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Ann Major

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Marriage at the Cowboy's Demand
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Search for your favorite leading lady...
Have you been looking for a certain heroine? Remember the name but not the book title? Browse your favorite heroines listed in order of heroine's first name below!

Choose A Name - this will display heroines by FIRST NAME:

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Heroines with first name starting with V

Click the heroine's name to view the book and author.

Viola Challerton
Lady Avery
- (Book: Absentee Earl, The)
Vivian Carlyle - (Book: Affair Without End, An)
Victoria Windhaven - (Book: Alaskan Renegade)
Verity Lambourn - (Book: Angel's Touch, An (UK))
Venice Leiland - (Book: Anything For Love)
Victoria Davidge - (Book: Arizona Embrace)
Venetia Stratham - (Book: Art of Taming a Rake, The)
Victoria, Dowager Duchess of Rockley - (Book: As Shadows Fade)
Venetia Easterbrook - (Book: Beguiling the Beauty)
Virginia Courtney - (Book: Beloved Enemy)
Velvet Campbell - (Book: Bewitched Viking (reissue))
Violet Hammersley - (Book: Blackstone's Bride)
Veronica MacLeod - (Book: Borrowed Scot, A)
Vonnie Taylor - (Book: Bridal Lace and Buckskin)
Verity Osborne - (Book: Bride Sale, The)
Violet Knowlton - (Book: Bride Unveiled, A)
Victoria Temple Whiting - (Book: Bride's Necklace, The)
VerityTalmadge - (Book: Brighter Dawn, A)
Victoria Parker - (Book: Captain's Woman, The)
Victoria Lynn Lawrence - (Book: Capture My Heart)
Victoria Allen-Hill - (Book: Christmas Delights)
Verity/Soraya - (Book: Claiming the Courtesan)
Verena Howard - (Book: Dangerous)
Vivian Longstreet - (Book: Darius)
Virgina "Ginny" Brandon - (Book: Dark Fires)
Virginia Brandon - (Book: Dark Fires (reissue))
Varina Cameron - (Book: Darkness at Fair Winds)
Veronica Westfield - (Book: Daughters Four)
Victoria Pruitt - (Book: Dearest Enemy)
Veronica Strake - (Book: Dearest Max)
Verity Durant - (Book: Delicious)
Violet Langford - (Book: Denville Diamond, The)
Virginia Traylor - (Book: Devil of Clan Sinclair)
Venetia dei Giorlandi - (Book: Devil's Mercenary, The (UK edition))
Venetia Fox - (Book: Dicing with the Dangerous Lord)
Valentina Ashford - (Book: Dirty Frog, The)
Verity Fitzroy - (Book: Duke Diaries, The)
Victoria Shelby - (Book: Duke in Disguise, The)
Vivian Rael-Lamont - (Book: Duke of Sin)
Viola - (Book: Duke's Captive, The)
Verity of Escombe - (Book: Duke's Desire, The)
Victoria Broadridge - (Book: Earthly Delights)
Victoria Remington - (Book: Ecstacy's Conquest)
Victoria Farraday - (Book: Ecstasy's Promise)
Varya - (Book: Elusive Passion)
Victoria Reitenauer - (Book: Encantadora)
Victoria Mary Lyndon - (Book: Everything And The Moon)
Verity Howard - (Book: False Promises)
Victoria Dancy - (Book: Fashionable Spy, The)
Victoria Wicklin - (Book: Faster Than the Rest)
Violet Cooper - (Book: Finer Things, The)
Vanessa Huxtable Dew - (Book: First Comes Marriage)
Valerie Ross - (Book: Flaming Arrow)
Valerie Ross - (Book: Flaming Arrow (reissue))
Vivienne Bancroft - (Book: Flawless)
Venus Daltry - (Book: Flirt, The)
Valentine Brown - (Book: Fool's Masquerade)
Virginia Munro - (Book: For Love or Country)
Virginia Munro - (Book: Forbidden Lady, The )
Victoria McKenna - (Book: Forever Victoria)
Vanessa Kenyon - (Book: Fortune's Daughter)
Victoria Emerson - (Book: Friday's Child)
Victoria Childers - (Book: Gabriel's Woman)
Violet Rutledge - (Book: Gentleman Jewel Thief, The)
Vanessa Mannion - (Book: Gentleman's Trade)
Valeria Augusta Marianus - (Book: Gladiator Heart (ebook))
Victoria Fontaine - (Book: Golden Flames)
Valentina Barrett - (Book: Golden Paradise)
Victoria - (Book: Golden Thread, The)
Venetia Fielding - (Book: Gretna Bride)
Verity Windsor - (Book: Halloween Magic)
