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You Can't Escape
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Yasmine Galenorn
Pseudonym/s: India Ink
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Hi, I'm Yasmine Galenorn, mystery and metaphysical author. Currently, I'm writing the Chintz 'n China Mystery Series, the Bath & Beauty (India Ink) Mystery Series, and I'm starting a new fantasy series called The Sisters of the Moon Series. I also have eight nonfiction metaphysical books to my credit. I've been writing stories and poetry since I could first hold a pencil. I remember when I was about three years old and how it dawned on me that someone had to 'make' the books that I so much loved...and at that moment I knew that I wanted to 'make' books more than anything in the world. My first story that I remember making up (it was around that time, maybe I was four), was about a pair of green curtains who wanted to go home with someone so bad to hang at a window, and they were 'green with envy' (yes, I actually knew the word envy at that age) whenever other color curtains would be sold before they were. Apparently, I loved that story and told it over and over to my mother. Maybe I was a curtain salesman in another life, or perhaps I just liked draperies, but it was the 'big thing' for awhile there. I never lost sight of my goal, never wavered from my focus. I diverged onto other paths briefly but there was always the knowledge that I would eventually focus on my writing as a career. I started college when I was 15--skipping high school with no regrets. At 17, with Associate of Arts degree in hand, I hitchhiked to California to live with my sister Claudia for awhile. Unfortunately, I never saw Hollywood like I planned, and never came near Caltech, like I wanted to. I returned to Washington and over the next four years, got my last two years of schooling. Money prevented a steady walk through college, or rather--the lack of money--but I eventually, in 1983, walked out of Evergreen State College with my B.A. in theatrical arts and creative writing. I'm the author of numerous nonfiction metaphysical books based on my personal spirituality (yes, I'm a Witch. Yes, I'm a Pagan. No, I'm not a Satanist. No, I'm not Wiccan. And no, I'm not a flake), but have now put that writing aside to focus on my fiction. I generally write what I like to read in fiction. Storytelling has always been my first love and now that side of my career has taken root and is blossoming out. I write contemporary fantasy, supernatural, mystery, suspense, women's literature, and poetry. A prolific writer, I'm driven with a passion for the language that few things in my life can equal. For me, the written word is more than a means of communications. While I write to please myself, I never forget that my readers deserve respect and so I try to offer them tales to lead them through journeys they will not forget. I live right next to Seattle with my husband Samwise and our four cats whom you can meet in The Cat's Corner, am happily married and have been since 1993. Our personal site (photos, etc.) are in The Green Wood. And yes, the rumors are right--I got the nickname of Painted Panther because I am heavily tattooed. Because so many people ask, you pronounce my name this way: Yaz-mihn (NOT Jasmine--it's a "Y", not a "J"). If you want to, you can say Yaz-meen, that's okay. Gal-eh-norn The accent is on the first syllable. Interesting trivia: Samwise and I created our last name together after we got married. He first took my last name because I wasn't about to take his (it would just sound too weird with my first name), but then I decided I didn't want to be stuck with my stepfather's last name the rest of my life. So we created our last name out of the Elvish in LOTR. Galenorn means Green Tree in Elvish, which fits us. and yes, Samwise IS his legal name. He's my gorgeous hobbit dude.

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Photo: Yasmine Galenorn
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