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Ann Major

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Marriage at the Cowboy's Demand
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Search for your favorite leading lady...
Have you been looking for a certain heroine? Remember the name but not the book title? Browse your favorite heroines listed in order of heroine's first name below!

Choose A Name - this will display heroines by FIRST NAME:

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Heroines with first name starting with R

Click the heroine's name to view the book and author.

Roslyn Meredith - (Book: Absent Wife, The)
Rose Culver - (Book: Aiding the Enemy (ebook))
Rosamund - (Book: All The Queen's Players)
Rose MacIain - (Book: American in Scotland, An)
Ryen DeBouriez - (Book: Angel and The Prince, The)
Rebecca Cunningham - (Book: Angel of Passage)
Rebecca Rice - (Book: Angels Unaware)
Rose Colby - (Book: Apache Fire)
Regan McBain - (Book: Apache Pride)
Rori - (Book: Arizona Caress)
Reena Sims - (Book: Arizona Renegade)
Ruth Allington - (Book: Ask Me No Questions)
Rosemary Gibson - (Book: Bachelor Tax, The)
Roxanne - (Book: Barbarian, The)
Rosalyn, Lady Jeffries - (Book: Bargain With Fate, A)
Rosalind Dunstan - (Book: Bartered Bride)
Rebecca Dunlevy - (Book: Becca's Independence)
Roxanne Vanderhaven - (Book: Between the Duke and the Deep Blue Sea)
Ria Ashby - (Book: Beyond a Wicked Kiss)
Raven Whitney - (Book: Birds of Passage)
Rosette Forrest - (Book: Bittersweet Bondage)
Regana Kently - (Book: Bittersweet Revenge)
Raven of Chirk - (Book: Black Knight, The)
Rosalind - (Book: Black Pearls)
Raine Cameron - (Book: Black Raven's Lady)
Rosalind Lovelace - (Book: Blossom Time)
Roxana Van Buren - (Book: Blue Moon)
Raven Carleton - (Book: Border Hostage, The)
Rachel Dorset - (Book: Bounty Bride)
Ravan - (Book: Briar & the Rose, The)
Rhiannon Fitzgerald - (Book: Briar Rose)
Roslyn Andrews - (Book: Bride for Lord Beaumont, A)
Ragan Ramsey - (Book: Bride of Johnny McAllister, The)
Rachell - (Book: Bride of Shadow Canyon)
Rose Woodbine - (Book: Bride of the Wind)
Rebekah - (Book: Broken Vows)
Roxanne Sherwood - (Book: Caleb's Bride)
Rosalie Rowland - (Book: Captain's Courtesan, The (UK))
Rozalyn DuBois - (Book: Captive Bride)
Royall Banner - (Book: Captive Innocence)
Rebecca Ranserford - (Book: Captive Innocent)
Rhea MacAmlaid - (Book: Captive to a Dream)
Rosetta - (Book: Captive, The)
Rosamund - (Book: Captured)
Rowan Trelarken - (Book: Captured Moment)
Rhomwen - (Book: Castle in the Rock)
Rhomwen - (Book: Castle in the Rock (reissue))
Rhea Claire - (Book: Chance the Winds of Fortune (reprint))
Rebecca - (Book: Changeling, The)
Rose Lacey - (Book: Charmer, The)
Renata Parkhurst - (Book: Chase the Lightning)
Rebecca morgan - (Book: Cherish)
Rosamund Albritton - (Book: Cherished Enemy)
Rachel Townsend - (Book: Cherokee Wind)
Rebecca Tremaine - (Book: Christmas Countess, The)