Vivian Spalding - (Book: Heart's Wager, The)
Violet Devere - (Book: Heir to the Duke)
Violet Howard - (Book: Heiress for All Seasons, An (novella))
Vanessa Tarleton - (Book: Hidden Inheritance)
Vanessa MacIan - (Book: Highland Sunset)
Victoria - (Book: Highland Wishes)
Vivienne Burroughs - (Book: His Forbidden Kiss)
Verity - (Book: His Lady Mistress)
Verity - (Book: His Lady Mistress (UK))
Veronica Smithson - (Book: His Mistress by Christmas (hardcover))
Veronica Smithson - (Book: His Mistress by Christmas (paperback))
Violet Benson - (Book: Honor-Bound Gambler, The)
Viola Carlyle - (Book: How to Be a Proper Lady)
Violet Brantford - (Book: Husband Trap, The)
Violet Redmond - (Book: I Kissed an Earl)
Viola Ross - (Book: Irish Devil, The)
Vanessa - (Book: Jaguar Eyes)
Valentina Ivanova - (Book: Jewel of St. Petersburg, The)
Veronica Murray - (Book: Jewels of Terror, The)
Veronica Longwood - (Book: Just in Time)
Victoria Hart - (Book: Kind and Decent Man, A)
Violet Durbin - (Book: Known To All)
Vivian, Countess of Beresford - (Book: Lady Beresford's Lover)
Vanessa Lester - (Book: Lady Cecily's Scheme)
Violet Morgan - (Book: Lady of Ashes)
Violet Carlton - (Book: Lady of Fortune, A)
Vivian Reddington - (Book: Lady of Quality, A)
Victoria Dawkins - (Book: Lady of Spirit )
Victoria Waverly - (Book: Lady of the West, A)
Victoria Waverly - (Book: Lady of the West, A (reissue))
Valoree - (Book: Lady Pirate)
Valoree - (Book: Lady Pirate)
Verity Parnel - (Book: Lady Scoundrel)
Vivian Worth - (Book: Lady Vivian Defies a Duke)
Victoria (Ria) - (Book: Lessons From a Courtesan)
Vivianna Greentree - (Book: Lessons in Seduction)
Vanora - (Book: Lionheart)
Vivian March - (Book: Little Bit Wicked (ebook))
Victoria Shelby - (Book: Lord Next Door, The)
Verity Worth - (Book: Lord Rathbone's Flirt)
Valentina St. Michael - (Book: Lost Love Found)
Virginia Brandon - (Book: Lost Love, Last Love)
Verity Collier - (Book: Love Knot, The)
Victoria Crandell - (Book: Love Me 'Til Dawn)
Victorine Laurent - (Book: Mademoiselle Victorine)
Victoria Leggett - (Book: Masquerade of Hearts)
Victoria Lewis - (Book: Master of Stonegrave Hall, The)
Violet Matcham - (Book: Masterful Mr. Montague, The)
Victoria Lambert - (Book: Matter of Temptation, A)
Victoria Fontaine - (Book: Meet Me at Midnight)
Victoria Carr - (Book: Mercenary Major, The)
Verity Harcourt - (Book: Miss Harcourt's Dilemma)
Victoria Fleming-Cassidy - (Book: Montana Moonfire)
Veronique - (Book: Moonshadow)
Victoria Abermarle - (Book: Moonspun Magic)
Victoria Abermarle - (Book: Moonspun Magic (reissue))
Victoria Ancona - (Book: Moonwatch)
Violet Treacher - (Book: My Favorite Marquess)
Virginia Blair - (Book: Never a Lady)
Vianne Mauriac - (Book: Nightengale, The (hardcover))
Viola Thornhill - (Book: No Man's Mistress)
Victoria Bretton - (Book: No Occupation for a Lady)
Verity Cox - (Book: Noble Imposter, The)
Velvet Moran - (Book: Nothing But Velvet)
Velvet Moran - (Book: Nothing But Velvet (reissue))
Violet Leigh - (Book: On the Twelfth Day of Christmas )
Victoria Seaton - (Book: Once and Always)
Victoria Jane Emerson - (Book: Once Upon a Scandal)
Vivienne Montgomery - (Book: One Sinful Night)
Vada Hadley - (Book: Palmetto Moon)
Valetta Finch - (Book: Pavilion of Passion)
Viveca Stanhope - (Book: Phantom of the Bathtub, The)
Victoria Yelverton - (Book: Pistols at Dawn)
Vanessa Bradford - (Book: Prelude to Love)
Verity Bascombe - (Book: Pretty Polly)
Victoria Anne Dearbourne - (Book: Price of Pleasure, The)
Victoria Livingstone - (Book: Priceless Acquisition, A)
Veronica Danti - (Book: Prince of Cups, The)
Veronique Montagne - (Book: Prince's Bride, The)
Virginia Hughes - (Book: Prize, The)
Verity Thompson - (Book: Provocative in Pearls)
Victoria Quinton - (Book: Questioning Miss Quinton, The)
Victoria Torrez - (Book: Rebel and the Lady, The)
