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Eye On Romance
Featured Author
Ann Major

Meet Eye On Romance Featured  Author Ann Major
Marriage at the Cowboy's Demand
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Search for your favorite leading men...
Have you been looking for a certain hero? Remember the name but not the book title? Browse your favorite heros listed in order of hero's first name below!

Choose A Name - this will display heros by FIRST NAME:

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Heroes with first name starting with A

Click the hero's name to view the book and author.

Archeron - (Book: Acheron)
Adam - (Book: Adam)
Alek Dragovich - (Book: After Image)
Adrian Kane - (Book: After Midnight)
Aidan O'Connell - (Book: Aidan (ebook))
Arek Barial - (Book: Allegiance Sworn)
Ashur - (Book: Angel Slayer)
Ari Nathan - (Book: Apocalypse to Go)
Andreas Reichen - (Book: Ashes of Midnight)
Alexandra Patton - (Book: Avenger, The)
Andreas - (Book: Awakening the Fire)
Ambrose Carpenter - (Book: Baby Maker, The)
Aidan Byrne - (Book: Banshee Charmer (ebook))
Angus MacKay - (Book: Be Still My Vampire Heart)
Alon Garza - (Book: Beauty's Beast)
Alex - (Book: Belle Chasse)
Axiom - (Book: Between Light and Dark)
Asher Grayson - (Book: Black Magic Woman)
Adam Morelly - (Book: Black Opal)
Andreas - (Book: Blood and Fire)
Adam Walker - (Book: Blood Bargain)
Adam Walker - (Book: Blood Heat)
Axel Locke - (Book: Blood Magic)
Arturo Mazza - (Book: Blood Seduction)
Asher - (Book: Bloodshifted)
Adrien - (Book: Born in Chains)
Armand - (Book: Born To Bite)
Ariyal - (Book: Bound by Darkness)
Anatole St. Leger - (Book: Bride Finder, The)
Andreas - (Book: Burning Both Ends)
Alec Lachlan - (Book: Case of Nerves, A)
Aimery Fitz Clare - (Book: Catching Midnight)
Asher Monroe - (Book: Cravings)
Adam Ruelle - (Book: Crescent Moon)
Aric - (Book: Cursed by Destiny)
Aric - (Book: Cursed Embrace, A)
Andre Boroi - (Book: Dark Ghost (hardcover))
Adam Savage - (Book: Dark Gold)
Aidan Savage - (Book: Dark Gold [reissue])
Ari Carmine - (Book: Dark Light of Day)
Armond Wulf - (Book: Dark One, The)
Aeron - (Book: Darkest Passion, The)
Amun - (Book: Darkest Secret, The)
Azriel - (Book: Darkness Hunts)
Azriel - (Book: Darkness Unmasked)
Andrei Dragulescu
- (Book: Dead Travel Fast, The)
Ashe Granger - (Book: Deadly is the Kiss)
Aidan Flynn - (Book: Deadly Night)
Asher - (Book: Deadshifted)
Alexander Kane - (Book: Deadtown)
Alexander Claybourne - (Book: Deeper than the Night)
Azazel - (Book: Demon)
Alejandro - (Book: Demon Forged)
Andras - (Book: Demon Kissed (ebook))
Andre Conti - (Book: Demon Marked)
Antonio Battista - (Book: Desire After Dark)
Alexander - (Book: Devil's Due)
Adam Zolton - (Book: Dragon Unmasked)
Arikos - (Book: Dream Hunter, The)
Aiden - (Book: Dreams of a Dark Warrior)
Adrian Wild - (Book: Dreams of You)
Alfonso Serrano - (Book: Embraced by Blood)
Andreas - (Book: Eternal Fires)
Alexander Roman - (Book: Eternal Hunger)
Alex - (Book: Eternal Passion (ebook))
Ares - (Book: Eternal Rider)
Adam Reid - (Book: Fairytale)