Rebecca - (Book: Cinnamon and Roses)
Rebecca Blake - (Book: Circle Of Gold )
Rose Lancaster - (Book: Claimed By a Scottish Lord)
Rebecca Elliot - (Book: Clay)
Rosemary Barton - (Book: Cloisonne Locket, The)
Rebecca Taylor - (Book: Colorado Bride, The)
Rycca - (Book: Come Back To Me)
Rose Ellen Gilhooley - (Book: Coming Up Roses)
Roxanne - (Book: Conqueror,The)
Rhiannon McKay - (Book: Conquest, The)
Rebecca Shaw - (Book: Constant Heart, The)
Regina Hammond - (Book: Convenient Marriage, A)
Rob MacArthur - (Book: Courting An Angel)
Rebecca Summers - (Book: Courting Rebecca)
Rachel Davis - (Book: Cry Wolf)
Rose Grace - (Book: Dame Fortune)
Rhea - (Book: Dancing with the Devil)
Rosamunde Baird - (Book: Dangerous Beauty, A)
Rosamunde Baird - (Book: Dangerous Beauty, A)
Rosalind - (Book: Dangerous Love, A)
Rhawnie - (Book: Dangerous Obssession)
Raine Wimbourne - (Book: Daring Passion, A)
Rhea Claire - (Book: Dark Before the Rising Sun (reprint))
Rowena de Vitry - (Book: Dark Champion, A)
Rowena Woolcott - (Book: Darkest Sin, The)
Rachel Lubetkin - (Book: Daughter of Zion, A)
Rachel McKenzie - (Book: Dawn of Valor)
Reina de Champeney, Lady of Castle Clydon - (Book: Defy Not The Heart)
Reina - (Book: Defy Not the Heart (ebook))
Rochella - (Book: Devil Wind)
Rebecca Mariott - (Book: Devil's Dance, The (Hardcover))
Robina Gledstanes - (Book: Devil's Moon)
Rosalind Marshall - (Book: Difficult Daughter, The)
Rosalie Darley - (Book: Difficult Disguise, A)
Rozelle Kendall - (Book: Double Dealers, The)
Rose - (Book: Dragon Lord, The)
Rhiannon - (Book: Dragon's Dream)
Rachel Robinson - (Book: Dream Catcher)
Rose - (Book: Dream Defiant, A (ebook))
Rachel Buchanan Lord - (Book: Dreams Beyond Tomorrow )
Running Fawn - (Book: Drums of Change)
Rosalind Sharpe - (Book: Duke and the Lady in Red, The)
Regina Westfield - (Book: Duke Who Came To Visit, The)
Regina Berryman - (Book: Duke's Wager, The)
Rosemary Fitzpatrick - (Book: Duplicitous Debutante, The (ebook))
Rachel Sutter - (Book: Dylan)
Rebecca Standish - (Book: Earl of Rayne's Ward, The)
Raven Kendrick - (Book: Ecstasy)
Rosaline, Countess of Beresford - (Book: Elusive Countess, The)
Rebecca Langford - (Book: Elusive Love, An)
Rebecca Trenton - (Book: Enchanted)
Rhiannon - (Book: Enchanted)
Rochelle Jackson - (Book: Enchanted Enemy (reissue))
Raena Caldwell - (Book: Enchanting, The)
Renate Rosen
Kristina Mechler
- (Book: Enemy in My Arms)
Rory Kavanaugh - (Book: Escapade)
Rachel Manvers - (Book: Exquisite)
Rose McBride - (Book: Fair is the Rose)
Rachel Strand - (Book: Feather Castles)
Rachael Penrose - (Book: Fire at Midnight)
Regan O'Neil - (Book: Fire in the Dark)
Rosalind Malloy - (Book: First Waltz, The)
Rosalind Malloy - (Book: First Waltz, The (reissue))
Rosita - (Book: Flamenco Rose)
Rachel McKinnon - (Book: Fletcher's Woman)
Rachel - (Book: Folly, The)
Rebecca Thornton - (Book: For the Love of the Land)
Roanna d'Arcy - (Book: Forbidden Love)