Verony Langford - (Book: Rebellious Love)
Vicky Lingford - (Book: Renegade Girl)
Verena Sheldon - (Book: Return of Lord Conistone, The)
Vala - (Book: Ring of Desire)
Viola Whedon - (Book: Ripe for Pleasure)
Viven Thorne - (Book: Romancing The Rogue)
Vivienne - (Book: Rose Red Bride, The)
Violet Griffin - (Book: Rule's Bride)
Violet Griffin - (Book: Rule's Bride (reissue))
Victoria Stafford - (Book: Satan's Angel)
Victoria Michaels - (Book: Savage Awakening)
Virginia Brandon - (Book: Savage Desire)
Victoria Seaton - (Book: Scandal of the Season)
Veronica Elizabeth Ashworth - (Book: Scandal's Darling)
Veronica Elizabeth Ashworth - (Book: Scandal's Darling (ebook/reissue))
Victoria Mallory - (Book: Scandalous Marriage, A)
Victoria Hawthorne - (Book: Scandals)
Vanessa - (Book: Scottish Ecstasy)
Venetia Milton - (Book: Second Sight)
Vivian Schuyler - (Book: Secret Life of Violet Grant, The)
Vermillion Lee Durant - (Book: Secret Ways)
Virginia - (Book: Secrets of a Scoundrel, The)
Vivien Shaw - (Book: Secrets of Seducing a Royal Bodyguard)
Vanessa Wyndham - (Book: Seduction, The)
Valdis - (Book: Silk Dreams)
Victoria Chandler - (Book: Silver Heiress, The (ebook))
Victoria - (Book: Silver Web, The)
Vivien Rose Duvall - (Book: Someone to Watch Over Me)
Vanessa Grayson - (Book: Spirited Romance, A)
Valentina Trent / Laura McCarty - (Book: Stardust)
Violet Harper - (Book: Stolen Remains)
Verity Alford - (Book: Storm Prince)
Victoria Huntington - (Book: Surrender)
Victoria Huntington - (Book: Surrender (reissue))
Victoria (Torrie) Granger - (Book: Surrender the Dream)
Venetia Tay - (Book: Sweet Disorder)
Victoria Tarrent - (Book: Sweet Enemy)
Victoria Romero de Kenton - (Book: Sweet Golden Sun)
Virgina -Ginny- Brandon - (Book: Sweet Savage Love)
Violet Pearson - (Book: Sweet Violet)
Veda Grenfell - (Book: Tailor's Daughter, The)
Veda Grenfell - (Book: Tailor's Daughter, The)
Vidia Swanson - (Book: Tainted Angel)
Velvet Campbell - (Book: Tainted by Temptation)
Victoria Cardiff - (Book: Taken by the Prince)
Violet, Lady Carrington - (Book: Talent For Sin, A)
Victoria - (Book: Terms of Surrender)
Vida - (Book: Texas Triumph)
Velvet de Marisco - (Book: This Heart of Mine)
Victoria Douglas - (Book: To Catch A Countess)
Victoria Lennox - (Book: To Make a Match)
Venetia Oglivie - (Book: To Scotland, With Love)
Virginia Waverly - (Book: To Wed a Wild Lord)
Violet LaFarge - (Book: Travis)
Vanessa Pembrooke - (Book: Treasure Me)
Victoria Andrews - (Book: Undone by the Duke)
Velvet Cavendish - (Book: Unmasked)
Valentina - (Book: Valentina)
Vanessa Holland - (Book: Valentine for Vanessa, A)
Valentina Jardine - (Book: Valentine's Day Fancy, A)
Vanessa Whitmore - (Book: Vanessa)
Victoria - (Book: Veil of Night, The)
Velvet Dulan - (Book: Velvet (Hardcover))
Venetia Lanyon - (Book: Venetia)
Venetia Lanyon - (Book: Venetia (new edition))
Victoire Duvernay - (Book: Victoire (reissue))
Valkyrie - (Book: Viking )
Violet Goodwin - (Book: Violet)
Violet Ashcroft - (Book: Violet)
Violet - (Book: Violet's Wish (Hardcover))
Violet Traften - (Book: Violets Are Blue)
Virtue Goodbody - (Book: Virtue's Prize)
Violet Harper - (Book: Virtuous Death, A)
Vivian Redmond - (Book: Vivid Notions)
Veronica Reynolds - (Book: Wanted: The Half-Breed)
Vanesse - (Book: Warrior Moon)
Violetta Denver - (Book: We'll Meet Again)
Vivian Beecham - (Book: What a Rogue Desires)
Vienne La Rieux - (Book: When Tempting a Rogue)
Violet Bastien - (Book: Wicked Deeds of Daniel Mackenzie, The)
Vivienne Taylor - (Book: Wicked Little Secrets)
Victoria Larkin - (Book: Wild Summer Rose)
Vanessa Cavanaugh - (Book: Wind of Promise)
Victoria "Tory" Lightfoot - (Book: Witch From the Sea, The)
Veronica - (Book: With All My Heart)
Victoria - (Book: Zofloya: Or the Moor)


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