Adam Montgomery - (Book: Fallen)
Angel - (Book: Fearless)
Ash - (Book: Feast)
Andreas - (Book: Fire Storm)
Adam - (Book: Fire Touched)
Andreas - (Book: Fire Within)
Alex Radcliffe - (Book: Flight from Death)
Alan Carman - (Book: For the Bear's Eyes Only)
Adam Montgomery - (Book: Forever)
Aidan Tremayne - (Book: Forever and the Night)
Ahnvil - (Book: Forged)
Ashville Coye - (Book: Forgotten Vows...?)
Alec Royce - (Book: Forsaken by the Others)
Adam Hauptman - (Book: Frost Burned (hardcover))
Adam - (Book: Frost Burned (paperback))
Andrew Martinez - (Book: Ghost Of a Chance)
Adam Wright - (Book: Ghosts & Echoes)
Adam Javorski - (Book: Grave Attraction)
Aryck - (Book: Healer's Choice)
Alaric - (Book: Heart of Atlantis)
Angelo - (Book: Her Fierce Warrior)
Alan Shifflett - (Book: Hidden Moon (ebook))
Alexander Douglas - (Book: Highlander in Her Bed)
Aidan MacDonald - (Book: Highlander in Her Dreams)
Anita Blake - (Book: Hit List (hardcover))
Alec Royce - (Book: Hunted By The Others)
Aiden - (Book: Hunter Reborn)
Aren - (Book: Hunter's Moon (ebook))
Alec Reynard - (Book: I Burn For You)
Argus Wherlocke - (Book: If He's Dangerous)
Adam Brody - (Book: Immortal Danger)
Anders - (Book: Immortal Ever After)
Arik Wagner - (Book: Immortal Rider)
Adrian - (Book: Immortals: The Calling)
Abram Devane - (Book: In a Soldier's Arms)
Aidan Grieve - (Book: In Her Secret Fantasy)
Adrik Wilder - (Book: Into the Shadow)
Aleksei Rachlav - (Book: Key to Conspiracy)
Alexei Cameron - (Book: Key to Forever)
Aleksei Rachlav - (Book: Key to Redemption)
Adrian Magus - (Book: Kindred, The)
Azaiel - (Book: King of the Damned)
Arturo Mazza - (Book: Kiss of Blood, A)
Adrian Smith - (Book: Kiss of Darkness)
Alex Garcia - (Book: Kissed By a Vampire)
Anthony Cross - (Book: Kissing with Fangs)
Amiri - (Book: Last Twilight, The)
Ari Nathan - (Book: License to Ensorcell)
Anton Beck - (Book: Lone Wolf)
Alexandre Chaubere - (Book: Lord of Forever)
Arion, King of the Unicorns - (Book: Lord Of Legends)
Adam Bruno - (Book: Lost, The)
Ari Nathan - (Book: Love on the Run)
Auric - (Book: Lucifer's Daughter)
Aragon - (Book: Lure of the Wolf, The)
Adam Walker - (Book: Matters of the Blood)
Andrew O'Connell - (Book: Mercy of Thin Air, The)
Adam Winters - (Book: Midnight Crystal)
Alaric Storm - (Book: Midnight in Your Arms)
Arran MacCarrick - (Book: Midnight's Kiss)
Adam Mueller - (Book: Moon's Fury)
Alec - (Book: Much Ado About Vampires)
Aidan Raines - (Book: Must Love Vampires)
Aidan Raines - (Book: Must Love Vampires (reprint))
Alec MacQuarrie - (Book: Never Been Bit)
Adam - (Book: Night Broken (hardcover))
Archer, Lord Black - (Book: Night Falls Darkly)
Adrian King - (Book: Night Life)
Alexandre Beaumondier - (Book: Night's Immortal Kiss)
Ares - (Book: Nightmaster)
Adam Boyd - (Book: No Werewolves Allowed)
Anthony Mancini - (Book: Now You See It... (ebook))
Alexsandr Volstov - (Book: Oceans of Fire)
Ashton Ward - (Book: Of Shadows and Ash (ebook))
Alex - (Book: Once Upon A Dream)
Alex Lupe - (Book: One Eye Closed)
Aidan Tremayne - (Book: Out Of the Shadows)
Alix Como - (Book: Paradise Moon)