Rose Barlow - (Book: Forbidden Love (Hardcover))
Rayna Harper - (Book: Forever His Texas Bride)
Royal Bradford - (Book: Forever My Love)
Rina Taylor - (Book: Gambler's Lady)
Rachel de Lacey - (Book: Gather the Stars)
Rosalind Agate - (Book: Gentleman's Game, A)
Rachel Sparhawk Lindsey - (Book: Gift Of The Heart)
Rachel Best - (Book: Gifts From The Sea)
Rosemary Bainbridge - (Book: Gifts of Christmas (Anthology))
Rhiannon Tremaine - (Book: Glory)
Rita Gebhart - (Book: Golden Fury)
Rory Callahan - (Book: Golden Spike, The)
Rosalie Hughes - (Book: Good Debutante's Guide to Ruin, A)
Rosalind St. Vincent - (Book: Gorgeous As Sin)
Rosie - (Book: Greatest Lover in All England, The)
Rosie - (Book: Greatest Lover in All England, The)
Ravenna - (Book: Ground She Walks Upon, The)
Rosalind Devine - (Book: Guarding a Notorious Lady)
Rosalind Devine - (Book: Guarding a Notorious Lady)
Rosie - (Book: Gunman's Lady)
Randi Stockton - (Book: Halfbreed Warrior (reprint))
Rowena Melcombe - (Book: Halloween Husband, The)
Rose - (Book: Harley Street (ebook))
Rose Summer - (Book: Hasty Death)
Rue Delawney - (Book: Hawke's Pride)
Roberta - (Book: Heart of a Texan)
Rebecca Williams - (Book: Heart of Thornton Creek, The)
Rachel - (Book: Heartland)
Rachel Weber - (Book: Heat of a Savage Moon)
Rainulf Fairfax - (Book: Heaven's Fire)
Rosellen Lattimer - (Book: Hellion)
Rosamund Kinnersley - (Book: Her Guardian Knight)
Rosamund Kinnersley - (Book: Her Guardian Knight (UK))
Rachel Cooke - (Book: Hero's Heart, A)
Rose Gunther - (Book: Highland Jewel)
Rowan MacGregor - (Book: Highlander Betrayed)
Roses - (Book: Highlander Claimed)
Rosalyn Carmichael - (Book: Highlander's Stolen Bride, The)
Rachel Branford - (Book: Hired Husband, The )
Rachel Branford - (Book: Hired Husband, The (UK))
Roselyn Harrington - (Book: His Betrothed)
Rosie O'Grady - (Book: His Boots Under Her Bed)
Rose Flannigan - (Book: His Desert Rose)
Rosamund Appleby - (Book: His Runaway Maiden)
RogueLady Emmeline Prescott - (Book: His Scandal)
Rosalind - (Book: His Spurned Viscountess)
Rozenn Kerber - (Book: Honorable Rogue, An (UK))
Rose Balfour - (Book: How to Capture a Countess)
Rose Dunford - (Book: How to Please a Lady)
Ravenna Caulfield - (Book: I Adored a Lord)
Rika - (Book: Ice Maiden)
Rachel Fairley - (Book: Illustrious Lord, An (UK))
Rachel Ford - (Book: Improper Proposal, An)
Rebecca Talbot - (Book: In a Pirate's Arms)
Rowena de Bernard - (Book: In My Wildest Dreams )
Rebecca Leland - (Book: In Pursuit of a Scandalous Lady)
Rebecca Wentworth - (Book: Inconvenient Engagement, An)
Rebeka Randall - (Book: Indigo Moon)
Roselyn Grey - (Book: Infamous Heir, The)
Rose O’Keefe - (Book: Innocence and Impropriety)
Rose O’Keefe - (Book: Innocence and Impropriety (UK))
Rowena Riverstone - (Book: Innocent Passions)
Rheda Kerrich - (Book: Invitation to Scandal)
Riona McKinsey - (Book: Irresistible MacRae, The)
Regan Southwork - (Book: Isle of Skye)
Rebecca Tate - (Book: It Takes A Hero)
