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Ann Major

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Marriage at the Cowboy's Demand
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Jacquelyn Frank
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Hey all, Well, if you think you’ve read this before, you are most likely wrong. I like to change things up a bit to keep you up to date or just to keep you guessing. Besides, in the year since I wrote the previous biography so much has changed that it hardly applies any longer. What hasn’t changed? I am a native New Yorker, was born there and have lived a major portion of my life there. I was born on Lawn Guyland (that’s how we say it, I swear) but have resided in several places. I love animals, specifically cats, to a point of insanity (I actually bought a ‘Crazy Cat Lady’ action figure from a fan with a humor shop!) I love my boys like I would honest to goodness children. I am still writing, although as you may know I am branching out from the Nightwalkers…but not to fear, they will always be a part of me and our relationship. It’s simply a matter of where the muse is taking me. That brings me to what has changed. I moved to Asheville, North Carolina and bought a spectacular house. My ward, Bianca, is no longer living with me. Those who know me know how that separation broke my heart. All I can do now is hope she remains healthy and happy where she is and let the Universe sort out the rest. To make up for losing her I got two kittens (another convoluted story of heartbreak) and rounded out my family of male cats to an even six. The kittens are a delight, but it really was an insane thing to do! But the process was meant to happen so I could find the Animal Compassion Network. This group, an animal rescue network, is passionate about humane rescue and rehabilitation into loving homes in a way not even the shelters can claim. I hope to help raise money for them a lot in the future. Other than this, I can only tell you that media is my life’s blood. Books, movies, music…I thrive on all of it. I can cross almost every genre, but I have my favorites so here goes: Female vocalists, like Sarah MacLachlan, Maire Brennan, Evanescence’s Amy Lee and about a hundred other women artists who can wrap my soul up in their voices are my preference at the moment. When I write, Christophe Beck and his gorgeous tracks for Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel are my choice to get me in a supernatural mood. Books? I love paranormal, historical and really well-written erotica. I love a story that can make me flush, heh. I try to write ‘em that way, too. Of course that means Angela Knight, Christine Feehan, JR Ward, Kresley Cole, Sherrilyn Kenyon, Lora Leigh and so many, many more who have my shelves bursting with stuff I gotta get around to real soon! As for movies, I admit it, I love disaster flicks. Something about the raw honesty in the end of the human race as we know it…or the charge of romance in impossible moments of desperation…but mostly I think it’s a tie between watching people bite the dust for being arrogant and doofy (my cynical side) and watching the human race persevere through the worst of situations because of their best qualities (and there’s the optimist aka romantic). And I bet you thought I was going to say romance movies. AS IF! Pretty Woman? Bed of Roses? Titanic? (ooo…combo disaster and romance!) The Matrix? (Oh, it IS TOO a romance! Love saves Neo’s life!) It’s not as though I haven’t seen all of the above a hundred times over and STILL cry when I am supposed to! Do I seem that sappy to you? Do I?! Huh?! This from the gal who bawls when she watches her Buffy because she and Angel are the next best tragic pair of lovers since Romeo and Juliet. Okay, other than that…I am a former ASL interpreter, I have a degree and everything. Had to quit due to health issues conflicting with the work. If anyone tells you interpreting for the deaf is easy, tell them to hold their arms in the air and wave them around for an hour and a half straight without stopping. I’ve also done a few other things like substitute teaching, health aide, things like that, but I have wanted to be an author since I was barely into puberty. It was those sexy teen romances where the first kiss was as far as they went. Heh. I thought that was the be all and end all…then I got my hands on an introductory copy for a new series launching (ok, showing my age for those who are in the know) called Loveswept and got my first taste of sizzle. I’ve been writing it and gobbling it up ever since! (You can assume I mean through reading if you like). And what bio would be complete without friends and family? My Dad and stepmom live in North Carolina, my sister Laraine lives with her family in Connecticut, including my chubby-cheeked adorable nephew, Christopher! My other three sisters Maria, Lynnora and Janette (sorry, no current pics!) live in Florida (no offense to Floridians, but I could never live in all that year round summer! I need seasons!) However Lynnora has come to her senses and is moving here to NC! Yay! My best friends in no particular order (very PC of me don’t you think?) are Laura , Tanya and my best friend from childhood, Renee . I confess, I have a male best friend, too (I know, you’re shocked). His name is Marc and he’s really sweet. He also has parents I adore. I love his adorable mother, Tina, to teeny tiny Tina little bits! These friends have been my proofreaders and cheering section all these years as I wrote and dreamed. They dreamed right along with me. They never thought I wouldn’t make it. Is that cool or what? I wish friends like these on everyone. So now I have Kensington, Writer’s House and my Nightwalkers. I am so proud of this series. Everyone is being so kind to me and I am working my tush off not to disappoint anyone with the work I have coming for you. Jacob release so well for a first novel, and the Gideon leapt onto the New York Times and the USA Today! Can you imagine?? I was so shocked and thrilled! Elijah just debuted and the series is slated to run its course with Damien in June and Noah in September! Pet peeves and projects? LITERACY and ANIMALS are my two major causes. I get so frustrated when I hear someone say they don’t read much or can’t read well. It just makes me sad to know how many worlds have been imagined betweens millions of covers and they are missing out on all of it! Truly tragic is when schools start to cut away at the arts thinking they are expendable. Art, music, theatre…all of this is essential to learning how to use the imagination we’ve been given and THAT is what is key to enjoying fictional works of literature or grasping written concepts we learn from. As for animals (yes, cats especially), we have too many of them. Spaying and neutering is crucial to population control, and population control means hundreds less feral creatures starving in streets and in barns everywhere. There are so many programs that will help with the cost of this, even trap and release programs of fixing ferals, if you seek it out. And if you can possibly pay it forward, the ASPCA, SPCA the ACN and hundreds of other animal rescue outfits depend on our generosity. Please, make certain it is a legitimate association and that your gifts are going to the right place. Also, animal cruelty is one of the most horrifying epidemics in this nation. People think that because they are just animals that it’s okay to dump them by the roadside when kittens grow up and are no longer so adorable and sweet all the time. Or that they can kick them around or ignore their responsibility to their health and safety needs. I could go on forever about this. And maybe you’re thinking there is so much HUMAN angst to worry about, why waste time on books and animals? I guess because we’re all connected to the same earth, the same creative karma and, perhaps, the same pool of souls. If we fail one, we hurt all of us. If we save one, we heal us all. Even the tiniest, purring creature can teach us more about ourselves and our ability to love than we might ever imagine. Who wouldn’t want to save that? And a single story, be it Shakespeare or erotic fantasy, can touch us and change us in unexpected ways…if only we have the literacy to understand it. Want to know anything else or have I hit the TMI mark already? Go ahead, hit the forums and ask me anything. Or just write me at! You could just sign up to follow the blabbering blog I have too. I’m sure to run off at the mouth about a great many things! Hugs and Kitties! Jacquelyn Frank

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Photo: Jacquelyn Frank
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