (Book: Wicked One, The)
Bronwyn Parrish - (Book: Wicked Temptation)
Beatrice Edmund - (Book: Wild Desire)
Belle Barclay - (Book: Wild Legacy)
Briana Collins - (Book: Wild Rapture)
Bryonny Livingston - (Book: Wild Rose)
Byrony DeWitt - (Book: Wild Star)
Berry Warfield - (Book: Wild Sweet Wilderness)
Brianna Daniels - (Book: Window in Time, A)
Becky Tate - (Book: Winds of Destiny)
Bethany Winslow - (Book: Winds of Glory)
Berkeley Shaw - (Book: With All My Heart)
Beatrice Poole - (Book: With This Ring)
Bess Hardwick - (Book: Woman Of Passion, A)
Bianca Mansfield - (Book: Woo'd in Haste)
Brittany Mactavish - (Book: Year and a Day, A)
Brenna McIntyre - (Book: You Belong to Me)


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