Rowena Elliot - (Book: Jacaranda Bend)
Rachel Buchanan - (Book: Journey to Love)
Rachel St. Raimes - (Book: Kansas Lawman's Proposal, The)
Rioghan - (Book: Keeper of the Light)
Robyn Stafford - (Book: Knight Errant)
Rhonwyn ap Tomas - (Book: Knight of Rosecliffe, The)
Lady Rosalyn Divine
- (Book: Lady Divine)
Rebecca Parr - (Book: Lady in the Briars (Hardcover))
Rebecca Parr - (Book: Lady in the Briars (reissue))
Rebecca Morrissey - (Book: Lady of Seven Emeralds)
Robyn Stafford - (Book: Lady Robyn)
Rose - (Book: Lady Rosabella's Ruse)
Regina Nash - (Book: Lady's Choice)
Rosalind of Beumont - (Book: Laird's Lady, The)
Rachel McKenna - (Book: Last Chance)
Rozalie Matthews - (Book: Last Honest Outlaw, The)
Reena Cullen - (Book: Legendary Warrior)
Rhyddes - (Book: Liberty)
Radulf, The King's Sword - (Book: Lily and the Sword, The)
Rowena Gunn - (Book: Lion's Lady)
Rowena Morely - (Book: London Tangle)
Rose Varner - (Book: Lone Warrior, The)
Roma Allendyle - (Book: Lord Carlton's Courtship)
Rebecca, Lady Clayborne - (Book: Lord Clayborne's Fancy)
Robina Percival - (Book: Lord Exmouth's Intentions (UK))
Rosamund - (Book: Lord Portman's Troublesome Wife)
Regan Weston - (Book: Lost Lady)
Rose Barlow - (Book: Love and War (Hardcover))
Rose Barlow - (Book: Love and War (paperback))
Roseanna - (Book: Love in Exile)
Rosemary Wyatt - (Book: Love Match, A)
Regina Ashton - (Book: Love Only Once)
Regina Ashton - (Book: Love Only Once (ebook))
Regan MacDuff - (Book: Love Slave, The)
Rachel Bonner - (Book: Love's Bold Journey)
Rosslyn - (Book: Love's Defiant Prisoner)
Rio McKinnon - (Book: Love's Promise)
Rebecca Reynolds - (Book: Love's Timeless Hope)
Rebecca - (Book: Loving Defiance, A)
Rose - (Book: Loving Rose)
Rowanne Wimberly - (Book: Luck of the Devil, The)
Rosamund Westruther - (Book: Mad About the Earl)
Rowena MacLawry - (Book: Mad, Bad and Dangerous in Plaid)
Rachel - (Book: Madrilene's Granddaughter)
Rika - (Book: Maidensong)
Roxanne - (Book: Make-Believe Wife)
Rebecca Clifton - (Book: Man Behind the Facade)
Richenda - (Book: Man With a Falcon)
Rosamond Marshal - (Book: Marriage Prize, The)
Rosamond Marshal - (Book: Marriage Prize, The (Hardcover))
Rhyne Abbot - (Book: Marry Me)
Rachel Bailey - (Book: Match Made in Scandal, A)
Rachel van Buren - (Book: Measure of a Lady, The)
Rhonwyn uerch Llywelyn - (Book: Memory of Love, A)
Rachel Howland - (Book: Merry Widow, The)
Roxana Winston - (Book: Midnight Clear, A)
Rosaleen O'Rahilly - (Book: Midnight Heat)
Regina Hackett - (Book: Midsummer Night's Sin, A)
Rebecca Marche - (Book: Mighter than the Sword)
Ruanna Moreton - (Book: Mischievous Miss, A)
Ruth Penderric - (Book: Miser's Sister, The )
Rosalind Lacey - (Book: Miss Lacey's Last Fling)
Rosellen Lockharte - (Book: Miss Lockharte's Letters)
Rowena Golding - (Book: Mistress Below Deck (UK))
Rayna Ludgrin - (Book: Montana Wife)
Rosamund Bourton - (Book: Moon Lord, The)
Rhianna - (Book: Moon Rider, The)