Ash - (Book: Passionate Thirst)
Aiden Forsyth - (Book: Phantom's Touch)
Alex Warin - (Book: Pirate's Alley)
Alex Petrakis - (Book: Prince of Dreams)
Anton - (Book: Prince of Power)
Alessandro Caravelli - (Book: Ravenous)
Angus Jeremiah Campbell III
aka Jeremy Blade
- (Book: Real Vampires Have Curves (reissue))
Armaros - (Book: Rebel)
Adam Scott - (Book: Red Wolf)
Aidan Murphy - (Book: Redemption)
Artair MacKay - (Book: Reluctant Amazon, The (ebook))
Al Drummond - (Book: Ritual Magic)
Adam - (Book: River Marked (hardcover))
Aric Savage - (Book: Savage Awakening)
Allan Rappaport - (Book: SEAL Wolf in Too Deep)
Adrian - (Book: Sex, Lies and Vampires)
Adam Thorne - (Book: Shadow Bound)
Artur Loginov - (Book: Shadow Touch)
Alex Beaumont - (Book: Shadows in the Fire)
Aden - (Book: Shards of Hope (hardcover))
Aden - (Book: Shards of Hope (paperback))
Alain Devereaux - (Book: Silver Rain)
Adam Lazarus - (Book: Silver-Tongued Devil)
Abraham Stirling - (Book: Sinner's Heart)
Alexion - (Book: Sins of the Night)
Addison Foster - (Book: Skin Tight)
Philip de Valor
- (Book: So Speaks the Heart)
Adrian - (Book: Soul Chase (ebook))
Adrian - (Book: Soul Thief)
Adam - (Book: Soulbound)
Adam - (Book: Spell Bound)
Alister - (Book: St. Augustine's Silhouettes (ebook))
Adrian - (Book: Stealing Kathryn)
Abrial Nightdemon - (Book: Still Life)
Aidan - (Book: Storm Bound)
Aaron Eagle - (Book: Storm of Shadows)
Alex Daimon - (Book: Stranger's Kiss, A)
Archer Rune - (Book: Sweet Ruin)
Addolgar - (Book: Tale of Two Dragons, A (ebook))
Alex Sanchez - (Book: Tall, Dark and Immortal)
Adrian Caine - (Book: Tall, Dark and Undead (ebook))
Alex Danilov - (Book: These Fallen Angels)
Assail - (Book: Thief, The)
Alexander Danilov - (Book: This Dark Paradise)
Aedar - (Book: Time Singer (ebook))
Adrian Mitchell - (Book: Touch of Crimson, A)
Aiden Shrader - (Book: Touch of Seduction)
Aaron Mead - (Book: Turn Back The Night)
Alex Grace - (Book: Under Attack)
Alex Grace - (Book: Under the Final Moon)
Arlan Kahill - (Book: Undying)
Arlan - (Book: Undying (reissue))
Aidan O'Conner - (Book: Upon The Midnight Clear)
Alan Stevens - (Book: Vampire Shrink, The)
Alan Stevens - (Book: Vampire Shrink, The)
Achilles Stefanos - (Book: Vampire Who Loved Me, The)
Antonio Acero - (Book: Vampires Need Not. . .Apply?)
Austin Erickson - (Book: Vamps and the City)
Aedan Brigid - (Book: Voracious)
Aedan Brigid - (Book: Voracious (reprint))
Adrian Gray - (Book: Warrior of Fate)
Aidan MacLeod - (Book: Warrior of the Isles)
Armond Marceux - (Book: Warrior, The)
Ari Nathan - (Book: Water to Burn)
Aiden Wallace - (Book: Werewolf in Manhattan)
Aiden Brinlaw - (Book: Wicked Charms)
Andreas - (Book: Wild Fire)
Aleksandr Wilder - (Book: Wilder)
Adam Buchanan - (Book: Windwalker)
Antony Medichi - (Book: Wings of Fire)
Adam Tyrell - (Book: Witch Heart)
Adam Marshall - (Book: Witching Moon)
AErin of Grendelire - (Book: Wizard's Wife, The)
Anton - (Book: Wolf Tales XI)
Anton - (Book: Wolf Tales XII)
Alejandro Martinez Garcia - (Book: Yesterday's Promise)


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