Rachel O'Roarke - (Book: Moonlight Lover)
Rachel Browning - (Book: Moonlight on Water)
Raegan - (Book: Mountain Rose)
Rebecca Nash - (Book: Mr. Trelawney's Proposal)
Roxanna Drew - (Book: Mrs. Drew Plays Her Hand)
Rosamund - (Book: My Brazen Heart)
Rachel Buchanan Lord - (Book: My Heart's Desire)
Rachel Elliot - (Book: My Heavenly Heart)
Ravenna Walsingham - (Book: My Highland Spy)
Regan Welles - (Book: My Lord Pirate)
Rowena Thornhill - (Book: My Lord Savage)
Rose MacDonell - (Book: My Shadow Warrior)
Rose Larkin - (Book: My Wild Irish Rose)
Regan - (Book: Nettleflower)
Raine Montand - (Book: Never Again)
Rionna McDonald - (Book: Never Love a Highlander)
Rachel Bailey - (Book: Never Love A Lawman)
Rebecca Kearsey - (Book: Never Resist a Rake)
Ros Fenster - (Book: Next-Best Bride, The)
Rebecca Cothern - (Book: Night Thunder's Bride)
Riley / Madame Fontaine - (Book: No Marriage Of Convenience)
Rachel Davis - (Book: Northern Devil, The)
Rachel Duncan - (Book: Notorious Gentleman, The)
Rachel Odell - (Book: Notorious Lord, The)
Rachel Burke - (Book: Oh, Promised Destiny)
Reese Winslow - (Book: Once An Outlaw)
Rosalind Jordan - (Book: One Perfect Rose)
Roselyn O'Neill - (Book: One Wild Rose)
Rose Sherbourne - (Book: One Wild Winter's Eve)
Rose Summer - (Book: Our Lady of Pain)
Ruth Kelly - (Book: Outlaw for Christmas, An)
Ruth Kelly - (Book: Outlaw for Christmas, An (ebook))
Rachel Yoder - (Book: Outsider, The)
Rachel Yoder - (Book: Outsider, The (reprint))
Renée d'Anton - (Book: Pale Moon Rider)
Rebecca Rose - (Book: Parlor House Daughter, The)
Rhiannon Russell - (Book: Passionate One, The)
Rowena fitz Giles - (Book: Passions of the Realm)
Randee Hollis - (Book: Passions Wild and Free)
Rosanna Shelton - (Book: Petals of the Rose)
Rachel - (Book: Pickett's Fence)
Red Robert - (Book: Pirate Bride)
Royale Carrington - (Book: Pirate Royale)
Rozalinde Cavandish - (Book: Pirate's Rose)
Rose - (Book: Pirate, A Secret, And Rose, A)
Rowena Caxton - (Book: Poor Relation, A)
Rose Martin - (Book: Prim Rose)
Rosalyn - (Book: Primrose)
Rose - (Book: Princess in Love)
Rowene Belleme, Lady Tures - (Book: Prisoner of My Desire)
Rowena Belleme - (Book: Prisoner of My Desire (ebook))
Rachel Fleming Barlow Newman McCandless - (Book: Promise Me Forever)
Rachel - (Book: Promise Me Spring)
Rosa Constanza Wright - (Book: Promise of Gold)
Rowanne Vaudry - (Book: Promise the Moon)
Rebecca Neville - (Book: Promise, The)
Rosalys Larrimer - (Book: Promissory Note, The)
Raven Kirkland - (Book: Question of Honor, A)
Rachel Maitland Ross - (Book: Question of Honor, A)
Rachel English - (Book: Rachel)
Rachel Douglas - (Book: Rachel and the Hired Gun)
Rachel Neville - (Book: Rachel's Change of Heart)
Rosalin Clifford - (Book: Raider, The)
Rain Shadow - (Book: Rain Shadow)
Russia Valentine - (Book: Rainbows and Rapture)
Roxanne Courtland - (Book: Rake of Hollowhurst Castle, The)
Ruth Hayden - (Book: Rake's Defiant Mistress, The)
Rebecca Raleigh - (Book: Rake's Mistress, The)
Rebecca Raleigh - (Book: Rake's Mistress, The (UK))
Regina Hawthorne - (Book: Rake's Revenge, The)
Raven - (Book: Raven)
Raven Chadwick - (Book: Raven)
Raven Alexander - (Book: Raven and the Cowboy)
Roseanna Castelmaine - (Book: Raven and the Rose, The)
Roseanna Castlemaine - (Book: Raven and the Rose, The (reissue))
Rebecca North - (Book: Rebecca)
Rebecca Langford - (Book: Reckless Heart)
Rosalind Dacey - (Book: Red Rose)
Regina Audwyn - (Book: Regina)
Regina Audwyn - (Book: Regina (reissue))
Regina Alderstock - (Book: Reluctant Heroine, The)
Rachel Halloran - (Book: Renegade Heart)
Rachel Gregory - (Book: Renegade Love)
Rosalee - (Book: Restless Wind)
Rhiannon - (Book: Rhiannon)
Rhiannon - (Book: Rhiannon (reissue))
Regina Landry - (Book: Ride for the Roses)
Rosalind Schuyler - (Book: River Devil, The)
Rebecca Seaton - (Book: River of Fire)
Raeven Russell - (Book: Rogue Pirate's Bride, The)
Rennie Dennehy - (Book: Rogue's Mistress)
Rolande Henry - (Book: Rolande)
Rosalind McHenry - (Book: Rosalind)
Rosalyn Eastleigh - (Book: Rosalyn and the Scoundrel)
Rosalyn Eastleigh - (Book: Rosalyn and the Scoundrel (UK))
Rosamund Bolton - (Book: Rosamund)
Rosamund - (Book: Rosamund)
Rosamund Lovelace - (Book: Rosamund's Revenge)
Rosanna - (Book: Rosanna and the Rake (UK))
Rose Thornton - (Book: Rose)
Rose Gallant - (Book: Rose)
Rose Ashcroft - (Book: Rose)
Rosa - (Book: Rose)
Rose Cranmer - (Book: Rose for Julian, A)
Rosamund - (Book: Rose and the Shield, The)
Rose - (Book: Rose and the Thorn, The)
Rosamund of Whitton - (Book: Rose of Ravenscrag, The)
Rose Barbour - (Book: Rose Royale)
Rose Barbour - (Book: Rose Royale (UK))
Roxanne Franklin - (Book: Roxanne (UK))
Rosanna - (Book: Royal Captive)
Roberta Frasier - (Book: Rules for a Proper Governess)
Rosalind Chase - (Book: Rules of Love, The)
Rachel Cameron - (Book: Rules of Marriage)
Rebecca Tremaine - (Book: Runaway Duke, The)
Robina - (Book: Runaway Maid)
Rachel Stanton - (Book: Sally Sweets' Sister (ebook))
Rachel Sutter - (Book: Salvation in the Rancher's Arms)
Rain Singing
Shanndel Lynn
- (Book: Savage Joy)
Rebecca Veach - (Book: Savage Secrets)
Rowena Dowell - (Book: Savage Sun)
Rachael Moreover - (Book: Savage Surrender)
Rhiannyn - (Book: Saxon Bride)
Rose Barclay - (Book: Scandal and the Duchess (ebook))
Rebecca - (Book: Scandal in Kissing an Heir, The)
Rie - (Book: Scent of Sake, The)
Rachel Everett - (Book: Schooling the Viscount)
Rory MacGregor - (Book: Scottish Thistle, The)
Raelynn Barrett - (Book: Season Beyond A Kiss, A)
Ruby - (Book: Seasons of Her Life (Hardcover))
Rachel Buchanan Lord - (Book: Seasons of Love)
Rae McClellan - (Book: Seaswept Abandon)
Rosalind Carberry - (Book: Second Lady Southvale, The)
Roxanne Winston - (Book: Second Season)
Rosalind - (Book: Second Seduction, The)
Regina Harrison - (Book: Secret Yearning, A)
Regina Shelton - (Book: Secrets)
Roselyn Longworth - (Book: Secrets of Surrender)
Rachel Aincourt - (Book: Secrets of the Heart)
Rosamunde Overton - (Book: Secrets Of The Night)
Regina Bradford - (Book: Seducing the Prince)
Roxanne Robinette - (Book: Seduction of Roxanne, The)
Rachel Ahston - (Book: Seductive Offer, A)
Rosalind Hinton - (Book: Seductive Spy, The)
Rosalinda Renaldo - (Book: Seductive Surrender)
Ruby Dearing - (Book: Sequins and Spurs)
Rose Thornton - (Book: Seven Brides; Rose (reissue))
Rose Marlowe - (Book: Seven Nights to Forever)
Rowena Fordyce - (Book: Shadows and Lace)
Rose Summer - (Book: Sick of Shadows)
Rowan Chandler - (Book: Sign of the Blue Dragon, The)
Raven - (Book: Simply Heaven)
Rosalind March - (Book: Since the Surrender)
Rebecca Sherringham - (Book: Sinfully Ever After)
Roselie Stratton - (Book: Six Impossible Things)
Rachel York - (Book: Slightly Sinful)
Rosamund Hunter - (Book: Snow Angel)
Rose Westerhill - (Book: Snowbound With the Notorious Rake)
Rachel - (Book: Snowflake Wishes)
Rosie - (Book: Some Sunny Day (UK))
Raven McCord - (Book: Southern Fire)
Rose Trelawney - (Book: Stolen)
Rebecca Kenny - (Book: Stolen Ecstasy)
Rosemary - (Book: Stranger in the Glen)
Regina Van Buren - (Book: Stylish Marriage, A)
Rachel Hollister - (Book: Summer Breeze)
Roxanna Fallon - (Book: Sundancer)
Roses Jordan - (Book: Sunshine and Shadows)
Risa Magee - (Book: Surrender)
Rhowenna - (Book: Swan Road)
Rebecca Anderson - (Book: Sweet Lullaby)
Reba Von Hausen - (Book: Sweet Paradise)
Reena Braxton - (Book: Sweet Revenge)
Reina Alvarez - (Book: Sweet Silken Bondage)
Rainey Watson - (Book: Sweet Words of Love)
Rana Michaels - (Book: Sweet, Savage Heart)
Rebecca Raeburn - (Book: Taming of Shaw McCade)
Rebecca Cardwell - (Book: Tangled)
Roxy - (Book: Tanner)
Rosemary Devering - (Book: Temporary Duke, The)
Rosalia Armstrong - (Book: Temptation in a Kilt)
Reagan Llewellyn - (Book: Temptation's Tender Kiss)
Raelynd Schellden - (Book: Tempting the Highlander)
Rosaleen Fleming - (Book: Temptress)
Rebecca Kenny - (Book: Tender Ecstasy)
Roslynn Chadwick - (Book: Tender Rebel)
Roslynn Chadwick - (Book: Tender Rebel (ebook))
Rachel Steele - (Book: Tender Victory)
Rachel Rivers - (Book: Texas Bride)
Rachel Kearney - (Book: Texas Passion)
Rachel Rutledge - (Book: Texas Proud)
Rainey Adams - (Book: Texas Rain)
Rachel McKinsey - (Book: Texas Triumph)
Roberta Jewett - (Book: That Camden Summer)
Roberta Jewett - (Book: That Camden Summer (reprint))
Rachel Zook - (Book: Thee I Love)
Regina Bliss - (Book: Then Comes Marriage)
Roxanne Barrington - (Book: These Golden Pleasures)
Rebecca Cottrell - (Book: This Land, This Love)
Rebecca Merideth - (Book: This Raging Flower)
Ranna - (Book: Thorn of Love)
Rachel McTavish - (Book: Through the Smoke)
Rebecca Woodburn - (Book: Timberline)
Roslyn Loring - (Book: To Bed a Beauty)
Rachel Wade - (Book: To Have & To Hold)
Rachel Wade - (Book: To Have and To Hold (reissue))
Rebecca - (Book: To Love an Eagle)
Roxane Forrestor
Roxane Forrestor
- (Book: To Please a Lady)
Rosalind Stuart
Clara Fell
- (Book: Toblethorpe Manor)
Rosalind Stuart
Clara Fell
- (Book: Toblethorpe Manor (reissue))
Rosie Jensen - (Book: Too Close For Comfort)
Rachel Storm - (Book: Touch of Merry, A)
Rachel Hudson - (Book: Touch of Texas)
Rebecca Marston - (Book: Trust to Chance)
Roseanne McVey - (Book: Tyler's Woman)
Roderica Delamore - (Book: Uncertain Magic)
Roderica Delamore - (Book: Uncertain Magic (reissue))
Regina Morrisey - (Book: Undomesticated Wife, An)
Rachel Summerfield - (Book: Unforgettable Love (ebook))
Rachel Parrish - (Book: Unspoken Vows)
Rosamund Bolton - (Book: Until You)
Rosalind Thorne - (Book: Useful Woman, A)
Rosina Charlton - (Book: Veiled Bride, The)
Rosina Charlton - (Book: Veiled Bride, The (UK))
Raven MacCennon - (Book: Velvet Deception)
Reyna the Dane - (Book: Viking Warrior)
Rhiannon - (Book: Viking's Woman, The)
Rhiannon - (Book: Viking's Woman, The (reissue))
Rachel - (Book: Virgin Spring, The)
Roxanne Costain - (Book: Virgin's Heart, The)
Rebecca Mercer - (Book: Virginia Bride)
Rebecca Wilde - (Book: Virginia Vixen)
Rosalyn Harcourt - (Book: Vow of Deception)
Rosalind Winslow - (Book: Wagered Miss Winslow, The)
Rebecca Parrish - (Book: Wagered Widow, The)
Rachel Brodie - (Book: Walk Into the Flame)
Regan Doyle - (Book: Walker's Widow)
Rhona - (Book: Warrior Bride, The)
Rhiannon Ruthven - (Book: Warrior's Lady)
Rachel Penniston - (Book: Web of Deception)
Roselynne Moreley - (Book: Wedding Day Vows)
Rachel Meredith - (Book: Wedding Night Revenge)
Rachel Sinclair - (Book: Wedding Promise, The)
Rachel Cresswell - (Book: Wedding Wish, The)
Rianne Kierney - (Book: Western Enchantress)
Rose Danvers - (Book: When Seducing a Duke)
Rebecca Thornton - (Book: When the Storm Breaks: A Novel)
Raven - (Book: Where Eagles Soar)
Rosalie Belleau - (Book: Where Passion Leads)
Rosalie - (Book: Whisper on the Wind, A)
Reed - (Book: White Deception)
Renait O’Brien - (Book: White Vengeance)
Rachel Terhune - (Book: Widow Woman)
Ruby Denby Rumford - (Book: Widowed Bride, The)
Rebecca Cavenaugh - (Book: Wild Highland Rose)
Retha - (Book: Wild Indigo)
Rachel Dempsey - (Book: Wild Innocence)
Rose Marie Jacguard - (Book: Wild Rose)
Rosamund St. Helm - (Book: Wild Rose, The)
Rose McMurray - (Book: Wild Texas Rose)
Rebekah Tate - (Book: Wild Texas Wind)
Rowena Dangerfield - (Book: Wildest Heart (reprint))
Rowena Dangerfield - (Book: Wildest Heart, The)
Rafe Pierce - (Book: Willow (Hardcover))
Rosalind Merrifield - (Book: Winterburn's Rose)
Rosie Mulvehey - (Book: Wives of Bowie Stone, The)
Rosalind de la Fontaine - (Book: Wizard's Daughter, The)
Rahab - (Book: Women of the Bible: Rahab’s Story)
Raven Barrancourt - (Book: Wrap Me in Splendor)
Rachel Tolliver - (Book: Wyoming Woman)
Rachel Fairchild - (Book: Yankee Earl)
Rachel Montgomery - (Book: Yankee's Lady)
Rose Golightly - (Book: Yorkshire (ebook))
Rose Dubois - (Book: Zach)


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